Multiple Exposure: Bridge at Twlight

I love the lines of the Jacques Cartier bridge, although they aren’t supposed to be an architecture highlight (they are the guard rails to prevent jumpers) I can’t help but appreciate how hypnotic and beautiful I find them. I wasn’t a big fan of these photographs after I shoot them because the sky, although a beautiful sunset is too muddy feeling for me. However the lines created are very unique and this is reminder for me to go out on the bridge again and take more.

bridge at twlight (2) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (6) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (4) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (5) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (3) multiple exposure
I usually end up taking a combination of regular photography and multiple exposures when shooting so I may start including a photograph where I haven’t taken a multiple exposure so you can get an idea of what the subject looked like without the technique used. It’s kind of interesting to compare (to me at least).


Double Exposure: Along the River

Montreal never feels like an island to me but travelling by bike circling around Lasalle on the southwest side of the island really did. The double exposures captured from that rainy gray day are half of the St Lawrence river as the bike paths are always within view of it and the canal path lined with power lines and trees. It’s a great path to take, and being our first time we had no idea what to except. We ended up hitting the path heading east right just as the sun set with only the path and power lines in front of us, a bit of serendipity. Although only a few photos were taken I thought I’d share them anyways.

biking double exposure (5) biking double exposure (2)biking double exposure (1)double exposure power lines (3)double exposure power lines (4)Powerlines make me feel at home, connected in a way.
Like Drake says “hold on, we’re going home”…
double exposure power lines (5)


Double Exposure Wednesday: Vieux-Port

double exposure vieux-montrealCityscapes are such a great way to get the feel of a city and see its history without bias. One of the reasons why I like to capture double exposures of Montreal is because it feels like a new way to capture the city instead of overly used airplane views you see in tourist shops or even the more modern urban landscapes of new. I feel as well that landscape photography is primarily done by men so it’s nice to shoot something not consider covenantal (no stats on that statement but the ‘famous’ ones are predominately male like in most forms of photography).  It also feels nice to capture the Montreal people are familiar with but in a way that might make them question what they even be looking at or taking a second to see a familiar landmark.

double exposure vieux-montreal (3) double exposure vieux-montreal (2)double exposure vieux-montreal (4)double exposure vieux-montreal (10)double exposure vieux-montreal (9)double exposure vieux-montreal (12)


Double Exposure: Dusk over the River

double exposure jacques cartier bridge (6)I’ve had the chance to shoot so many double exposures this spring, it’s been really interesting testing out various scenarios and seeing what I can get out of the experience. These are from a picnic me and Victor went on at the Clocktower in Vieux-Montreal. We love biking down there in good weather after we’ve both finished work to watch the sunset once and awhile. Thought I’d share a few of the end results today so here is my point of view of dusk landscapes, with that multiple exposure twist.

double exposure jacques cartier bridge (8) double exposure jacques cartier bridge (11)double exposure jacques cartier bridge (9)These are from the same night but much later when the sunrise was just disappearing over the edge of downtown. double exposure jacques cartier bridgedouble exposure jacques cartier bridge (4)double exposure jacques cartier bridge (1)


Double Exposure: Vieux-Montreal

I love walking around Vieux-Port and staring at the St Lawrence River going by. I find it easy to get lost in the moment when I’m near water. The black and white double exposures I feel showcase that lost feeling. No snow in them because they were taken back in November before winter had taken full effect. I haven’t had much time to go down there lately because the docks are especially cold and Montreal can be quiet windy. Side note, over the next few months I want to show some of my older double exposures maybe even some from when I lived in Vancouver as I feel like my technique has really changed over the course of the last few years. Going forward this year I am really excited to continue to work on my multiple exposures and see where it’ll take me.multiple exposure (26) multiple exposure (9) multiple exposure (1)multiple exposure (40) multiple exposure (21)multiple exposure (39)


Double Exposure: Vieux-Port

multiple exposure (17)Today I am sharing more photos from my walk down to the Vieux-Port. These double exposures are of various effects I attempt to create when shooting, whether it’s a cityscape followed by a shot of the waves, or attempting to mirror the image entirely. Possible my favourite are the two shots where I appear to be just casually standing on the water – and not just because I’m wearing neon cloud socks. It was quiet a grey day outside and I found pairing the cityscape shots with a shot of the paved stones and gravel while walking about fit the mood well as it made the shots even more gritty. For the most surreal I find the double exposures with the water reflection of the tress and buildings to be the most successful as they just seem to be nonsense and it’s hard to tell where the double exposure starts and the reflection ends.

multiple exposure (16)multiple exposure (44)multiple exposure (42)multiple exposure multiple exposure (27)multiple exposure (29)multiple exposure (36)multiple exposure (38)multiple exposure (41)


Double Exposure: Jacques Cartier at Dusk

multiple double exposure sunset (12)The summer was sunrises but it appears I’ve switched to collecting sunsets now. I’ve seen so many wonderful ones in the last two months it is hard to say which my favourite was. The ones I’m sharing today were the first of the season just in the very end of August when me and Victor went for an impromptu bike ride in the Vieux-Port and found the usually pretty lame Tower Beach was free and open late (there was also a pretty awesome DJ playing real classics of the late 90s and early 2000s). We had brought a picnic with us randomly so we got to enjoy the sun set while stuffing our face and putting our feet in fake sand (we even sneaked in some alcohol like teenagers). I might have spent a good deal of our time there taking photos of the ever changing and dynamic skyline in front of me instead of relaxing….

multiple double exposure sunset (2) multiple double exposure sunset (4) multiple double exposure sunset (5) multiple double exposure sunset (7) multiple double exposure sunset (9) multiple double exposure sunset (13) multiple double exposure sunset (16) multiple double exposure sunset (19) multiple double exposure sunset (20) multiple double exposure sunset (23) multiple double exposure sunset (27) multiple double exposure sunset (30) multiple double exposure sunset (33)multiple double exposure sunset (36)


Bridge Tour

bridge tours (30)bridge tours (20)bridge tours (15)bridge tours (26)bridge tours (2)bridge tours (21)bridge tours (11)Today is kind of a random post because I thought right now I’d be either camping or on my way to camping. I also really wanted to share these photos of my friend Brent looking all handsome. He was in town last month to visit and he always lets me take a million photos of him when he visits because he knows I appreciate it (he is very photogenic) so it’s a shame not to share. It rained the whole time he was here too so randomly during a burst of sun we took him to the Jacques-Cartier bridge near our house to show him the view. I don’t know if it’s much of a tourist destination but he’s been here a few times before so I guess it may have been fun? (don’t ask me, I love this bridge regardless of reason) We spotted the fisherman in the water catching fish and there were a lot of cruises and speed boats going under the bridge that day – Brent kept saying he was going to pee on one of them – could you imagine? We also debated whether La Ronda, Montreal’s theme park looked absolute shit.

bridge tours (4)bridge tours (12)bridge tours (14)bridge tours (19)bridge tours (9)
The boys also decided to test the ‘jumper’ proof fence which actually turns out is pretty hard.

bridge tours (5)
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L’International des Feux Loto-Québec (Montreal Fireworks)

montreal fireworks (10), L'International des Feux Loto-Québec I am still going through my photo shoots that I did when I was in Vancouver last week, so this week I wanted to show photos taken of the Montreal fireworks. I am a huge sucker for fireworks and try and watch them whenever I can. I am a bit spoiled because I’ve lived in Vancouver and Montreal for the last 10 years, both of which have festivals for fireworks in the summer months so I can just go watch them weekly. They finished here in Montreal on the weekend and I watched with delight in the rain, I only went 3 times this year due to work schedule and general forgetfulness as well they had 3 shows while I was in Vancouver.  These were shot in July when me and Victor camped out on the bridge and had a piknic before they started. It was just wonderful and really the best view in Montreal for sure. I’ve recently been interested in bokeh type photography so you’ll notice I use this technique on the fireworks.

fireworks (32)fireworks (5), L'International des Feux Loto-Québec fireworks (26)fireworks (22)fireworks (2)fireworks (4)fireworks (15)fireworks (14)fireworks (12)fireworks (13) fireworks (30) fireworks (18) fireworks (6)fireworks (3)
I cannot help myself when it comes to fireworks so there is a few more below as well.

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Self Portrait Sunday

citizen erased photographyI love being able to change to my hair, and I’m really excited about my next color. For the summer I think I’ll have various shades of pink but for right now I’ve gotten rid of the all the previous colors to make it blond. I had to bleach my hair twice, as blue and green hair dye are the worst to get rid of (I suggest to go straight into a purple or a shade that will look good with blue undertones instead as bleaching it that much is NOT healthy). Now that my hair is kinda blond I am going to try and tone it to be whiter in color before making sections of it pink. My friend’s wedding is coming up in July and I want to have pale pink and white hair for that so it’s not so loud. It is refreshing to see myself with my natural shade of hair color instead of a crazy color but blond is so boring after a week, lol. I’ve been waiting at least a week to do the 3rd bleaching and get ride of all the green and yellow. Cannot wait for it to be white! These self portrait were taken on a walk over the bridge by my house last weekend.


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