Things That Make Me Smile

March’s collection of Things That Make Me Smile is bittersweet in a way since a lot of these happen to be about my friend Zara who left me (whaaa) and moved back to the West Coast. She was crazy generous to me when leaving and gifted to me I think a third of her house, lol. I haven’t even had to chance to photograph many of the cool things she’s passed on to me because I’ve been too busy trying to find room. I might now own an amazing antique couch she picked up from an auction on top of everything (it’s also broken so I can’t sit on it but it sure is pretty). I’ve also been working a month straight on my project featuring 3,000 cranes so there is more than one photo of cranes today, hope you don’t mind but that’s my life currently. I’m really excited for March to get into full effect.  My house is slowly getting decorated in bunnies and eggs for Easter and I am buying new bookshelves this month which has me all excited as well. Life feels really good right now, a little stressful but good. Let me know below what made you smile in the last month!

origami paper cranesMy newest pack of origami. I might have already bought another pack of 360 squares because I enjoyed the black and white patterns so much.

things that make me smile (19)Spending a part of my afternoon taking close up photos of my hanging crystal.

things that make me smile (11) things that make me smile (12)Zara gifting me her collection of Copic sketch markers.
If you’ve never heard of this brand before these markers are high end and 1 marker is sold individually for $8 – she gave me close to a 100 of them…that’s intense. She moved to Vancouver Island very last minute (so sad) and wanted to find a good home for a few of her things.

things that make me smile (16) things that make me smile (15)She also gave me stickers from her trip to Japan. I can’t handle how amazing these stickers are.

things that make me smile (2)My Valentine’s Day present from Victor. It’s a ramen bowl and spoon I picked out on our last day in Toronto.

things that make me smile (6)Butter enjoying her new cat tower that I bought her last month.

things that make me smile (4)Beyond cute packaging and card from DarkTownSally.

things that make me smile (7) things that make me smile (4) things that make me smile (3)Completing my first 1,000 cranes last week.

things that make me smile (6)Finding the cutest St Patrick’s Day stickers to pair with my postcards to friends this month.

things that make me smile (5)Making hearts on the walls with Victor’s laser pointers.

things that make me smile (2) things that make me smile (1) things that make me smile (3)Receiving a flower outta the blue, my work gave me this for International Women’s Day. Which is a nice thought, but am the only one who thinks a flower was poor choice?

things that make me smile (17)Finding a Holga Tim photo you forgot about while organizing the house.

things that make me smile (1)Getting to work and realizing that I spent the night before testing a bunch of nail polish colors (another gift from Zara) and never took them off.

things that make me smile (4) things that make me smile (6)That perfect light that happens at the end of the day.

naniamo bars (1)Homemade Nanaimo bars, they’ve really cheered me up and I hope Zara is enjoying her first week being an Islander (recipe here)


Cute Little Cat Nose

butter (7)

Butter has one of the cutest little noses I’ve ever seen on a cat. Her little spots just make me want to boob them (which I would never do so no hate mail). These photos of Butter are my way of cheering me up because I am not only exhausted but I have an ear infection after just getting over a cold. Real talk, I’ve had a really draining week.  I’ve been having really weird waves of depression hit which I think are being caused by my body feeling not so great and lack of sleep.  But it’s kind of hit me from left field and I’ve been spending way too much time listening to Drake thinking about really weird times in my life at 3am when I should be sleep. Lol. Working till midnight never ends well as I need to distress a lot after work or I can’t sleep.  Hoping on the weekend I can cheer myself up and start out next week with a fresh start. I don’t take any medication for my depression and instead just try and go with the flow. Even though I’ve battled with it for 15 years I never seem equipped to make it go away on its own. After it’s over or on during the day when my head is clearer I feel like I’ve lost so much time. I’m just excited my schedule next week is mostly day shifts and I have a long weekend next week. Really hope you’re feeling great and don’t have to work this weekend. Be prepared because I have two new posts I’ll be doing in April that I’m really excited for.

butter (12) butter (24) butter (16) butter (1)butter (3)


Fall with Holga macro and close up lens…

Fall (22)

For Lomography Wednesday I grabbed my Nikon camera and my trusty Holga close up and macro lens and headed to my balcony. My favourite thing about the Fall is the changing colors of the season! There are a few changes happening already around my house. The first is this little bud I got from the Botanical Gardens started to sprout out something that looks like a kidney bean. The bud was growing on a tree that was covered in them and they looked like a penis with balls – lol so I grabbed one to take a better photo. As well my entire herb garden has become dried and weathered, it didn’t survive the summer at all which is sad. The best part though is the vines on my balcony are starting to turn orange and yellow and it’s just amazing to watch. I am hoping to soon replace my toy lens with the real thing so I can even more amazing close up shots soon, in the meantime I really enjoy these Holga lens and they were only $10 for each set.

Fall (21) Fall (27)Fall (26) Fall (20)Fall (23) Fall (17) Fall (18) Fall (19) Fall (8) Fall (12) Fall (9) Fall (13) Fall (14) Fall (10) Fall (11)Fall (16)Fall (15) Fall (1)Fall (4)Fall (5) Fall (2) Fall (7) Fall (3)