Monthly DIY: Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

valentines day cupcakes

Strawberry Three Way

For this month’s DIY project I just had to make something for Valentine’s Days so I decided to do a homemade recipe of Valentine’s Day Cupcakes to make for everyone you happen to love (or co-workers). Last year I made the most amazing strawberry cupcakes for Victor and my co-workers and I just had to do it again because I love the idea of strawberry cupcakes and it’s a healthy choice to all the sugar that gets thrown at you on that day (honestly doesn’t Valentine’s Day have the WORST candy/chocolate available?). Last year I made a strawberry puree to go in the middle of the cupcakes and it was delicious but messy so this year I thought I’d go a different root. I will be making a simple vanilla base cupcake with strawberry puree mixed in, then adding an inner core of freshly cut strawberries with a simple strawberry mousse on top in place of icing. Sounds decadent doesn’t it? And why not give it a naughty name, it is afterall strawberries done 3 different ways…makes roughly 15 cupcakes.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1/2 cup of butter
  • 3/4 cup Sugar
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 2 cup Flour
  • 2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 1/2 cup Milk
  • 1 carton of strawberries
  • 1 box of strawberry mousse
  • pink dye (optional) Continue reading %s

365 Challenge: October

October has been a great month for my 365 Challenge, its funny having done this for 8 months now I really start to notice the patterns in my choices on what I take photos of. October has been all about cupcakes, postcards, nature/autumn, and the bits and bobs around my house that make me smile. I am excited and terrified to see what happens in the next few months as it starts to turn into winter. Normally I take my photos during the day because I love nature lighting for photography but with winter coming it will be dark most of the time I get up before work or arrive home (am I only one who giggles at the Game of Thrones reference?). The logistics of a daily photo when I work full time will get even trickier which excites me. It doesn’t snow very much here before Christmas thankfully but November the temperature does start to dip below 0 and get into negatives so even when it’s daylight outside I may not want to venture very far from home.  It’s going to be fun to see what happens. Right now I am just trying to enjoy the last moments of sweater weather and the falling leaves. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year and it’s almost over.

If you want to check out the previous months: March, April , May, June, July,  August , and Septemberor my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (214) (1024x678)214/365 Bee enjoying the flowers

365 (218) (1024x678)218 Fujifilm instant film negatives hanging to dry

365 (222) (1024x676)222 Thanksgiving self portrait

365 (232) (1024x678)232 Fresh apple pie and some of my apple crumple cupcakes
365 (238) (800x530)
My pretty pumpkins I carved glowing in the dark. 


Halloween Around the House

I love Halloween, it’s my holiday jam. I started celebrating it in September and have kept going since then. You may have noticed with the Halloween posts over the last few weeks. This year though having moved to a 3rd story apartment I’ll have to settle for no Trick-or-Treaters and only being allowed to decorate around the house. I also realized that I have so many cupcakes supplies that I decided to give my co-workers weekly cupcakes leading up to Halloween. I made the apple crumble ones for this week and some red velvet last week and coming up will be making blueberry cream cheese ones.  One tradition that is staying is my love of sending my friends and family a Halloween card with a customized drawing inside by me. I am terrible at drawing but it’s been tradition for me to draw in cards for so many years I completely lost count when it started or why.  This year I combined my usual tradition of drawing inside the card with a Halloween related image with the actual card and ended up with custom postcards for each person. They turned out amazing, have a look below at the postcard process and then random decorations around my house and Halloweenish cupcakes :)

For the postcards I first drew with pen a drawing referencing Ally Burke‘s work and monsters from my Stickerbomb book on pieces of paper.
365 (187)Then I scanned the drawings and used Photoshop to add wacky colors and designed a postcard back for them before sending them to Moo Cards to be printed.

POSTCARDThen I decorated all the enevelopes with fun and wierd stickers from my Stickerbomb Monster book.

Then added a custom postcard for each friend chosen carefully to match their personality and some stickers for fun. A few people also got an original drawing or photos I’ve taken of them.

All ready to go. Its always so much fun sending snail mail to my friends.snail mailsnail mailsnail mail

If you are wondering where I got the images from, for most of them I used Ally Burke’s wonderful work (like I said I am terrible at drawing however I make for a decent mimic when I have source material).

Now for cupcakes, last week since I had spider web liners I thought I’d add spooky butterflies  to make it like they were stuck in the spider’s web (lol okay maybe not spooky)
cupcakes (19) cupcakes (5)cupcakes (2)
I have too many cupcake liners.
decorations (85)Now for  a tour around my silly house decorations. First is the kitchen…

halloween decorations halloween decorations (124)halloween decorations (80)halloween decorations (144) halloween decorations (126)halloween decorations (84)halloween decorations (158)halloween decorations (157)
Victor’s studio window is a little more gory because I thought he’d enjoy that more. halloween decorations (5)
halloween decorations (19)halloween decorations (17)halloween decorations (10)halloween decorations (15)halloween decorations (111)halloween decorations (105)halloween decorations (108)

Lastly my front window has silhouette images with glitter gold highlights. decorationsdecorations (64)decorations (62)

1 more week to go! Are you excited? I am. I got my pumpkins on the weekend and hope to carve them tonight. My brother posted a tutorial on how to carve pumpkins with a drill and I am dying to try it out. I’ll be roasting the pumpkin seeds afterwards as well. I cannot wait.


Monthly DIY: Rainbow Cupcakes with homemade glitter

Rainbox Cupake (9)

Monthly DIY: Rainbow Cupcakes with

Homemade Rainbow Glitter

July’s DIY project is one I’ve been very excited about and have been planning for weeks. I made these cupcakes for my friend who was visiting in town and for no reason at all because I never need a reason to make cupcakes, lol. I wanted to show you guys how to make rainbow cupcakes because I love them and it’s a great way to show you my edible butterfly wafers from Sugar Robot. This is the 2nd time I’ve made rainbow cupcakes and considering how simple they are to make, they are great way to make your cupcakes stand out. This time I wanted to change it up a bit and found this really simple recipe for making edible glitter online and decided to do a 2 for 1 DIY. Both ideas are very easy and can be used in your favourite cupcake or cake recipes. I went with making a rainbow shape out of the cupcakes and coloring each cupcake with a single color icing with matching colored sprinkles and butterfly just for fun but both these recipes can be used in anyway your imagination wants! First I will show how to making the edible glitter, which didn’t turn out to look much like glitter and more like sugar sprinkles but they were still fun to make and a cheap way to get any colored sprinkle you want.

Rainbow Cupcakes:
Rainbow Cupcakes (97)

What you will need: Continue reading %s


Artists For Animals

citizen erased, citizen erased photography, Artists for Animals

Artists For Animals

I think I’ll have to change what I post on Friday’s soon, as this is never just ‘a’ picture, and with my 365 project underway on Tumblr it seems repetitive. Next week I have a few announcements about some small changes, if I think of an idea I like before maybe a revamp of Friday will be included. :)

This week’s photos are care of Sunday when I went to the Artists for Animals fundraiser that toke place a few blocks away from my old house! They are a group art show that is taking place in May, for more information about the artists and the charity involved check out their website! I am excited to check out the show and pick up some more artwork for my office and help support the shelter.

artistsforanimals, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyartistforanimals, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyartistforanimals, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyartistsforanimals, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyartistsforanimals, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyArtists for Animals, citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photographyartistsforanimals, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyartistsforanimals, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyArtists for Animals. citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photography, Artists for Animalscitizen erased, citizen erased photography, Artists for Animals


Pick of the Week: 12LegsCuriosities

12LegsCuriositiesPick of the Week: 12LegsCuriosities

12LegsCuriosities is a Etsy store that sells fake dessert items, specializing in cupcakes, ran by Bella, Mose and Hailey who are inspired by holidays,  and all things vintage and retro. Its hard not to fall in love with this one of a kind unique shop.  Since finding them on one of my random quests on Etsy last summer I have been dying to get my own fake cupcake (I have quiet a cupcake collection going right now). And finally I did last month, I picked up the lovely yellow cupcake with deers and flowers for an Easter decoration and the other one just because it’s beautiful. I spoke with Anita before purchasing about my order and shipping costs. She was lovely and the communication was very informative about when my item was finished baking and when it was shipped, probably the best customer service I’ve had with an Etsy store. When I got them I was so happy, even better then I expected (the one thing I didn’t realize was how large they were which was a nice surprise). They toke a lot of care when shipping and I got them in a huge box filled with packing peanuts, which was great becuase they are very delicate. They are simply really wonderful decoration to adorn your house or even a special event. I have mine right now in my kitchen but usually have them on my desk and boy seeing them makes me smile every time. They even offer items like jars, magnets, and cupcake lights (which I really really want). Its such a great idea and the selection they have is amazing, there is one for everyone and who doesn’t want a delicious looking cupcake?
Here is some close up shots of my cupcakes:

12LegsCuriosities 12LegsCuriosities 12LegsCuriosities 12LegsCuriosities12LegsCuriosities
this is how I got them in the mail

My favourite items:
(I decided to highlight the other types of items because there is so many different cupcakes that I want)

il_570xN.225378255il_570xN.244118947 il_570xN.265192115il_570xN.328691706


March in Review

citizen erased

Well March has been a great month for me, a lot of new changes in my life  have come about and they are all very exciting. I am more then ready to take Citizen Erased Photography in the coming of Spring (it’s still feels like winter here in Montreal)

a few of my favourite posts from March:
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holgadroid, citizen erasedAdventure in Pysanky Eggs
citizen erased
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citizen erased
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Monthly DIY
citizen erased

Things that happened in March:

  • I started a 365 Challenge on Tumblr
  • I moved from the Plateau to the Village part of Montreal into a wonderful apartment, it feels almost like a new life
  • I started developing my own film (so far I’ve been so busy with moving that I only got the chance to do 1 roll, you can check out the results here, and here!)
  • I changed my hair to be half purple and half blue, which is a brand new design for me.
  • My friends from Toronto came to visit me over St Patrick’s Day weekend, and it was a lot of fun.
  • My favourite band put out a new album, I actually did a review for it, and have been listening to it non-stop.
  • and last but not least, I got a new vintage camera, check her out!

citizen erased

I am so excited to finish unpacking boxes so I can start developing more film and showing off my new apartment and office!


Pick of the Week: Paperstar

paperstar, citizen erased Pick of the Week: Paperstar

Paperstar by Sila Kuscu is an Etsy store paperstar, citizen erasedspecializing in stickers. The stickers are custom made by her featuring her unique cute illustrations. I bought these stickers a few months ago so I’ve used a lot of them already (I bought the unicorn ones shown below too). Out of all the Etsy stores specializing in stickers this is one of my favourites and her cupcakes are better then anything you`ll get a local shop. As a sticker collector I love unique, one of kind stickers and this store has plenty. Plus the quality is very good, I’ve had 2 of the unicorn stickers on the top of my laptop for almost 6 months and they still look great. The packaging its so adorable as well (keep in mind you`ll get lots more then in my photos)

Check out below for my favourites.



Monthly DIY: Custom Chocolates

This month’s DIY project is how to use moulds to make custom chocolates to decorate your cupcakes.

home made chocolates, custom chocolates, diy, citizen erased

 What you’ll need:

diy, citizen erased1. Chocolate melts (here)
*for this project you will need about 2-3 packages to have enough chocolates at the end for 1 package of cupcake mix.
2. Food paint brush (here)
3. Chocolate Mould ( any design, I used this one: here)
* my mould is not actually made for making chocolates but any mold should work fine just make sure it’s completely clean and has never been used with any materials that are considered toxic.
4. Bowls and spoons.
*microwavable bowls
5. Food coloring (here) (here)
* paste or power food coloring, liquid food coloring will cause an unwanted chemical reaction in your melts and make them very hard to use, and I should know since that’s what I did. Lol. You’ll notice that the colored melts are very chunky in texture in my photos – this does not change how they taste though it’s more just aggravating to use.

Alternative: Instead of getting the special food coloring you can buy colored chocolate melts, however my local store has a bad selection and since I knew I only needed 2-3 bags it is much cheaper as well to just buy the white melts and dye them.
*I purchased my melts and brushes at my local art store, Michael’s or other craft stores should have all items as well.


  1. Divide the chocolate melts into as many bowls as you will need for each color. I only filled my bowls about half up or less since my mould only has 6 spots so I only need a little amount of each colored melt and will be filling them up afterwards in the middle with my white or sprinkled melts.
  2. Follow the directions on back of packages for melting down the chocolate melts. It is good to start with just 1 color at a time because the chocolate will start to harden up after a while and microwaving again is not a good idea. Since I only did small amounts of each, it was about 30 seconds for each bowl.
  3. Start painting the bottom of the mold, make sure if the chocolate drips into a section you don’t want you have a cloth handy or a dry brush to clean it up quickly. You have a few minutes before the melts start to harden up though so you can take you time with the individual color and make sure you like the results.
  4. Repeat Step 3 until you’ve completed painting the bottom and sides of the mold with all your colors. Wash brushes right away between colors as they get hard very quickly.
  5. Melt a larger amount of melts (I used my sprinkle melts and white melts for this) and simply pour into the painted moulds using a spoon. If you are using a larger mould like mine, I recommend that you do not fill up all the way to the top if you want them to be eaten. I found the finished chocolates were much too sugar for me personally (other people did not have this issue but the overall opinion was too sugary)
    Tip: If you have a lot of the colored melts left over, you can just simply pour excess into mould.
    Tip 2: Instead of a spoon for pouring you can use an icing bag, simply fill with melts, put in the microwave without putting in any hole yet for the tip and with the other end tied off. Then cut the tip and pour.
    home made chocolate, custom chocolates, citizen erased photography, citizen erased
  6. Wait! I left mine for 30 minutes to cool and simply popped them out. I didn’t have any problem popping them out, except when I used the sprinkle melts. The sprinkle melts were a giant disappointment, they are rough and do not hold together well and the only time any broke while taking out of the mould was when I used the sprinkle melts to fill. I would not recommend using them for moulds.
    Tip: Don’t panic if any break, using some more chocolate melts or icing to glue any broken parts together.
    home made chocolate, custom chocolates, citizen erased photography, citizen erased
  7. Repeat from Step 1 to 6 until you’ve finished. I made 18 chocolate cupcakes and used a little more than 2 bags of melt.
    home made chocolate, custom chocolates, citizen erased photography, citizen erased
  8. Place on top of your cupcakes and enjoy!

I was really happy with the end results, and each batch had its own uniqueness and color variance. I wish they were a little smoother but learned my lesson to not use regular liquid dye (as it caused the melts to thicken up and almost made it impossible to paint them). Hope you liked this month’s DIY project. I have so much fun doing these and have a list of projects I want to try and share with you. For all of these projects so far it’s been my first time doing them, so I’m not an expert. All of these are beginner level so if you’re intimidated my advice is to just do it. Even if they don’t turn out perfect, who cares, the point is to always have fun! And trust me people will be impressed when you tell them you made them yourself it regardless.

these two are my favourites!
home made chocolates, custom chocolates, diy, citizen erasedhome made chocolates, custom chocolates, diy, citizen erased