Montreal Expozine

This past weekend was Montreal’s Expozine which featured individual artists and small publishers of zines, comics, and the like from Montreal and around Canada. I went on a mission to find some photography zines and see if there any interesting artist zines out there that I hadn’t heard about. Although I didn’t really find what I was looking for, I did walk away with several zines to add to my collection and discovered a few artists I wasn’t aware of before. My experience there over all was a bit mixed as it was wall to wall people so it was very overwhelming and hard to take your time viewing each table. Plus the price difference between each table as well was vast from most DIY style zines for a few dollars all the way to published books over $20. The tables were not curated and with the amount of people crowded around everywhere it was hard to really find what you were seeking. Regardless it was fun peaking at other artist’s work and even meeting them face to face. There was a much larger amount of comics and graphic novels than I accepted and lucky for me (or not so lucky for me) they were pretty much all in French or I might have left penniless. I was able to find a t-shirt and print that Victor wanted for his Anniversary present as well! I thought I’d show you my haul and where to find out more information about the artist.

expozineMy haul.

sailor moon stickers starchild stela (2) sailor moon stickers starchild stelaStarchild Stela’s zine and stickers.

expozine (1) expozine (2)Flyers, mini prints and zines from various artsists like Zuzu Knew, Jon Edwards and Ginettelapalme.

city carriers zine (3) city carriers zine (2)stanley wany (2)stanley wany (1)Tang-Wei Hsu book  ‘City Carriers’ & Stanley Wany prints

raft and mapRaft & Map card and t-shirt

salgood sam (2) salgood sam (3) Full sized and mini prints from Salgood Sam.

And to end my haul of Expozine I wanted to highlight a book I couldn’t afford but loved the look of and hope to picking up in the future by Meags Fitzgerald:


Pick of the Week: Hikari Shimoda Postcards

Hikari Shimoda (5)

Pick of the Week: Hikari Shimoda Postcards

This week’s pick is the Japanese artist Hikari Shimoda postcard set available through Akatako. This set includes 10 postcards featuring her paintings from 2013 and a personally signed sticker. Shimoda work is inspired by the anime and manga she grew up with and the idea that children are desired by society to save the world. I’m obsessed with her work and love her unique depiction of children and humanity.  There is so much expression in her portraits that I couldn’t resist picking up these postcards. The postcards are good quality and have a shiny front and back and come in very minimal packaging (a blue envelope). The paintings featured for the most are not full sized which is a shame and for that reason would likely not be as suitable to be used as mini-prints but I do love that she included the name and medium of each painting and displaying them much like she would in a gallery. Over all I think for the price and considering the rarity of being able to see a piece of her art in person let alone how limited her prints are this is a great way to enjoy her work . If you want to see more of her work, check out her website and Akatako also has originals and limited prints of her work as well. Below I have a closer look at each postcard and the sticker signed by Hikari Shimoda.


Pick of the Week: Worried Eyes

worried eyes (3)

Pick of the Week: Worried Eyes

Worried Eyes has been my pick of the week before but I just love, LOVE her artwork. It’s so wonderfully unique (I use that word a lot to describe art don’t I?) and the colors she uses in her work just really make me smile. The last time I choose her it was for her delightful surprise packages that come with all sorts of goodies (check out here) but this time I wanted to focus on her paintings. I’ve bought a few small pieces over the last year and they just really brighten up my art wall. Even cooler is the two smaller ones appear to have been made on homemade paper.  Her work is very minimalistic but that really adds to their overall feel and I wish she made manga or comics because I just love the world she’s creating with her work. Cannot hype her enough, I was hoping I’d have my newest piece from her before this post but sadly some delays in shipping. However I’ll be sure to show you on my weekly Friday post when it arrives. Btw it’s a mixed media piece with cherry blossoms and so perfect for Spring. If you like her artwork I’d seriously recommend checking out either of her stores on Storenvy and Etsy!

worried eyes (1)worried eyes (1) worried eyes (2) worried eyes (2)

a few of my favourite items:

worried eyes


February Treasures

I’ve been thinking  that for every Pick of the Week I do with random things I’ve bought recently there is a million stores I’ve found that I’d love to share. My Christmas Gift Lists were also super fun to do as well and there just so many neat things to discover that I may not have the chance to buy and review for you guys (although I wish, but that would also require me to have way more money than I do). So I thought why not do my version called February Treasures and show off random things from Etsy, Society6, Storenvy and elsewhere on the web that I adored during the month.  This is the first post I’ll be doing but look forward to it at the end of every month. The amount of things I choose will be random and I’ll try to have a variety between cute toy/vintage cameras, books, clothing, jewelry, house décor and more! Keep in mind all my Picks of the Week are choose by me and not paid advertisement for any of the stores I mention. I will try and keep it small businesses for most of the items because it’s nice being able to support artists and artisans.

 february treasures Continue reading %s


Featured Artist: Amy Hamilton

amy hamilton

Featured Artist: Amy Hamilton

Amy Hamilton is a Canadian illustrator and graphic designer that uses both digital applications and traditional mediums to create her work. I found out about her through Society6 and fell in love. I have a soft spot for wildlife and I love her classic depiction of them. All of the work I’ve seen of her has had this breathtaking water color technique which adds so much to the familiar images and makes them fresh again. The watercolor also makes these sometimes fierce animals seem so soft and approachable. The dripping effect on the antlers of the elk and moose also delights me. It reminds me of the newest crazy of watercolor tattoos, in which her work probably would look spectacular as. She is still a graphic design student so hopefully afterwards she’ll continue making illustrations. Take a look below at some of her work and how to find out more about her:

Amy Hamilton(website)
Facebook (updates)
Society6 (prints)
PrintsOnWood (wood prints)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Amy Hamilton.


Featured Artist: Ally Burke

ally burkeUntitled-4

For the weekend before Halloween I thought I’d feature an artist whose style seems to work nicely with the general spookiness and unsettling quality of Halloween, Ally Burke. Ally is from East Tennessee and has the flare for creating vivid portraits of creatures and women with sharp teeth and a few extras appendages. Her work is divided between her paintings and her illustrations however she does frequently show on her blog her sketch work. She also occasionally does paintings on wood and mini frames. I find her sketches to be the most enthralling of her work. Her simple sketches convey without any kind of pretension her amazing imagination and the almost cold terror of her subjects. I think it’d be such a treat to go through a whole sketch book of hers and see all the gems hidden in it. She really should put out a book much in the style of Edward Gorey. She also does commission work as well for people interested in letting her draw them in her unique style. I actually had one done of me and Victor and it’s probably one of my most treasured pieces of artwork. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ally Burke was to grow into an artist with much more reach and audience over the next few years. She is definitely an artist to watch, even for those with an aversion to spiders and other things that go bump in the night.


Dead Spider Hands (website)
Funny Skull Grin (blog)
Society6 (prints for purchase)
Etsy (originals, prints and more)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Ally Burke.

Saturday Review: “Lost Constellations” by Tara McPherson


 “Lost Constellations” – by Tara McPherson


Lost Constellations is the 2nd book featuring Tara McPherson art, its hard covered, 8.5″ x 11″ with 112 pages. This book showcases her art from 2009 and her first book Lonely Heart in 2006. I love her unique sense of fun, and its great that she shows you all elements of her art career, showing you the paintings and the posters that come from it as well as her sculpture work and comics. This is the middle book in her series, so far she’s put out one every 3 years, 2006, 2009 and 2012. She goes pop surrealism painting on a variety of materials  as well as silk screening posters for contemporary rock bands. Her color pallet is very unique to her and her style and I love the imaginary she uses in her work. She is one of my favourite contemporary artist, and she seems like a very down to earth artist who is not full of themselves or her success. I am always genuinely surprised that more people do not know of her, considering musicians seek her out to do posters for their concerts. There is some downside to Lost Constellation as its not covering a long period of time the work featured is sometimes repetitive. Its more a complete look at what she’s been doing instead of showcasing just her best pieces. She alternates from full pages pieces to showing one side sketch drawing with the other one being the painting completed. I like this style and she uses it for all of her three books, however on Lost Constellations it feels a bit more repetitive and the same old same old; I did not get this feeling with her other two books. Perhaps having less pages would make it seem a bit tighter and less formulaic. It is really nice to see her sketch work, especially on the posters she does for bands but when it happens on almost every page it almost gives an impression to me like there wasn’t enough complete pieces to show. Her vibrant art, works best when its side by side another painting, and not a black and white sketch. However its genuinely nice to see her before sketches, it just doesn’t work as well in Lost Constellations as it does in the other two books. I really enjoyed it and if you are a fan of hers, its a must have, however if you are new to her art I suggest buying her one of her other books first to get into her world.


*for a compelte look at Lost Constellations click below, and more of her art check out: Tara McPherson


Postcard Love

One of the few things I like to collect is postcards, such a neat way to capture art otherwise beyond my grasp. Artists are doing great things at making their art accessible to people who enjoy their work. I make postcards of my own photography and I find it’s a neat medium to see your work. Now nothing pleases me more than when I find an artist I like who has them or an etsy store with original or creative postcards. Here’s a look inside my postcard collection, from international artists to Korean stationary markers.

mark ryden, tree show, postcard, citizen erased, citizen erased photographymark ryden, the snow yak, postcard, citizen erased, citizen erased photographynaoto hatto, postcard, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyphotography, citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photography, gama-gocitizen erased, citizen erased photography, jetoy, cat, camilla d'errico, citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photography, cammila d'erricoscott musgrove, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyjames jean, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyjames jean, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyjames jean, citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photography, wormswormswormsblack apple, citizen erased, citizen erased photography