Pick of the Week: Fischerspooner New Truth

fischerspooner new truthFischerspooner: “New Truth”

Fischerspooner: New Truth edited by Meredith Mowder is a book about the art and journey of the band Fischerspooner in the beginning. It`s 336 pages, and large format bombard you with a well curated and exact viewpoint of how Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner formed the band in 1998 and made their amalgamation of sound, art, and everything performance art,  the art pop project that just happened to release music. Fischerspooner is one of those bands of my 20`s who were my soundtrack to everything I did, even though their music itself seems so random and hard to pinpoint what exactly made it brilliant and meaningful. For my group of friends at the time Fischerspooner was EVERYTHING, and I think out of us 10 or so people we had never actually even seen Fischerspooner madness live. We just fed off of the music and videos, insane interviews and the rumblings of what happened live in New York. These two art majors from the Art Institute of Chicago made this happen from what appears to be a shear will to make music and preform, and I can tell you the amount of time in the book during interviews that Casey Spooner talks about experimental theater will make you roll your eyes a little. The book is love letter to this aspect of the band, as it documents the 1998 to 2003 period of their `band ‘career in-depth to an extent I think only a truth lover of art would appreciate (and maybe an appreciation of the band). The art pop performance project entailed a group of 25 performers and artists at the beginning and this book shares much of their story as the two central figures. There are ticket stubs, slides, album artwork, set lists, grainy photos of shows, professional photography of set and props, and wigs. There is also essays by curators and others in the art scene and an interview of Casey and Warren to give context to what you`re viewing. The book is largely trying to give the background to the project itself, and all the little elements that were obsessed about and apart of each unique performance during the beginning. Yes, there is a full page of a fake moustache, followed by a press photograph of a member of the band wearing it. That`s what you should expect when going through this book, if nothing else. And yes, I loved it, every moment of it.

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Double Exposure Wednesday: Statue

double exposure vieux montreal (2)double exposure vieux montreal (1)double exposure vieux montreal (4)Today’s double exposures were taken a while back in early spring when me and Victor walked around our favourite area of Vieux-Montreal close to the docks. I am not sure how long this metal ironworks statue has been in place beside the silos since this was the first time we had adventures around the building (photos here). Sitting just outside the fence line on the edge of the small peninsula I think the statue vastly improves the cityscape behind and I just had to capture the sculpture from a few different angles.

double exposure vieux montreal (3)


Adventures in an Abandoned Car Park

Abandoned Car Park (35)Back in September me and Zara went to the abandoned car park that is on Av du Parc and Avenue Van Horne here in Montreal so she could try out spray painting for the first time instead of her usual painting. We found out as soon as we arrived that the place wasn’t so abandoned when we stumbled into a cleaning crew that was sweeping the place out as it’s to be demolished soon (or might have already). We smiled at them and continued to one of the upper floors and they didn’t bug us at all which was great (we did have an encounter later on with a homeless guy who was wandering around the lower floors muttering to himself). Here is the start of our afternoon…

Abandoned Car Park (3)Abandoned Car Park (2)When we arrived at the car park the first thing we stumped upon was this piece of sculpture made with spray paint cans. I love this piece so much.

Abandoned Car Park (13) Abandoned Car Park (14) Abandoned Car Park (15) Abandoned Car Park (18)I enjoyed the starch cleanness of the space, but maybe that’s because last time I was here there was ice everywhere and large puddles. It’s weird being in somewhere abandoned this is so in order.

Abandoned Car Park (5)After searching all the various floors to find the perfect location we settled at this one spot and Zara setup all her cans and the cupcakes she brought with her. I went around taking photos of all the graffiti while she worked away.

Abandoned Car Park (4) Abandoned Car Park (7) Abandoned Car Park (25)Abandoned Car Park (9) Abandoned Car Park (6) Abandoned Car Park (11) Abandoned Car Park (16) Abandoned Car Park (12) Abandoned Car Park (17) Abandoned Car Park (36) Abandoned Car Park (37) Abandoned Car Park (10)Abandoned Car Park (8)
Abandoned Car Park (22) Abandoned Car Park (23)Sorry I can’t show you more of what she was working on. She wasn’t happy with the results although I thought her piece looked amazing and reminded me very much of her other paintings. Understand first attempts aren’t really for the anyone else except the artist.

Abandoned Car Park (1)Abandoned Car Park (20) Abandoned Car Park (24) Abandoned Car Park (33)The one thing I love about this building is the various views from the windows – it’s just such a cool effect and the 360 degree view of the neighbourhood.

Abandoned Car Park (30) Abandoned Car Park (27)A shot of my coconut cupcake which I enjoyed after doing my own bit of graffiti, can’t draw to save my life but I played around to kill time. Was quiet pleased with my squid people, better than a stick figure at least?

Abandoned Car Park (31) Abandoned Car Park (32) Abandoned Car Park (29) Abandoned Car Park (39) Abandoned Car Park (38) Abandoned Car ParkWe headed downstairs and found a cluster of rusted spray cans I loved the natural layout of. As well some of the other details of the second to bottom floor.

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Featured Artist: Ruben Ireland

ruben ireland

Featured Artist: Ruben Ireland

Ruben Ireland is an illustrator from London England that you may recognize as his work right now is everywhere. I’ve been interested in his work ever since I found it random on Society6 last year and even picked up some prints for my best friend’s birthday present.  His work is mostly in the form of digital illustrations and the subject matter varies from haunting female silhouettes to totem like animal imagery borrowed from native culture, and doll like portraits. His older work is a different style to the work he has been putting out for the last year or so however they all share a dark undertone. His female characters are shown as very stoic and still figures almost like they are trapped. He uses feathers, antlers, and other native symbols that are used commonly by hipster culture nowadays throughout his work. I find his work viewed as a whole comes across disjointing and you may find yourself not a fan of all aspects of it but I find that way he explores his subjects is captivating and I really enjoy his dark tone silhouette style pieces. He is defiantly worth checking out and I enjoy stepping into his world. It will be interest to see where he goes in the next few years, he is definitely breaking out.

Ruben Ireland (website)
Facebook (updates)
Society6 (prints for purchase)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Ruben Ireland


Featured Artist: Caitlin Hackett

caitlin hackett

Feature Artist: Caitlin Hackett

This week’s featured artist is one of my current obsessions Caitlin Hackett. She is an artist based out of Brooklyn whose medium is illustration and paintings.  She grew up in northern California and says her love of nature came from being “surrounded by redwood trees and mountains” and it’s easy to see that in her work. Most of her current works heavily feature the theme of anthropomorphism and mysticism in relation to animals. Her work deals with the conflicting existence of both humans and animals in the same space and the relations between them. The underline tension we as humans have with nature seem to be one of the causes for the rather dark tone of her work. The nuances are there however I don’t think her work is heavy handed with any kind of direct message. Her explorations of the conflict is very gripping and the images she creates although grotesque in their transformation still contain that regal and haunting beauty that all creations of nature have.  I adore her work and have several prints of her paintings hanging in my house; I would recommend checking out her work. Below is a few of my favourites pieces and the links on where to find her below that.

Contemporary Mythology (website)
Facebook (updates)
Society6 (prints for purchase)
Gallery Nucleus (originals)
StoreEnvy (originals and prints)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Caitlin Hackett.


Saturday Review: Camille Rose Garcia “Alice in Wonderland”

Camille Rose Garcia (1)Camille Rose Garcia
“Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland”

“Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland” is the classic story by Lewis Carroll featuring illustrations by Camille Rose Garcia, in a hardcover 160 book. When I ordered this book, I thought it might be a graphic novel or just be inspired illustrations taken from scenes in the book. I was delighted to find that this is actually a book featuring the full store of Alice in Wonderland with illustrations through-out of Camille Rose Garcia’s work. There are over 40 full color illustrations included in the book from full paged scenes to characters immersed in the text. There are many small touches incorporated in the book, like stylized gold font for the beginning of chapters and more. It’s easy to see that this was a labour of love and there was a lot of work and thought put behind where the illustrations will go and how to add elements of her style into the book. It’s easy to see why her work has been influenced by her childhood and growing up close to Disneyland. What I like most about this version of the book is the overall style of the book and how her work brings out the more lurid parts of the story closer to the actual acid influence of Lewis Carroll than the Disney version. Her interpretation of the characters will feel alien yet familiar all at the same moment. If you wanted to pick up a refreshing look into Alice’s world or you wanted to pick up a fun fresh version of this classic childhood book you will not be disappoint. Her interpretation is very well executed and you get a good idea of her person style with the imagery and the magic of the Alice in Wonderland. If interest as well she has an illustration book for the story of Snow White.

A look at the book:


Pick of the Week: Mel Stringer

mel stringer (22)Pick of the Week: Mel Stringer

Girliepains is an Etsy store by illustrator and visual artist Mel Stringer from Brisbane, Australia.  She illustrates delightful drawings of women and offers a variety of goodies at her Etsy store and the store on her website (here).  The last time I featured her work was when I received my custom made pin of my cat Butter, which was so cute that I had to get more of her work.  I thought it’d be lovely to show off the illustration work she does as last time it was just the pin so I made her work a pick of the week for a second time.  I’ve gotten two orders from her’s of postcards, stickers and my personal fav a coloring book. Everything is very high quality and I am so delighted by her work, it is even more colorful and playful in person. She is so kind as well and takes lot of care with her packages sending extra stickers and the last one I even got a little b&w zine and a heart lollipop along with what I had purchased.  Below I’ve included shots of what I received with both packages along with a closer look at the zine and coloring book. I am hoping to have her do a commission of me and Butter done perhaps this year as that’d be most delightful. If you wish to check out just her artwork check out her website!

mel stringer (2) mel stringer (4) a closer look at zine and the coloring book:
mel stringer (14)
mel stringer (10)

my favourite items from her shop:


Saturday Review “Duchamp”

duchamp (1)

Duchamp by Jose Maria Faerna

Duchamp by Jose Maria Faerna is a 64 pages hard-covered book that covers Duchamp’s art throughout his life. It’s apart of Edicones Poligrafa’s collection of books about various turn of the century artists. This is more of academic book that the other art books I usually review and the reason I chose this is because really enjoyed going through this book and there not many good art books about avant-garde artists of his day. As well this was before the norm of artists creating books of their own work and most would usually create a publication or magazine about their thoughts on art instead. As someone who was only aware of his readymades this book goes into great details about his earlier work and the build up to his life’s work. The book is very informative and structured in a way that does not come across as dull or over saturated with facts. He switched from many movements and was always expand his personal definition of what art should be and the book covers all aspects of his artwork and shows his natural progression. The images in this book are what impressed me the most, I have quiet a few books about dadaists and earlier avant-garde movements and usually they are focused solely on text so this one of the few times I’ve seen of Duchamp’s work outside of the readymades I’ve seen in museums and art history classes. The photography of his work is very well done in the book and the layout works great. There is a focus on making the images as large as possible which serves his art well as it is very large in person and usually suited to be viewed that way. Of the various movements that Duchamp went through in his life, none is over looked in this book and they do a thoroughal job at showing the complete body of his work. This book may be hard to get as it has been around for awhile, however I highly suggest if you are interested in earlier 1900’s art and the creation of modern art or looking into cubist, surrealist, dadasist and conceptual art at the time that this is good book to pick up and it does a great job at showing Duchamp’s art. (I got mine for $5 at a used book store)

 a look into the book:


Pick of the Week: Karolin Felix “Revisited”

karolin felix (4)Pick of the Week: Karolin Felix

Karolin Felix’s shop on Etsy features original artwork and accessories for Blythe Dolls, for information check out my first Pick of the Week for her.  I loved the stamp stickers I got from her the first time so I ordered more and wanted to show you guys. Her work is so lovely, and I love that she’s inspired by Blythe dolls. I’ve long been fascinated with Blythe dolls although I’ve never had the chance to customize one of my own, seeing her stuff definitely inspires me to start. If you want to check out more of her artwork, check out her website!

karolin felix (2)More stamp stickers, how can you not love these mini pieces of art?

karolin felix (5)karolinfelix
This is a paper doll postcard, you could either use it as a postcard or cut and make into a doll, and it comes with the pins. It toke me about 20minutes to cute out and pin, you have to be very careful but it’s super lovely.

karolin felixHow it got sent, she included a free postcard along with it which is lovely

You can check out these items and more at her store: here.


Saturday Review: The Nym Nums

Nym Nums (15)

The Nym Nums

The Nym Nums is a 26 page book collaboration between artist Kristian Adam and author Michael Sasi. The format for the book is mini stories with featured illustrations by Amam for each story. The artwork and the mini stories work well with each other and there are many elements of the illustrations that are featured inside the story. I picked this book up at a gallery back in Vancouver in 2009 on a whim and found it be delightful. The art is what really struck me about the book. The art is very playful and odd. Adam has a unique style and his illustrations are that fine line between adorable and twisted that is present in modern surrealist work. His work becomes even more twisted when you start to read the story and see what is happening in the illustrations unfold. And I love that about The Nym Nums. The short stories themselves are abstract tales of made up creatures that are based off of humans and animals. I love the vivid imagery that Sasi creates with his words, the stories themselves are stand alone and do not collate with the other short stories although you get the sense that these creatures could all be from the same world. I enjoyed all the stories, and found they got more abstract as I continued. Warning though, if you don’t like abstract writing this book will not be your thing. I loved the artwork in this case more than the stories but was not disappointed by either, as this was purchased at an art gallery I am no sure about its availability any more however if you are interested about finding out more about this book, check out the artist’s website: here