Pick of the Week: The Tiny Hobo

the tiny hobo

Pick of the Week: The Tiny Hobo

This week’s pick is the cute shop The Tiny Hobo which specializes in brooches, and other jewelry. They have a good selection of adorable jewellery that is perfect for the summer and super affordable. Like the cute cactus brooches that I picked up from them which are just beyond awesome. I’ve been wearing mine for weeks now anytime I go out and they are the perfect accessory for the summer I think. Plus I am terrible at actually keeping cactus so at least these don’t need to be watered, lol. Check them out!

the tiny hobo

a few of my favourite items from the store:


Pick of the Week: Gusosos

Gusosos (4)

Pick of the Week: Gusosos Land

Gusosos Land is an Etsy store run by illustrator Raquel that specializes in illustration prints, wood jewelry and other items featuring her work.  Based out of Spain, Raquel has imaged this whole fantastic world of yeti like creatures that I just adore the style of. I’ve been admiring her shop for months and finally couldn’t resist when she added this brooch to her shop. It’s really divine, I love two part brooches and this floating heart was impossible to say no to. She was super sweet too and after putting in my order the next day I received an email just checking in on when it will be shipped. I love store owners who are clearly passionate about their work. Also when I received it last week it was bundled up in the cutest of packages and she even included a mini-print of another one of her yeti creatures (which I cannot wait to put on my art wall). I will definitely be picking up more things from her in the future, if you wanted to find out more information about her work check out her website!

Gusosos (2)GusososGusosos

My favourite items from the shop:


Pick of the Week: Hungry Designs “Revist”

hungry designs (3)

Pick of the Week: Hungry Designs “Revisted”

Hungry Designs is this week pick of the week and for a 2nd time as I just love this Etsy shop by Amanda Whitelaw. I though what better than around Halloween too as her work is heavily inspired by characters and there is plenty of the undead. Her shop is mostly brooches but she has coasters, prints, necklaces, wall mounts, pillows and more on there too. She a huge favourite of mine for brooches and since my last pick of the week of her work I bought as many more I wanted to show you guys. Her stuff is amazing and worth picking up even though it’ll be hard to just pick one. She frequently has sales too so follow her on tumblr (she also shows up coming designs and her trips to fairs in Australia)! My poor jackalope brooch broke when being shipped because the postman stuffed it into my small slot for mail so that’s why it looks a little messed up because I had to super glue its horns back together so don’t pay that any attention. Below are more photos more of the brooches I’ve picked up and a necklace. My favourite is the necklace and the My Little Pony inspired brooch.

hungry designshungry designs (3)hungry designscitizen erased photography (6)hungry designs (2)hungry designs (1)

Here are some of my favourite items:


Pick of the Week: Hannahdoodle

hannahdoodle (2)Pick of the Week: Hannahdoodle

Hannahdoodle is a Etsy store that sells handmade felt brooches and original pieces of water colr work of Owls run by Hannah Boulter from the UK. Her brooches are beyond adorable and very well made with lots of tiny details that are sure to make you smile. I love the two brooches I got from her, they are a perfect size and wonderful additions to my summer outfits. Besides her store you can check her work out on her blog!

citizen erased photographyhannahdoodle
A look at me wearing one and how they came in the mail, she gave me a cute Thank You card as well.

Some favourite items from her shop:


Pick of the Week: Mel Stringer

mel stringer

Pick of the Week: Mel Stringer

Girliepains is the store run by Mel Stringer a freelance Illustrator and visual artist from Brisbane, Australia. She offers amazing little goodies in her store like art zines, stickers, custom pins, postcards, paper project, and more. Her style is adorable and I love her confident and sexy characters not to mention the cute factor that she gives all her store items. I am really hoping to buy a few prints when she has a store up on and running for them but in the meantime I ordered a custom pin and some postcards and stickers (the postcards and stickers were a different order and haven’t arrived yet). The custom pin is gorgeous; it was only $10 when I bought it (I believe the price has gone up recently but understandable as it takes an artist time to draw individual custom pieces). I asked her to draw Butter for me as I thought Butter would be really cute in her style. I couldn’t be happier, I’ve never had an artist do any custom work for me and I was really blown away at how great it turned out. As well she sent extra goodies with the pin, a card and two cute stickers (shown in the photo below). I really appreciated when Etsy stores show so much care and included little things like this with their orders. If you want more information about her art, check out her blog.

As well if you are in Montreal, pieces of her artwork are included in the Artist for Animals show this Saturday (check out more information about the show here)

mel stringer

here are some of my favourite items from her shop:


Pick of the Week: Hanaletters

hannalettersPick of the Week: Hanaletters

Hanaletters or Hanako is a Etsy store that creates “wearable felt portraits of imaginary dolls” done by artist Alian Bunaciu. She makes brooches with whimsical and delightful characters in the portrait style. I adore her style and these brooches are very cute and wearable on all types of outfits and most importantly her style is super unique. I’ve order two separate brooch pairs from her and am so happy with them. My favourite are the bears because the colors go so well with my teal dress, I think I will leave them permanently on the collar. I am really excited to grab more, with so many different doll portraits to choose from it can be very hard, lol to choose. She also runs a blog that shows off the brooches and her making them, here.

hannaletters, ctizen erased photography, citizen erased

Here is a look at my favourite items:



Pick of the Week: House of Ismay

pick of the week (1), house of ismay, citizen erasedpick of the week (2), house of ismay, citizen erased

 Pick of the Week: House is Ismay

 House of Ismay is a great shop that has homemade books, greetings cards and jewellery using reclaimed vintage materials. I love the brooches that use classic novels pages for the front. I have a soft spot for anything that is a rabbit and Alice in Wonderland, so cute.
My favourite items:

houseofismay houseofismay


Pick of the Week: Kateslittlestore

kate rowland, citizen erased

Pick of the Week: KatesLittleShop

This shop by Kelly Rowland makes me laugh so much, this lovely duo are brooches. Its a quote from Twin Peaks so it may seem really strange to you, lol. I love Twin Peaks though, I didn’t even think there was anyone out there with my appreciation of this early 90’s TV show. Her shop is full of fun stuff about Twin Peaks and other references. I love the way I got this in the mail, the twin peaks sticker is divine.

My favourites:

katerowland katerowlandkaterowland katerowland


Pick of the Week: AndSmile

DSC_4843Pick of the Week: AndSmile
Andsmile is a cute etsy store by Viktorija out of the UK that sells handmade brooches, earrings and original art work. I bought from her a cute panda brooch which I just adore so much. Here is a shot of how it arrived in the mail. (this cute wrapping is very delightful)

Here are a few of my favourite items:
andsmile andsmile andsmileandsmile


Pick of the Week “Hungry Designs”

This pick of the week is : Hungry Designs.

hungry designs, citizen erased photography, citizen erased

Hungry Designs is an Etsy store the sells mostly brooches, with a few other items. The illustrations used on the brooches were designed and hand drawn by Hungry Designs’ own Amanda Whitelaw. I was lucky enough to buy some of these for Christmas after drooling over pretty much everything in the shop.
The quality is amazing and homemade is always the way to go. I found them much bigger then I thought which was a pleasant surprise. Have been so excited about them that I wore the hot air balloon brooch every day since getting them last week.
If you love brooches, you will love this store.

Here are some of my favourites from her Etsy store: