Things That Make Me Smile

Every month when I get ready to put together my “Things That Make Me Smile” post I get really excited to look through all my photos from the month. I choose them from just random photos I shot as well as little bits and bobs I take photos of because they are amazing and I want to share them with you. It always a lot of fun reliving moments of my month.

things that make me smile (1)Owning incredible photography that is over 100 years old.

things that make me smile (12)The colors of this photo I took in Vieux-Montreal.

Lapoonder Made Hand squid necklace (2)My octopus necklace from Russia finally arrived!! It took almost 2 months but it worth the wait, it’s beautiful (post about it here)

things that make me smile (10)Snail mail from Zara who is doing a series of original drawings on postcards.

things that make me smile (4)things that make me smile (6) Also a little late, my birthday presents from my best friend, lol. She picked up origami paper for me because it’s so hard to get here and lots of little goodies and clothing. She always knows what I’ll love.

things that make me smile (11)My prism reflecting light on my living room wall.

things that make me smile (3) things that make me smile (4)My fishnet stocking plant flowered. I didn’t even know it did, was so surprised and happy when I noticed it.

things that make me smile (3)The slide necklaces I’ve been making for Christmas presents.

things that make me smile (9)This double exposure shot of Victor.

things that make me smile (5)Masters of the Universe Pop Figures went on sale and I couldn’t resist.

things that make me smile (2)Sending a postcard to my best friend for her birthday.

things that make me smile (12)Graffiti by harlequindavidson

things that make me smile (14)Butter being weird and sitting on top of our shoes in our shoe bench.

things that make me smile (7)The beautiful view from my front window.

things that make me smile (10)And to be super cheesy this guy makes me smile the most – it’s almost our 5 year anniversary.


Lomography Wednesday: My Birthday!

Guess what I got for my birthday present from Victor?

A Fujifilm Instax Mini 90!

fujifilm instax mini 90I’m in love with this camera, it’s really lived up to my expectations and I had a lot of reservations about getting a newer style of instant camera. Even though I’ve wanted to try a Fujifilm camera for a while I have never been able to shallow the expense of the camera on top of getting film when I already used Polaroid land cameras for instant photography. The Instax 90 with its control options, retro styling (not a fan of the Mini 7s or 8s) and double exposure mode really makes the Instax series a whole lot better and higher end. It’s been hard to resist, so it was really nice that this was my birthday present. I may have known Victor was buying me this camera since he always lets me pick out my presents so I was prepared when it arrived with film, photo albums, stickers….really the complete set of accessories to go with it. He even got the camera at such a good price that he allowed me to pick out a case for it as well (usually the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 is priced around $180, he got it for $140 on Amazon on sale). I picked out a chocolate leather bag that’s big enough for the camera and a few other things at the same time.

fujifilm instax mini 90 (2) fujifilm instax mini accessoriesMy first opinions on the camera are that it’s just so nice having an instant camera that I can take with me when I want to take silly, non-serious photos. Its way more reliable so far than using an older Polaroid camera and even experimenting with the double exposures you can get usable shots very often. Its way smaller than my vintage Polaroid land cameras as well this is convenient for bike rides. I cannot wait to do a review of the camera after the summer is over. It’s definitely not going to replace my vintage instant cameras with its mini photos but it’s really fun for casual photography. Here are a few of the mini instant photos I’ve taken already!

instax mini 90 film (3)instax mini 90 film (1) instax mini 90 film (2)


Pick of the Week: Birthday Stuff!

caitlinhackettToday’s Pick of the Week is not the usual post as I want to show you guys some of the wonderful things I got for my birthday. Victor was so lovely and let me pick out a few prints that I wanted from Society6 for his present to me. I chose to get prints from Caitlin Hackett, Zina Nedelcheva, and Michael Shapcott. I have a folder for all the Society6 artist pages I like so I was so excited to pick out some of them to get. The only downside is now that I’ve gotten them I wish I had chosen to larger prints as the two large ones from Caitlin Hackett are just breath taking. My mother also sent me $50, so I bought some summer nail polish and the rest of it on instant film from B&H photography. That was it for presents but it was wonderful that on my birthday a few things I had picked up from Etsy came in the mail that day. I got a wonderful package of goodies from worriedeyes and some nail decals and sticker from RudysCandyShop.  There will be more about these two stores in future Pick’s of the Week so look out for that. I’m planning on buying myself a Golden Half  “Hello Kitty” camera for my present to myself. I think it’s great to buy yourself a present for holidays, especially if you are like me and don’t treat yourself to things very often. I am just waiting until August because I am saving up for my Vancouver trip (1 more day until my flight!) I am such a lucky girl, and had a great birthday two weeks ago.

birthdaybirthdaybirthday (2)birthdaybirthdaybirthdaycaitlinhackettcaitlinhackettand one of Victor being really silly while holding up the prints: