Pick of the Week: WormsWormsWorms Revisted

wormswormsworms   Pick of the Week: WormsWormsWorms

This week I am doing something new for pick of the week, I am revisiting a store that I’ve already done before as a kind of an update and really just because WormsWormsWorms is one of my favourite stores on Etsy to look through and see what’s new. You may notice I do a lot of artist run stores as I love surrounding my house with artwork. The last time I ordered from her, I receive more of her grotesque and beautiful stickers, as well as an original drawing. The stickers are probably the best I’ve seen on Etsy of handmade artist stickers and I never thought I’d own an original drawing from somebody who wasn’t a friend of mine (lucky me has a few pieces of artwork handing on my walls from friends with amazing talent). I have the drawing framed and sitting on my desk looking at me for inspiration while I working on my blog and plan out photography projects. Recently as well she’s started to make some necklaces and brooches using her artwork. I love stores that change and expand what they have available. I recieved a brooch and necklace yesterday so I quickly edited a photo of them in the post (I made the photo b&w but they are amazing colors).  You can check her out on tumblr.

wormswormswormsEach of her sticker sets comes with a free postcard which is such an awesome bonus.

My original art piece is on the left and she sent this mini-print with everything, such a nice surprise.

wormswormswormsthese are  glass necklaces and brooch, she gave me a free sticker with them as well :)


Here are some of my newest favourite items:


Butter of the Week

butterThe first Friday off from the blog! It feels really nice and its been amazing weather here in Montreal so I’m enjoying my Friday outside (and working but at least my job offers the best in air conditioning). Butter and me have been spending every day outside for a few hours on the balcony. Our vines started to grow last weekend and already it feels like we have a garden. I want to start growing herbs in the kitchen or on the  balcony so its great motivation. Apparently the vines mean a lots of spiders according to Victor which is not idle but at least Butter will have fun chasing them all summer long. It was a slow start but Spring is in full force here.  Hope you have a great weekend!!


Lomography Wednesday

Holga Vision

holga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photography

A trippy look at the sights of Toronto. I shot these while on a trip to Toronto in 2012 during the spring using the Holga lens attachment for Nikon. The lo-fi effect is wonderful, its makes the digital shots feel like film. I am hope to do a review of the Holga lens next month after I’ve used it more in different situations but thought in the meantime I’d share my favourite shots from my trip. Most of these were taken around the downtown core in the Kensington Market area that I always stay at. I love the vibrant colors of the area and how you can see the CN Tower off in the distance, not to mention it has the best food. I definetly need to take more photos of Toronto, for some reason anytime I go I spend more time drinking and hanging out then snapping away (I blame my Toronto friends for that lol)

holga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyholga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyholga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographytoronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyholga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographytoronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographytoronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographytoronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photography toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photography


Zara in Wonderland: Trout Lake

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandI love when I get to chance to share photos of Zara, she is a staple of Citizen Erased Photography not only because she’s beautiful and interesting but she always unique. This photo shoot is from such a long time ago it seems now (2009) while we were hanging out in Trout Lake. It is one of our conjoined favourite places in Vancouver when we both lived there, and we had a great day hanging out together. She even let me drawing dots on her’s faces and we had some time to sun bathing after taking photos which is always nice. This day was a  photographer’s dream really. Hope you enjoy more Zara in Wonderland photos (I shared some yesterday from New York City with her too).

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photographycitizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photography, zara in wonderland


Self-Portrait Sunday – 1 Year Ago!

citizenerased I was just thinking today about what was happening in my life in April last year. For one it was sunny, and I had just gotten my facial piercings put in (I cant believe I’ve had these guys for a whole year – I still love them so much), and I had apple colored hair and bangs! So much has changed but still I feel like the same person. I’m actually dying my hair this color again next week, I miss the green. I decided to add a silly one of me trying to do a double exposure. The shots all turned out blurry but I still like this one, I look so serious though!
Maybe I can do a year ago post in April every year, that’d be fun.



Pick of the Week: 12LegsCuriosities

12LegsCuriositiesPick of the Week: 12LegsCuriosities

12LegsCuriosities is a Etsy store that sells fake dessert items, specializing in cupcakes, ran by Bella, Mose and Hailey who are inspired by holidays,  and all things vintage and retro. Its hard not to fall in love with this one of a kind unique shop.  Since finding them on one of my random quests on Etsy last summer I have been dying to get my own fake cupcake (I have quiet a cupcake collection going right now). And finally I did last month, I picked up the lovely yellow cupcake with deers and flowers for an Easter decoration and the other one just because it’s beautiful. I spoke with Anita before purchasing about my order and shipping costs. She was lovely and the communication was very informative about when my item was finished baking and when it was shipped, probably the best customer service I’ve had with an Etsy store. When I got them I was so happy, even better then I expected (the one thing I didn’t realize was how large they were which was a nice surprise). They toke a lot of care when shipping and I got them in a huge box filled with packing peanuts, which was great becuase they are very delicate. They are simply really wonderful decoration to adorn your house or even a special event. I have mine right now in my kitchen but usually have them on my desk and boy seeing them makes me smile every time. They even offer items like jars, magnets, and cupcake lights (which I really really want). Its such a great idea and the selection they have is amazing, there is one for everyone and who doesn’t want a delicious looking cupcake?
Here is some close up shots of my cupcakes:

12LegsCuriosities 12LegsCuriosities 12LegsCuriosities 12LegsCuriosities12LegsCuriosities
this is how I got them in the mail

My favourite items:
(I decided to highlight the other types of items because there is so many different cupcakes that I want)

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