Vintage Tuesday: The Lost Apple Picking Polaroids

polaroid (9)

Okay so the title is a little bit of an extreme but these polaroids definitely had a long journey from being taken to being scanned onto my computer. Mostly because I decided to sleep for 2 hours before getting up super early to go apple picking with Zara and Victor and was a lacking in the brain power to basically function. No only did I manage to lose one of my bag straps (that closes my camera bag) and my triceratops brooch from Hungry Designs….I forgot all the polaroids in Zara’s car. We don’t see each other much so let’s just say it was probably 4 months before I saw them again. Lol. Much to my dismay since these are probably the best instant shots I’ve taken in the last year. I’ve had them for a while but it felt weird sharing photos of sunny skies when it was -30 outside and snowing. A little late is always better than never (that’s my photography slogan by now I think). All of these were taken on a sunny late October day that looked like it would rain at any moment. We walked through a wonderful apple orchard in D’Oka picking apples and eatting them too (until we felt sick). It was a lot of fun and we ended up with a haul of apples and even pumpkins in the end. We also got to pet goats they had there too, that was probably my favourite part! I share some none instant photos of this day back in November so check them out here is you want to more.

polaroid (4) polaroid (1) polaroid (5) polaroid (6) polaroid (12) polaroid (11) polaroid (2) polaroid (3) polaroid (13) polaroid (14) polaroid (8) polaroid (7)


Picking Apples Last Year: Polaroids

Polaroid  (2) (1024x808)
Can you see I am continuing my summer obsession with Polaroids? I cannot help it – the randomness of them and the saturation of the Fuji FP-100c is just too good to pass up. Although to be honest I’ve actually had to restock on chemicals for developing at home and all the film I use in vintage cameras is home developed by me so I haven’t been able to do any developing of film since August. I cannot wait to show you coming in some other film from some of my other vintages cameras. I am also hoping to do the battery conversion for my other Polaroid land camera so I can use that guy too (trying to find the double A battery box is turning out harder to find that I suspected). For right now, more shots taken with my Polaroid Colorpack camera with Fuji instant film for Vintage Tuesday. These were taken  when I went apple picking with Victor and my friend Tammy and Dustin lat year. It was a lot of fun and seeing how the shots turned out is really the best part. I took a whole bunch from my last trip picking apples at the same orchard but I left in my friend Zara’s car so those will have to wait another day until I can get those back.

Polaroid  (1) (1024x811) Polaroid  (12) (1024x798) Polaroid  (5) (1024x796) Polaroid  (2) (1024x800)  Polaroid  (5) (1024x817)Polaroid  (9) (1024x798)


More Orange & Red Hair

self portrait, red hairStill working the orange and red hair! Think I’ll be changing it up soon for winter as I like having blue and purple hair around December. I feel like I’ve grown really bored of Punky and Manic Panic hair colors which is too bad because they are the only hair dye brands I can actually buy here in Montreal. Maybe I’ll get one of my Vancouver friends to pick up some Special Effects and mail them to me – that will be wonderful. These self portraits are from a few weeks ago when I went apple picking with Victor and Zara.

self portrait (3)self portrait (2), red hair
Me and this precious goat got along great

self portrait


Pick Your Own Apple Adventure

In the middle of October I had a chance to go apple picking with Victor and Zara. It’s becoming one of my must do activities for Autumn and we had a lot of fun. It feels like so long ago even though it was just a few weekends ago though, the weather changed so much. It was an interesting day for photography as it was really cloudy but sunny. I had to adjust for the shifting light non-stop. It felt so great though being out in the fresh air and away from the big city. It was really different experience from last year because we went in late October so a lot of the orchard was already out of season. We still manage to eat so many apples and collected a lot to take home (I think all of our stomachs hurt a little towards the end). I didn’t help too much with the picking because I was having fun taking photos with 3 separate cameras, a little crazy I admit but it was so nice to be away from the city. I have to say that I wouldn’t have been much help anyways because most of the trees only had apples on the top branches. I think out of all the apples I picked, I had to jump to reach most of them. Lol. I really wish I had a car myself so I could escape the city more but I’ll take what I can get!

montreal apple orchard (29)Before we even headed to the orchard I saw the petting farm and squealed in joy at the goats.

montreal apple orchard (5) montreal apple orchard (6)montreal apple orchard (3)
The white one was super sweet and let me rub his nose for awhile.

montreal apple orchard (2)There was a horse and donkey near them to!

montreal apple orchard (7) montreal apple orchard (8)After the petting area we headed to the orchard and picked a few apples before hopping on the tractor ride to go the main part of the orchard.

montreal apple orchard (14)montreal apple orchard (11)montreal apple orchard (10)montreal apple orchard (12)
We arrived at the ideal spot in the orchard where they had all the ladders set up and started picking.

  montreal apple orchard (16)montreal apple orchard (15) montreal apple orchard (18) montreal apple orchard (21)This was me the whole time, holding a Polaroid in my hand waiting for it dry while taking one handed photos with my Nikon. lol

montreal apple orchard (28)We wandered off from the area where everyone was and found a bunch of really amazing apples, totally forget the name but they were really good. I love green apples the most so finding these made my day.

montreal apple orchard (13) montreal apple orchard (22) montreal apple orchard (24)montreal apple orchard (25) montreal apple orchard (26)Apples, apples galore!

montreal apple orchard (30) Continue reading %s


Apple-Picking with friends

My friend Tammy and her boyfriend was in town a few weeks ago and we decided to do some apple-picking near D’Oka.
It was my first time apple picking, and I had a lot of fun. And eat a lot of apples!
I made 4 apple pies, apple crumble, and apple muffins from just 1 bag of 10lbs of various apple varieties.
Which made the whole trip a really yummy endevour.
I wanted to show some of the shots of the day.
First time I was using my one of my 2 ‘new’ vintage Polariod cameras, the shots turned out great although I kept forgetting how long it takes them to dry and ruined a page of my 70’s manuel. I think it’s a good idea when taking shots on the go to leave them in the package until your home.
I heard you can scan the negative side of the film as well, however haven’t had a chance to test that.

Here are some of my favourite shots.
For more you can always check the album on my Facebook page.

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