Pick of the Week: Ally Burke

ally burke (4)Pick of the Week: Ally Burke

This week’s pick is a must for October in preparation for Halloween, artist Ally Burke of deadspiderhands. She’s been a pick twice before but I cannot resist sharing her artwork. I absolutely adore her style and I love the humor of her work. Her shop is primarily prints, stickers, postcards and originals of her twisted portrait illustrations and paintings. She even has a set of special prints, and a zine just for Halloween this year.  I was surprised looking back at my previous posts to see that I had never even shared some of my most beloved pieces of her artwork in my possession. Before I’ve shared some of her postcards and stickers, and a print from Society6 but now I also have 3 original illustrations, a painting, and I even have a commissioned portrait of Victor and me for our 3rd year anniversary. I may pick up even more originals soon as she’s done a few illustrations on dollies that look divine and I’ve been thinking I need a portrait of me and my cat as well (total crazy cat lady, right?)  The experience of working with her on the commission was wonderful and she was more than accommodating to all of my requests and feedback so I’d love to do it again. There isn’t much more I can say as clearly I’m a little entranced with her work but if you need something Halloween themed her shop is great place to look.  If you love her style  I suggest following her on Tumblr or Instagram as well because I find the illustrations of hers I like the most are usually just her everyday sketches that stay in her sketch book.  Here is a look at all the things I have in my little deadspiderhands collections.

ally burke (6)ally burke (5)ally burke (2)ally burke (7)ally burkeally burke (3)ally burke (1)

a few of my favourite items from her shop:


Pick of the Week: Rudy’s Candy

rudyscandy (2)Pick of the Week: Rudy’s Candy

Rudy’s Candy Shop is an Etsy store run by artist Rudy Fig based out of Minneapolis. Her shop included stickers, postcards, toys and other items featuring her illustrations with the occasional original painting. Her work has a certain whimsical nature that I really enjoy and I always have a soft spot of doll inspired work with big eyes. I picked up this lovely lollipop sticker and some adorable nail decals from her this summer. And she kindly gave me one of her wonderful postcards as well (I covet her new ones so much). I’ve tried the decals and although they are tricky (like most decals for me) the end results are amazing and having them on my fingers makes me feel like I am lost in a story tale. I’ve put photos below showing off more of what I grabbed, but if you want to check out more about Rudy, she has a website: here!

rudyscandy (3)rudyscandyrudyscandy (2)rudyscandy

A few of picks from her shop:


Pick of the Week: Mel Stringer

mel stringer (22)Pick of the Week: Mel Stringer

Girliepains is an Etsy store by illustrator and visual artist Mel Stringer from Brisbane, Australia.  She illustrates delightful drawings of women and offers a variety of goodies at her Etsy store and the store on her website (here).  The last time I featured her work was when I received my custom made pin of my cat Butter, which was so cute that I had to get more of her work.  I thought it’d be lovely to show off the illustration work she does as last time it was just the pin so I made her work a pick of the week for a second time.  I’ve gotten two orders from her’s of postcards, stickers and my personal fav a coloring book. Everything is very high quality and I am so delighted by her work, it is even more colorful and playful in person. She is so kind as well and takes lot of care with her packages sending extra stickers and the last one I even got a little b&w zine and a heart lollipop along with what I had purchased.  Below I’ve included shots of what I received with both packages along with a closer look at the zine and coloring book. I am hoping to have her do a commission of me and Butter done perhaps this year as that’d be most delightful. If you wish to check out just her artwork check out her website!

mel stringer (2) mel stringer (4) a closer look at zine and the coloring book:
mel stringer (14)
mel stringer (10)

my favourite items from her shop:


Pick of the Week: Karolin Felix “Revisited”

karolin felix (4)Pick of the Week: Karolin Felix

Karolin Felix’s shop on Etsy features original artwork and accessories for Blythe Dolls, for information check out my first Pick of the Week for her.  I loved the stamp stickers I got from her the first time so I ordered more and wanted to show you guys. Her work is so lovely, and I love that she’s inspired by Blythe dolls. I’ve long been fascinated with Blythe dolls although I’ve never had the chance to customize one of my own, seeing her stuff definitely inspires me to start. If you want to check out more of her artwork, check out her website!

karolin felix (2)More stamp stickers, how can you not love these mini pieces of art?

karolin felix (5)karolinfelix
This is a paper doll postcard, you could either use it as a postcard or cut and make into a doll, and it comes with the pins. It toke me about 20minutes to cute out and pin, you have to be very careful but it’s super lovely.

karolin felixHow it got sent, she included a free postcard along with it which is lovely

You can check out these items and more at her store: here.


Pick of the Week: WormsWormsWorms Revisted

wormswormsworms   Pick of the Week: WormsWormsWorms

This week I am doing something new for pick of the week, I am revisiting a store that I’ve already done before as a kind of an update and really just because WormsWormsWorms is one of my favourite stores on Etsy to look through and see what’s new. You may notice I do a lot of artist run stores as I love surrounding my house with artwork. The last time I ordered from her, I receive more of her grotesque and beautiful stickers, as well as an original drawing. The stickers are probably the best I’ve seen on Etsy of handmade artist stickers and I never thought I’d own an original drawing from somebody who wasn’t a friend of mine (lucky me has a few pieces of artwork handing on my walls from friends with amazing talent). I have the drawing framed and sitting on my desk looking at me for inspiration while I working on my blog and plan out photography projects. Recently as well she’s started to make some necklaces and brooches using her artwork. I love stores that change and expand what they have available. I recieved a brooch and necklace yesterday so I quickly edited a photo of them in the post (I made the photo b&w but they are amazing colors).  You can check her out on tumblr.

wormswormswormsEach of her sticker sets comes with a free postcard which is such an awesome bonus.

My original art piece is on the left and she sent this mini-print with everything, such a nice surprise.

wormswormswormsthese are  glass necklaces and brooch, she gave me a free sticker with them as well :)


Here are some of my newest favourite items:


Saturday Review “Stickerbomb”

Every Saturday I will be reviewing art books, and everything inbetween.
This Saturday I thought I’d start with my favourite thing in the world…stickers. lol.



This is a series of sticker books put out by Studio Rarekwai, retailing around $15 each and with 250 stickers in each. The hook is stickers made by artists, and boy do they not kid. The stickers in these books are amazing and the talent contained in them is mind blowing. These books are not limited to ‘street artists’ and the range is vast in the artwork. The books are well put together and great quality, each page as well is individual, no double-sided pages in any of the books meaning you can cut stickers out and have no fear of wrecking the back side. There is no way to go through the whole book and not find something you like. The alternative of course is that there is stuff you don’t like at all, which is fine. Unless you don’t like art at all you will probably enjoy these stickers. In terms of which book does it better the answer is clear to me. Stickerbomb2 is superior, being the follow up to the first one you can see the artists are better, the range is better, and the stickers are better. I love nearly everything in Stickerbomb2, where there are a lot in the first book I laminated to myself are “give away stickers” to friends where in the predecessor I would be a little heartbroken to give away. My favourite though goes to Stickbomb Monsters….the stickers are just exceptional and centred around the idea of monsters (can you really go wrong with monsters?) nearly everything is a feast for the eyes. The one downside to Stickerbomb Monster and why it isn’t the best, is that although it contains the same amount of stickers, its half the size. So if you want to start with one, go for Stickerbomb2, unless you love monsters.

If you’re a sticker collector, or want to do a project like cover you bathroom/table/wall in stickers, or you just want to sticker bomb your city these books will serve you well. For a better look at each individual book there is galleries below for each.