Christmas Picks: Under $30

christmas gift list under 30 (2) christmas gift list under 30 (1)

Today I am sharing some present ideas found online for under $30 that would make a great gift for a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or yourself (Treat yourself!) this holiday. If you want to see last week’s post with under $15 gift ideas click, here. I’m currently obsessed with all of these and hoping after I finished my Christmas shopping I can buy one of these for myself. The dragon bracelet is my fav. even though I make my own scale maille bracelets but that color is impossible to find. Hope this helps!


Featured Artist: Caitlin Hackett

caitlin hackett

Feature Artist: Caitlin Hackett

This week’s featured artist is one of my current obsessions Caitlin Hackett. She is an artist based out of Brooklyn whose medium is illustration and paintings.  She grew up in northern California and says her love of nature came from being “surrounded by redwood trees and mountains” and it’s easy to see that in her work. Most of her current works heavily feature the theme of anthropomorphism and mysticism in relation to animals. Her work deals with the conflicting existence of both humans and animals in the same space and the relations between them. The underline tension we as humans have with nature seem to be one of the causes for the rather dark tone of her work. The nuances are there however I don’t think her work is heavy handed with any kind of direct message. Her explorations of the conflict is very gripping and the images she creates although grotesque in their transformation still contain that regal and haunting beauty that all creations of nature have.  I adore her work and have several prints of her paintings hanging in my house; I would recommend checking out her work. Below is a few of my favourites pieces and the links on where to find her below that.

Contemporary Mythology (website)
Facebook (updates)
Society6 (prints for purchase)
Gallery Nucleus (originals)
StoreEnvy (originals and prints)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Caitlin Hackett.


Pick of the Week: Birthday Stuff!

caitlinhackettToday’s Pick of the Week is not the usual post as I want to show you guys some of the wonderful things I got for my birthday. Victor was so lovely and let me pick out a few prints that I wanted from Society6 for his present to me. I chose to get prints from Caitlin Hackett, Zina Nedelcheva, and Michael Shapcott. I have a folder for all the Society6 artist pages I like so I was so excited to pick out some of them to get. The only downside is now that I’ve gotten them I wish I had chosen to larger prints as the two large ones from Caitlin Hackett are just breath taking. My mother also sent me $50, so I bought some summer nail polish and the rest of it on instant film from B&H photography. That was it for presents but it was wonderful that on my birthday a few things I had picked up from Etsy came in the mail that day. I got a wonderful package of goodies from worriedeyes and some nail decals and sticker from RudysCandyShop.  There will be more about these two stores in future Pick’s of the Week so look out for that. I’m planning on buying myself a Golden Half  “Hello Kitty” camera for my present to myself. I think it’s great to buy yourself a present for holidays, especially if you are like me and don’t treat yourself to things very often. I am just waiting until August because I am saving up for my Vancouver trip (1 more day until my flight!) I am such a lucky girl, and had a great birthday two weeks ago.

birthdaybirthdaybirthday (2)birthdaybirthdaybirthdaycaitlinhackettcaitlinhackettand one of Victor being really silly while holding up the prints: