Christmas Picks: Games

I shared my top picks for games last year too so thought I would again this year.  I will admit that I’m a pretty big nerd about video games, whether they are Triple A or indie titles I love finding out about the newest games and watch a lot of gaming content on YouTube on my free time. Although I don’t play Triple A games that often since my computer is by most standards ‘low end’ or another word ‘crap’. I tend to focus on indie games or games that work on anything so my list is a little skewed towards those. Links below each game of a video of one of my fav Youtube gamers playing it if you want to check it out.

christmas picks games

I grew up playing Magic but nowadays I don’t have any cards or know anyone who still does but still miss it.  I’ve haven’t been too happy with their online games either so when Hearthstone swooped in, it took over my life for several months this year. It’s a simpler more beginner online deck building card game with World of Warcraft characters (knowledge of WoW required to play). You play against other people and rank up.  It’s free to play but you can buy online booster packs.

One Finger Death Punch
So, so, so fun, it’s a rhythm ninja game that makes you feel badass and is really hard.

The newest game from the Supergiant studio who I love, can’t say enough good things about this science fiction action game. The music and story are so breathtaking. I am really bad at action games but I still enjoy the experience.

Wolf Among Us
Based off of the Fables comics which I adore this game is a point and click adventure game that will have you gripping at your seat for what’s next. You don’t have to be familiar with the books to play as its fun either way and doesn’t spoil the comics at all. It’s a tense game where you have to make last minute decisions that affect everything. They also have Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead games so if that’s more your thing…

A city builder but in the time of Vikings where you take a group of settlers and start a town from scratch. Unlike other city builders there is a high degree of focus on crops and surviving and there is not much progress. The end game has gotten better but you mostly just continue to grow in size with the same infrastructure so the first few hours of your settlement are far more exciting.

Max Gentlemen
A free game that is all about stacking hats in an old timey setting. It’s weird and wonderful and addicting. Did get a little bored of it after a while but worth picking up.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
 A first person mystery game that will keep you engaged from the get go and make you tense trying  to find out what happened to Ethan Carter. Feels like a horror game with the atmosphere but is more story that scary.

Plague Inc.
Much like Prison Architect which is also on my list, this one is tad morbid. You design various plagues, bugs, infections, the like and try to infect the whole world is the shortest amount of days possible.  It’s very addicting and there is so many ways to accomplish this goal with quite a few laughs along the way. I never get bored of this game.

Prison Architect
How does SimCity but all about a prison sound to you? At first I thought it was a little morbid and it has its moment, but for lovers of city building games this is a really neat interpretation of that and hella fun.

Cook, Serve, Delicious
A typing game all about serving food…it’s probably more of kids game / mobile game than anything but I can’t help but love these styles of games. The challenge does build up and you have to work on your reflexes to move on to higher levels. If you like repetitive games about fast responses this one is cute.


Pick of the Week: Christmas Recipes

christmas recipes

Sharing a few of the amazing Christmas recipes I was able to find from various food bloggers for today’s pick of the week. My favourite are the two hot chocolates which sound to die for and the eggnog marshmallows are on the top of the my list to be made as soon as I get some time away from work.  Hope you are enjoying the season and baking away – I am doing my annual rice krispie squares of various flavors, recipe here if you want to check out.


Christmas Picks: Over $30


christmas gift guide over $30 (1)christmas gift guide over $30 (2)

Today is the last instalment of this year’s gift guide, this time with my Christmas picks over $30, but if you missed out on the previous two, click here for under $15 and here for under $30. Hope you enjoyed and found a present idea or two for yourself or loved ones and next week I’ll be sharing some of the funniest and yummiest recipes for the holiday season! Hope everyone had a good Black Friday and Cyber Monday (if you celebrate those – I am not American I don’t really understand them). Oh and if you like toy cameras I’ll putting out my yearly wish list on Wednesday.


Christmas Picks: Under $30

christmas gift list under 30 (2) christmas gift list under 30 (1)

Today I am sharing some present ideas found online for under $30 that would make a great gift for a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or yourself (Treat yourself!) this holiday. If you want to see last week’s post with under $15 gift ideas click, here. I’m currently obsessed with all of these and hoping after I finished my Christmas shopping I can buy one of these for myself. The dragon bracelet is my fav. even though I make my own scale maille bracelets but that color is impossible to find. Hope this helps!


Christmas Picks: Under $15

Another year in a row, I’ll be doing a Christmas gift guide every week leading up to Christmas featuring mostly artist and artisians from around the world. Today I am sharing some of my favourite items for Christmas under the low low price of $15, from nail polish to original art prints. Hope you enjoy and get a gift idea for someone you love, links below to all the stores!

september gift guide under $15september gift guide under $15 (3)


Christmas Picks: Top 10 Video Games

christmas picks video games

Video games are the perfect last minute present to friends and family (or for yourself on boxing day). So here are my recommendations for games that came out this year. You probably don’t know but I am huge fan of video games, I’ve been a gamer ever since I was a kid. I mostly play computer games so all of these are computer games available on Steam or other online outlets that give you instant access. Each game has a link to game play by my favourite Youtubers that will give you a closer look at the game beside my brief run down!

  1. Don’t Starve (Game play)
    *I love this sandbox survival game, the art style is interesting and reminds me of Tim Burton. I have spent way too many hours playing this game and trying to survive is a chanellege.
  2. Paper Please (Game play)
    *A game simply about border patrol between made up countries. Doesn’t sound that interesting but trust me it’s addictive and an interest prospective for a computer game.
  3. Wolf Among Us (Game play)
    *Telltale Games are well known for their point and click adventures, although this is more than just a point in click. Story taken from the comic series of the same name (that I really want to read)
  4. Game Dev Tycoon (Game play)
    *What is better than pretending you are a game developer and coming up with your own combination of genres and game names? I’ve completed this game twice and am a sucker for any Tycoon type game.
  5. Unholy Heights (Game play)
    *Indie japanese RTS game that is super cute and fun to play. You play the Devil and are a landlord to a host of monsters.
  6. Scribblenauts Unlimited (Game play)
    *An action puzzle game where you can create whatever you want using their amazing system and your imagination to solve fun silly puzzles (kid friendly but not just for kids)
  7. Rogue Legacy (Game play)
    *It’s super challenge and great for a fan of rogue-likes. I personally suck at rogue-like games but this game is a lot of fun to try and beat.
  8. The Stanley Parable (Game play)
    *I love this game, it is very Dada and random. It is perfect and you should play this…I wont ruin it.
  9. SimCity (Game play)
    *SimCity is the newest games in the SimCity series by EA, it is a city builder which happens to be my fav genre. It is suppose to have tons of bugs at launch so I’ve been waiting to pick it up to see if it gets better so beware. Expansion for it came out a month ago.
  10. Project Zomboid (Game play)
    *A retro-style zombie survival RPG, looks like a lot of fun but limited right now.
  11. Magic 2014 Duels of the Plainwalker
    * I buy all the Magic games because I’ve loved Magic the Gathering since I was in Elementary school. For those people who love duelling card games but don’t have hundreds of dollars to buy physical Magic cards to play in person this method is good fun. I wanted to add Hearthstone but it’s still in beta so not offically out yet but man – I love.

Ps. I buy all my games from Steam and right now they are having an amazing holiday sale like they usually do until January 2nd so it’s a great place to pick these games up from.  GOG and Amazon usually have really good sales as well if you want to shop around or get them DRM free!



Christmas Picks: Holiday Recipes

Holiday Recipes

  1. Peppermint Brownie Bark by Handletheheat
  2. Peanut Brittle by FifteenSpatulas
  3. Gingerbread Cupcakes by TidyMom
  4. Cranberry & Sage Drinking Vinegar by CookingStoned
  5. Mini Gingerbread Houses by Caketime
  6. Christmas Tree Cupcakes by Just A Taste
  7. Eggnog Fudge by I Heart Nap Time
  8. Christmas Candy Coal by SprinkleBakes
  9. Iced Sugar Cookies by CookingClassy
  10. Shortbread by VanillaBeanBaker

Mmmmm, don’t these look amazing? So this week I thought I’d share you some amazing holiday recipes I found on cooking blogs. I tried to cover all areas from gingerbread to peppermint and the classics like shortbread and sugar cookies. I think I will be try to make as many of these as possible. High up on my list to make are the eggnog fudge and the gingerbread cupcakes – those seem really wonderful. The one that gives me such a throw back to being the kid is the Christmas tree cupcakes, I remember decorating ice cream cones in elementary school to look like trees and having so much fun. I love Christmas recipes and some of these add such fun twists to already well known flavors. Check them out and next week I’ll be sharing with you my last minute present ideas just in time for Christmas (hint: its video games).


Christmas Picks: Gift Guide $25 to $50

gift guide 25-50gift guide 25-50 - 3

  1. Holga Glo 120N (Neon Green) by B&H Photo
  2. Star Wars Troop Clock by ModCloth
  3. Glitter Tiger Earrings by SantaCara
  4. Brujerias Postcards by Princesas Market
  5. Ellen Von Unwerth: Fraulein book by Ingrid Sischy
  6. Across the Ravaged Land by Nick Brandt
  7. The Sleepless Night print by Caitlin Hackett
  8. Laser cut wodden bunny brooch by Sconnie and Jam
  9. Ceramic Skull Planter by Mudpuppy
  10. Thorn Thick Cameo Necklace by KarolinFelix
  11. Dream about Cats Pillow Case by Stay Home Club
  12. Wearable Planter Necklace by wearableplanter
  13. Holga Tim 135 (White) by B&H Photo
  14. Custom Slushee Cup Drawstring Bag by TwinkieChan
  15. Mt. Rainier Path print by Kevin Russ
  16. Clothesline Paper Dolls by dizzylittledotty
  17. African Elephant Wildlife Adoption by World Wildlife Federation
  18. Kitty Teapot and cups by ModCloth
  19. Geometric Necklace Prism by iluxo
  20. Sea Change by Candygears

My personal favourite for this gift guide is #17 and if elephants aren’t your thing they have a huge selection of animal adoption for $40. It’s great because it’s a donation but you still have a gift to give and the stuffed animals are super cute.

I have no control over stock so sorry if any of these items are unavailable after today, keep in mind Etsy stores have to relist items so check their store as the item may be available under a new listing.