Fall Walks and Picking Flowers

I’ve been talking so much about going for walks to picking flowers to dry for a DIY project I’m doing this month (resin bracelets with dried flowers embedded) so I thought I’d show you bits and pieces from my walks of my many photos of beautiful flowers and leaves. Leaves are my weakness – I can’t just pick up one as I want to find a perfect one…which never happens. Growing up on the West Coast makes it hard for me to remember how stunning Montreal gets in the Fall because I am so programmed to think Spring = Flowers when here it seems the opposite. There wasn’t much selection but the ones that survive this far into the year I find very stunning, it’s almost a shame I had to dry them since I love them much more in this state. I’ll try to give more context under the photos as I feature a lot of different walks…

picking flowers (11) picking flowers (8)picking flowers (9) picking flowers (10)It’s hard to imagine but these flowers are on a medium in the middle of one of the busiest streets in Montreal’s downtown.

picking flowers (28) picking flowers (27) picking flowers (26)I love this bird just chillin’ on a bench and his orange eyes.

picking flowers (23) picking flowers (24)Flowers found on the way to Mont-Royal – one of the most colorful days when it came to the flowers.

picking flowers (2) picking flowers (5)Geting flowers ready to be pressed.

picking flowers (11) picking flowers (12)picking flowers (19) picking flowers (3) picking flowers (9) picking flowers (13) picking flowers (15) picking flowers (16) picking flowers (17) picking flowers (20)picking flowers (14)After one of my first walks of autumn I ended up locking myself out of the house and had to wait for Victor to come home to let me in. In the meantime I sat on the bench on my backyard and took shots of my tupperware container packed with various leaves and flowers.

picking flowers (4) picking flowers (6) Changing leaves are magical, I could look at them forever.

picking flowers (6)picking flowers (1)I have a habit of just filling up my hands with as much as I can before unpacking it into one of the containers I brought along.  This unicorn container is my favourite to bring with me on walks at it’s very compact but still holds a lot of flowers. Plus, WTF.

picking flowers (11) picking flowers (12)This cat was just about exploring between bushes at Parc Laurier and having a great time. She reminds me of the Norwegian Forest bred and seems to be very at home with being in nature. I’ll end with Victor walking into the distance…

picking flowers (9)


Fall in Instant: Autumn Walks

It’s wonderful right now in Montreal, it’s cool enough to walk around with a light jacket but still warm enough to enjoy being outside without all the hassle of humidity and clothes sticking to you because it’s a million degrees.  I have so much love for a nice autumn, and it’s been raining a lot less than our summer which is a nice bonus. I’ve been celebrating by going for walks whenever I can with Victor. Mostly so I can find new areas to place cranes for my project, or to steal flowers. Victor tries to tell me I’m a big thief but I mostly take from public gardens not people’s gardens plus in a month they will be in snow so a flower top here and a leaf there is hardly going to be missed. I love being on the hunt for unique places to hang cranes and finding flowers along the way to stuff into the Tupperware container in my camera bag. Adds so much fun to regular walk. I need the flowers for making resin bracelets next month so I’m trying to collect them all now so I can dry them out before. I use to dry clovers all the time as a kid but never really did it outside of that so it’s completely new to me (I’m sure any pros can tell since my selection probably has tons of flowers and leaves that don’t dry well – tips are welcome and appreciated in the comments). I wanted to share some of the photos from our walks that I’ve taken with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 90. They are bit dark on some and too light on others – I’m not a master of guessing the lighting of this camera yet.

fuji instax mini film

fuji instax mini film fall in instant (1)fuji instax mini film fall in instant (5)fuji instax mini film fall in instant (3)fuji instax mini film autumn walks (3)fuji instax mini filmfuji instax mini film fall in instant (4) fuji instax mini film autumn walks (1)FYI I’ve been trying to get film developed but keep having issues with my Split-Cam camera where I’m not sure it’s exposing the film fully so I want to wait and home develop  the rolls just in case the film is mostly undeveloped so I don’t waste money ($20 last time I developed film at my local drug store).  Probably not going to have much developed film photography on Wednesday until the New Year so hope you are liking all the instant photography!