Butter enjoys autumn and pumpkins

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Last week I showed you a Polaroid of Butter and the pumpkins and I realized I had a whole bunch taken around that time so I thought I’d share. She is still getting allowed to be outside but usually only very briefly, it’s been -1 almost all week so she’s much happier to curl up on our rugs. She loves coming out with me when it rains though – so curious even though she’d never dare go out in it. I still haven’t thrown out the carved pumpkins, I feel like throwing them off the edge of the balcony so they fall into the backyard and fertilize the ground but I don’t know if my neighbor’s would have the same opinion – lol. They are really rotten…I think I’ll do that tonight at like midnight so nobody sees me after I get back from the We Are Wolves concert. Speaking of that I am seeing my favourite band in the world tonight (they also happen to live in the same city as me which is pretty cool). I am really excited to go even though I haven’t been sleeping very much this week and am really excited to sleep in on Saturday. I will dance so much, and sing along…loudly and I am tempted to bring my camera so you may see some concert photos but if not I think I’ll just share some of my older photos of them anyways. My best friend Ana when I was in Vancouver gave me a Devo doll to give to Alex the singer as a little inside joke about the first time we meet him so that will be fun. I am just really excited for the weekend, what do you have planned?

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Butter and the Pumpkins

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 I know I’ve had a long week of being sick when I completely forget about today’s post. lol. Sorry for those of you that had an unedited version earlier today (it’s fixed now). I love this photo of Butter with the Halloween pumpkins. She still runs to the back door anytime I have to slip outside to the shed or she thinks I might open the window. It was -10 here a few days back, so no more outside for her for a long time. I am hoping to buy her this hilarious window bed for Christmas so she can still look outside without having to sit in the window sill but until then she’ll have to pine away.

This week not much has been going on with me, I’ve been ill since Sunday morning. Still haven’t fully recovered but I think most of my strength has returned (just to stop getting headaches – that would be nice). I am working on a whole bunch of postcards that I will unveil at the start of December. Excited and nervous…and nervous again. Beside an art show I did a few years ago I never really show my work to people or sell my photography, it’s kind of my own private thing. This blog has been a really big step for me and still I am racked with nerves about the blog too don’t get me wrong but my blog is passive. You know what I mean? Like I pretend nobody reads it (and maybe not many people do) and that’s totally cool. It’s just a place to put my ideas and more casual photos sprinkled with my more artistic ones somewhere while I work on my craft and other projects. But having a shop and selling things, is different and I am not 100% sure I want to do it or confident I will sell anything but the idea of people having my postcards makes me happy, and having my photograph on postcards again – happy. So I hope it turns out, I’ve been deciding on what themes and sets to make for the last two days – hard work for me but I have to finish by Sunday so that’s my big goal. Beside that I am back at work now after being sick a few days so blah weekend work in the call center is never fun. I am looking forward to next weekend though and just got paid so I bought a new dress online so that will motivate me through this one. Hope you’ve had any amazing week in my place and if you any plans this weekend I hope they are awesome! :)


Curious Butter

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The last few moments of Fall are upon us (doesn’t that sound ominous and dark). Butter’s last few moments outside have passed by this week as I can only stand having the door open for 5 minutes before I get the chills. She is still dying to go outside as it’s been squirrel time in our backyard for the last two weeks and they have been driving her crazy. I actually have a video of her trying to chase one down for heaven’s sake. I even heard what a squirrel’s attack sound and it’s pretty hostile sounding. She’s been really good about listening to me when I tell her to stop but she always tries to chase them down the spiral staircase. I know what happens when she gets down a floor – whining about not know how to walk up the spiral staircase – silly kitty and I really wouldn’t want her to hurt a squirrel even if they do like to tease her. Not much else has been happening this week. I am going for Dim Sum for the first time ever on Sunday, going with a few co-workers, very excited. Hoping on Saturday to walk to Mont-Royal again like I did with Victor last weekend, it’s my goal to go there at least 1 more time in the next few weeks and enjoy the autumn trees. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoyed the first week of November!

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The Return of Butter…


The Return of Butter seems a little silly of a title but it’s been forever since she’s been featured on Friday. Isn’t she looking as pretty as ever with her lion mane? We’ve been having a great last few days hanging around the house with each other. She’s had so much energy just jumping and running around the house. We’ve been playing a lot to make sure her energy finds a good outlet. On Wednesday the weather was so nice I let her outside for a bit and of course she decided she wanted to go to the neighbor’s balcony and then climb down the spiral staircase to people downstairs balcony and then over again to the people right below us balcony…let’s just say when I came to usher her back inside I found a meowing kitty who was unwilling to move because she unsure how to get back home again. Typical cat behaviour *rolls eyes* I was a bit nervous because I haven’t been picking her up for the last few weeks due to her anxiety issues but beside squirming in my arms she was fine. I really think she’s made a lot of progress in the last week and she has days where it feels like everything is back to normal. I am so delighted! In other none Butter news it’s Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada! There will be posts as normal all weekend, I am just excited because I have from Saturday to Tuesday off and will have so much time to do things around the house and maybe even go apple picking. I have been really sleep deprived this week so it’ll be really fun. Keep an eye out because on Monday there will be a giveaway on my tumblr and blog.

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September in Review

september in review

            September is always one of those months for me that goes by really quickly, and I never mind that it does. It’s one of those in between months that is neither Summer nor Fall and it’s just a good transition month. I’ve had a fairly up and down month, mostly just the last two weeks which have been just really strange. Butter has developed some sort of aggression/fear towards both me and Victor which has made it hard to even walk around our house without having to deal with her hissing and preventing access to the part of the house she’s in. The vet has identified that it’s purely behavioural at this point so we are just trying to work with her as best as we can to get her back to her old self. It’s difficult, I have been very emotional as Butter has been with me for all the major years of my life and is more to me than just a cat. I am looking forward though and feel like the last few days have been progress.

One thing that has been with me for weeks and been a great distracting from what’s going at home has been my friend Derek’s mix tape, its fucking killer. If you like melodic and chill music check him out here! He even included a mix of one of Victor’s songs. In other news I’ve started to decorate my bedroom, got it painted this amazing pale teal color with a light blue accent wall. I’ve just completed my new jewelry organizer (DIY of it here) and hung up a few prints. It’s going really well, we just need to finish hanging up prints and get a new bedspread to replace or mix and match ones. For October I want to finish off the living room and maybe get some paint on our dining room that we never use.

For the blog the most exciting news I have is there will more recipes! I loved doing the Popsicle of the Week all summer long so I thought for the next few months I’d try out various recipes and do some of my own classic recipes. I am still deciding if it will be a complete cooking guide to that recipe or more loose (better hurry up and decide the first one will be out on Tuesday). I find in this day and age it’s really better to watch videos if you really want to know how to make something and I am a little too shy to do a video of myself cooking. I have a few more “how to’s” for Vintage Tuesday and Lomography Wednesday coming up this month. I realized it’s been a straight summer of just photos for both days so I thought I’d change it up, although probably will not have any reviews until November. Let me know if there is anything you want to see on the blog or recipe you’d like me to try in the comments or send me an email. I am so excited already for Halloween and falling leaves. October, I am so ready for you!

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Happy 6th Birthday Butter!

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On Tuesday, Butter Truck Tzara turned 6 years old! The story of how I got her is so random. My co-worker at the time was desperate to find homes for her cat’s unexpected babies (so unexpected she didn’t even know her cat was pregnant until she went to get her natured).  At the time I said yes because I wanted to help her out but never really thought about getting a kitty before and then one night 2 months later she called me up and said she was driving over the kitty. Butter has been with me since she was a month old and it’s been true love ever since. Butter and I are two peas in a pod and I feel so lucky to have her. For her birthday I and Victor bought her tons of treats and a cat tree (which she loves) and she had a fancy meal on her special day. I thought I’d share for you some of her photos of her at 1 month old – she was just a scruffy ball of fluff but so cute. Hope you have a great weekend!

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Butter of the Week

neelixAnother interloper takes over Butter of the Week! This adorable guy is named Neelix and is my friend Jessica’s dog. He joined us at Trout Lake, Vancouver when I was doing a photo shoot with Jessica. I just had to take a few shots of him, he is too adorable. He reminds me of an old men in terms of look, but he is super energetic. He was very well behaved as well and not at all like smaller dogs (or at least my stereotypical opinion of them). I don’t know what Butter would think about me letting a dog take over her spot on my blog – she’s been super loving this week with us having been gone for 3 days to Prince Edward Island so maybe she’d be okay. Don’t worry though she will return next week so have no fear. As for my week, it was super long and the daunting idea of sorting through all the photography for my Prince Edward Island trip and my Vancouver trip is immense. I’ve decided I take too many photos. I think I should really have like a rule for the amount of time I can take photos of 1 subject. Hahaha. I have work on Saturday but after that I can enjoy the last two days of the Canadian long week. Hope you guys are having a great end of August yourself!


Look at him jumping through Jessica’s hulahoop!


Butter of the Week

Butter (3), butter of the weekButter of the Week is back! These were taken on the weekend in Butter’s hideout. I swear the vines on our balconey are out of control, they’ve almost swallowed the chair entirelly. It’s nice for Butter as there is 2 cats now that live in the apartments near us so she has a place to watch the other cats and of course for hunting birds. I thought I’d take a few shots before we have to trim the vines back for fall. Hope you’ve had a great week and if your lucky enough to get weekends off, enjoy! My week has been filled with anixety and I am really hoping this weekend it just really a realeases and I can enjoy myself. I am trying a new popsicle recipe (gin and tonic) and working on some cute DIY ideas. It will be a packed weekend and I’ll get to spend time with Victor after working evenings all week and missing him. Enjoy Butter’s hideout!

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Butter of the Week

mishko Butter Mishko of the Week

Wait that isn’t Butter! It’s actually my best friend Ana’s lovely cat Mishko! He is such a brat and spends his days sleeping on the coffee table as you can see. haven’t seen this guy in 2 years and he hasn’t changed a bit. He has the softest coat of all the cats I know, I don’t why Butter’s is not like this but he feels great. Ana’s parents actually got him a year after I got Butter because they loved hanging out with her so much and wanted their own kitty. I think the honeymoon is over though because he is one major brat now and just terrorize Ana. However we can enjoy his beauty at least. Haha, I think Butter could sense I was writing about another cat and leapt onto my lap and demanded cuddles. She has been ignoring me all day and now decides she wants company and sits on my computer – typical. Have a great weekend and Butter will return next week !



Butter of the Week

butter (19)Today I am in Vancouver still and am very busy so I don’t really have much time to round up what I’ve been doing this week but I know one thing – I am missing Butter so much. So I thought today I’d update you on what some of the plants look now after a few months and of course my fluffy ball of Butter. The plants are loving being in the kitchen, although the vine is getting out of hand and soon I will have to find a shelf to put it on as its grown the floor and beyond. Butter seems no longer impressed to have to share her window space with a plant.  Hope you have an amazing weekend. I am loving it here in Vancouver even though I feel like I’m running around a lot.

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