Vintage Tuesday: Girly Thrift

girly thrift (3)When I’m thriting or at antique fairs I normally end up seeking out and buying mostly camera and photography related type items so today I thought I’d share some of my ‘girly thrift’. I know girly might be considered a stereotypical nonexclusive word but I was looking for a broad term that included all the little nick nacks I have around the house for no other reason than they are cute. Anyways, starting off are my retro kitty porcelain salt and pepper shakers and cat figure that I adore.

girly thrift (8)Hello Kitty phone that lights up bought for $1, I don’t know who uses a landline anymore but I use it as a book end.

girly thrift (6)Two vintage frames of mixed media art consisting of an oil painted background with the swans and doves  made with real feathers.

girly thrift (7)A retro Coke Cola wooden display, likely made in the 1970’s based of an older tin sign.

girly thrift (15)A retro My Little Pony missing it’s tail given as a trade.

retro my little pony (3)retro my little pony (2)Found at Puces St-Henri this last weekend, I rarely find My Litte Pony’s while at flea markets that are worth buying so I was excited. The price of $20 for all 3 was a bit much but I caved.

girly thrift (9)Vintage taxidermy keychain, I consider it my Pokemon.

girly thrift (12)Darling chocolate tin featuring a cat, unsure of year but probably after 1950s.

girly thriftA vintage Talc tin for Evening in Paris, likely 1920s era.

sailor moon (2)Not thrifted but had to include my desktop Sailor Scouts.

girly thrift (14)And lastly my grandmother’s perfume bottle, which has a delightful shape and color.

Happy Thrifting!


Lomography Wednesday: Coke Cola Camera

coke cola camera (6)I am really excited about this post because never in my head did I conceive that this existed, that in the world there was a coke cola camera. Now of course I know of 90’s automatic throw away cameras that are simply branded with the logo (apparently there are ones made to look like the cans too which is pretty cool) but a camera made from recycled coke cola cans blew my mind. My friend Zara gifted to this me last week; a purchase from Cuba for a few pesos she told me, while saying it was the combination of my two favourite things before pulling it out of her bag. Honestly it’s the best present I’ve gotten all year, it’s amazing. Something that I guess hasn’t come up on the blog, is that I am addicted to Coke Cola, no shame but a total fact that I love Coke Cola so this really is two of my favourite things combined. I love what they used for each element to, like the pull tabs being the strap for the camera, it’s all very ingenious. The only disappointment is that is somehow doesn’t actually take photos. However you can use the viewfinder to frame a shot and pull the trigger like a real camera but what happens next is a surprise!
(check the video below if you want to find out)

More Close Ups:

coke cola camera (4) coke cola camera (2)coke cola camera (1)