Music Inspiration: Aphex Twin

When it comes to music there is nothing more I obsess over than a good Aphex Twin song. I once listened to the song Windowlicker for 6 hours straight on loop which clearly shows you something about him as an artist and me as a person. It’s to the point that once at the Mutek music festival I identified Windowlicker 5 seconds into another dj dropping his song in the middle of their set…but now I`m just boosting. Having said that it may surprise you (as that son others under varies identities (or rogue Soundcloud accounts). For that reason alone, I chose to share Syro over his other albums and it doesn`t hurt that it`s his newest and has some of my personal favourites electronics songs in the last few years. As for trying to explain why you should listen to Syro and what it sounds like, nobody says it better than Mr. Richard D James himself `I’m feeling really horny about it [laughs]. And very smug.` His music is entrancing, sexy, twisted and a bunch of adjectives that are meaningless the seconds you hear the first hook off of `mini pops 67`. It`s a solid electronic album, great for dancing, and many other things. I personal edit photos while listening to it, and every once and awhile when the rift is too good get up and dance. And of course play back that one hook or drop that captures me and listen to it again, again, and maybe again so it can wash over me and take me on its journey. That`s why you should listen to Aphex Twin, for that one part of a song you can let go of.

aphex twin syro

Listen to Syro:

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 Another way to jump start your journey into Aphex Twin is by listening to this list complied of his top 50 songs (their opinion) by Fact Mag.


52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Come to Daddy

31/52 Come to Daddy

self portrait aphex twin costumeI felt I had to make the self-portrait for my 52 Weeks Project this week my Halloween costume. My costume this year was Aphex Twin, yes that DJ I’ve been going on about non-stop since he put out his newest record Syro in late September. The costume is a little lazy of me because I made the mask 6 years ago for fun, it is his album cover for ‘Richard D James” and the for the rest of the costume is clothes I already had in my closet and a ginger ratty wig from Dollarama.  I’ve had so much going on this month that I couldn’t really place a lot of focus on making or spending money on a costume.  It’s kind of an insane costume to begin with so maybe I’ll revisit it sometimes and make an exact replica of one his video characters. I’m supposed to be one of the children from his video “Come to Daddy”, oh and I may have made a gif of me… (if you want to see the gif with the added sound, click here)



One by One

I recently went through all my current Citizen Erased masks and toke a photo of front and back of each of them. It was really fun, and I’m thinking that I will start making some more soon. A few of them are broken a bit from being put in boxes so much in the last few years when I moved so I do need to repair a few of them as well. I really cannot wait to find a place to put them in my new house. It always takes me awhile to decide where they look best and try different ways to showcase them. Hope you enjoy them, I love making mixed media projects.

citizen erased photography (3), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (4), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (8), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (2)citizen erased photography (5), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (6)citizen erased photography (9)citizen erased photographycitizen erased photography (7), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (10), citizen erased masksall of them together:
citizen erased photography (13)


Self-Portrait Sunday

citizenerased, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyFor Sunday, I am really enjoying sharing my collection of self-portraits. Today’s is me wearing one of my custom Citizen Erased mask’s. The face on the mask is the only one I’ve made from a photo that I didn’t take. It’s Aphex Twin, if you are a fan of Aphex Twin you may remember when there was masks of his face floating around. The smile is so sinister. This was taken in 2009, I had just recently moved into my 2nd house in Montreal and was trying out the crawl space in the bedroom. The photo is just suppose to fun, although I am sure most people will think it’s creepy. :)