Things That Make Me Smile

A special Halloween themed Things That Make Me Smile.

things that make me smile (12)I’d dress Butter up but she loathes having to wear anything, I’ve tried.

things that make me smile (3) things that make me smile (4) things that make me smile (5) things that make me smile (6) things that make me smile (1)My favourite spooky artist, Ally Burke. I bought one of everything she had, almost.

things that make me smile (24) things that make me smile (23) things that make me smile (22)Halloween stamps and cards. Every year I send a bunch of cards to friends, it just what you do when you’ve moved across the country from the people you love.

things that make me smile (27)My package from Defective Pudding. *swoon*

things that make me smile (18) things that make me smile (16)A pile of Halloween stickers, one can never have enough stickers.

things that make me smile (26)My Halloween decoration have been very limited this year but I do have a few random pieces of decor on my coffee table.

things that make me smile (13) things that make me smile (14) things that make me smile (15)
The cards I found this to give to friends this year. The sparkly pumpkin ones with glitter eyes, nose and mouth are my favourites.

things that make me smile (8)My zine collection grows! I didn’t realize until putting this post together how many zines I’ve bought lately. These goodies are form Lillian Cuda.

things that make me smile (11)
My theme phone cases, I am in love. I can’t wait to make more.

things that make me smile (2)Presents A care package I sent my friends Derek and Erin, their cats turn 1 on Halloween.

things that make me smile (19)Halloween letter writing sets from Diaso.


Pick of the Week: Mab Graves

mab graves (3)

Pick of the Week: Mab Graves

This week’s pick is artist Mab Graves’ Etsy store which is filled with all kinds of wonderful and whimsical goodies.  She sells prints, cards,  and more but what I love the most is her paper dolls. Her artwork and paper dolls are heavy influenced by Blythe dolls (which I love) and have this cute vibe with a sinister twist. It’s an amazing combination and I’m so happy to have picked up some of her work. I like collecting interesting paper dolls so I picked up her paper doll book which was so much larger and better quality than I expected. It was published by Dover Books so it’s the quality you’d expect of any commercial paper dolls book. My only compliment which I usually make about paper doll books is that you have to cut them out ourselves (also there is not cutting guide) but the paper is sturdy and the pages are single sided which is great. There is just so much variety with the various dolls, animal companions and outfits – it’s like having paper Blythe dolls with extra whimsy. Love them so much. I also picked up a few of her cards to give to friends and perhaps to use as mini prints and they are great quality as well. Each came with a pink envelope and I also got a free card and bookmark with my purchase which was very nice. I have a few detail photos of the items below and if you want to check out her main website, click here!

mab graves (2)Below is a closer look at all of the cards I bought and a few pages of the paper doll book:mab graves (4) mab graves (5) mab graves (1) mab graves (6) mab graves (7)

a few of my favourite items:


Pick of the Week: LoLL3

loll3 (5)

Pick of the Week: LoLL3

This week’s pick is the illustrator Loll3 from Italy who has an adorable Etsy store with tons of stickers, brooches and other goodies as well as a Society6 store. Her artwork is super eye catching and has a lot of occult symbolism in it. I enjoy her color pallet the most as I’m a sucker for hot pink and other vibrant colors. I picked from her Etsy store some of her stickers (which are much larger than I thought) and some cards that I thought I could use as mini prints. As well from her Society6 page I bought a mug for a friend and a large print for my art wall. My favourite item for sure beside the print is the cards, they are so cute and I love how she accessorised the card’s envelopes with tiny artwork on the lip. She also has postcards, which if you follow this blog you know postcards are my weakness. I really love all the items and it’s worth checking out both of her stores. You can also check out her tumblr for a closer look at her artwork or updates on future sales.

loll3 (3)loll3 (4) loll3 (2)

I was able to frame my print but haven’t found a spot for it on my walls yet… loll3 (6)

a few of my favourite items from her shop:


Pick of the Week: Valentine’s Day Addition

crankbunnyValentines Pick of the Week is: CrankBunny

Now you may think Valentines Day is far away, but today’s pick requires custom ordering and shipping so I thought I’d share a bit earlier. I have had my eye on these custom cards for a year now. I just missed out last year for Valentines Day but I’m all ready this year. I ordered mine and got them in less then 2 weeks.

The great thing with Crankbunny is there is more then just cards for Valentine’s Day, you can use them for any occaision and most of the cards are the same price as a nice card from a store anyways. I bought 1 for my boyfriend for Valentines, another for my friend’s birthday and a 3rd as a congratz card to my friend who is welcoming twins and got engaged. Even better is instead of using a default message you can create your own message. One reason why these cards stand out is they have unique designs you wouldn’t find anywhere else and gimmicks that are kinda amazing in my opinion.

I bought a golden ticket card, which you scratch the center of the card to reveal a message, and a ribcage heart card which has the same scratch center to reveal a message and the slot machine, which is my favourite. When you pull the slot machine lever, it gets a combo and a message pops out below (you can customize the combo as well, I went for 3 diamonds).

goldticketinsidegoldenticket skeletonheartskeletonheart slotmachinecard

Here is some of my favourites, just click on the pictures to get more details and be redirected to Crankbunny’s Etsy shop.
crankbunny crankbunny crankbunny crankbunny crankbunny