52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

05/52 Shadowplay

52 weeks of self-portraits (1)This week’s self-portrait was created using my projector and a photograph I took in Vancouver of cherry blossoms (from this post actually). It hasn’t felt like Spring at all in Montreal with its continuous dark skies and gloomy weather so I decided to create my own Spring backdrop. I’ve had my projector for almost 6 months and haven’t really found the time or patience to learn anything, so if you have any links to good tutorials let me know in the comments because I am hoping to start using it a bit more. Me and Victor want to create a duo where he dj’s live and I do the visual. I love that idea, merging both of our passions together. I’ve included another one of me below, it’s hard to decide which photo to use!


“To the depths of the ocean where all hopes sank, searching for you
I was moving through the silence without motion, waiting for you
In a room with a window in the corner I found truth
In the shadow play, acting out your own death, knowing no more”

Joy Division “Shadowplay”

52 weeks of self-portraits (2)


Cherry Blossom Season

Spring always reminds me of cherry blossoms. It was my favourite season when I lived in Vancouver for that very reason. There are blocks in Vancouver you just walk down and see petals everywhere covering all the lawns and road. It’s beyond beautiful, I miss it every Spring as you can barely tell in Montreal when the seasons change (there was actually snow on Tuesday night, SNOW). I loved when I lived in Vancouver walking around with the cherry blossoms and the Japanese magnolia everywhere. I wanted to revisit and thought I’d share with you the last time I was in Vancouver during the cherry blossom season….

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