Homemade Gifts: White Chocolate Koi Fish

homemade giftswhite chocolate koi fish (5)My last homemade gift of the week is yummy and cute white chocolate koi fish. For the last few years I’ve been making Victor what I call custom chocolates, meaning they aren’t made from scratch instead they are custom versions of chocolate we already love like Lindt.  I initially wanted to show you how to make soaps with jojoba beads but the molds still haven’t arrive yet after a month of waiting so this is the back up (the mold ended up showing up the day after I posted this – go figure).  I’ve actually done this as a DIY before so if you want more specific steps check it out here but I thought it’d be better than missing a day. Let me know though if want to see how I make unique melt and pout soap, I’ve been making a bunch in the last month and am addicted.

White Chocolate Koi Fish with Nuts

2-3 bars of your favourite chocolate bar

Filling (hazelnut, almond, coconut, rice krispies, fruit…)


Food coloring

In a glass bowl break apart the chocolate bars into small pieces and melt. I use a double boiler for melting chocolate but microwave will work. After melting simply pour chocolate into the mold half way, add in your filling and pour to the top. Or you can combine the filling after the chocolate is melted before pouring into the mold but the end design may not be as clean.  Tap the mold on the counter to release any air pockets and place in freezer for 10-20 min before removing from mold.

white chocolate koi fish (9)

Color Tip: Adding liquid dye to chocolate will cause it to seize up so you may want to consider painting it on afterwards or paint the mold. Below you can see an example of each type.

white chocolate koi fish (2) Right to Left: Color added directly to chocolate, painted on chocolate after hardening, painted to mold before pouring chocolate. 

Packing Tip: Place in a heart shaped container and wrap with candy wrappers.

white chocolate koi fish (8)white chocolate koi fish (1)

Important Note: Chocolate that has been melted and cooled are less stable than the original form so do not handle the chocolates for long as they melt easy and keep in the fridge until you are gifting/eating them.


Pick of the Week: WormsWormsWorms Revisted

wormswormsworms   Pick of the Week: WormsWormsWorms

This week I am doing something new for pick of the week, I am revisiting a store that I’ve already done before as a kind of an update and really just because WormsWormsWorms is one of my favourite stores on Etsy to look through and see what’s new. You may notice I do a lot of artist run stores as I love surrounding my house with artwork. The last time I ordered from her, I receive more of her grotesque and beautiful stickers, as well as an original drawing. The stickers are probably the best I’ve seen on Etsy of handmade artist stickers and I never thought I’d own an original drawing from somebody who wasn’t a friend of mine (lucky me has a few pieces of artwork handing on my walls from friends with amazing talent). I have the drawing framed and sitting on my desk looking at me for inspiration while I working on my blog and plan out photography projects. Recently as well she’s started to make some necklaces and brooches using her artwork. I love stores that change and expand what they have available. I recieved a brooch and necklace yesterday so I quickly edited a photo of them in the post (I made the photo b&w but they are amazing colors).  You can check her out on tumblr.

wormswormswormsEach of her sticker sets comes with a free postcard which is such an awesome bonus.

My original art piece is on the left and she sent this mini-print with everything, such a nice surprise.

wormswormswormsthese are  glass necklaces and brooch, she gave me a free sticker with them as well :)


Here are some of my newest favourite items:


Pick of the Week: Valentine’s Day Addition

crankbunnyValentines Pick of the Week is: CrankBunny

Now you may think Valentines Day is far away, but today’s pick requires custom ordering and shipping so I thought I’d share a bit earlier. I have had my eye on these custom cards for a year now. I just missed out last year for Valentines Day but I’m all ready this year. I ordered mine and got them in less then 2 weeks.

The great thing with Crankbunny is there is more then just cards for Valentine’s Day, you can use them for any occaision and most of the cards are the same price as a nice card from a store anyways. I bought 1 for my boyfriend for Valentines, another for my friend’s birthday and a 3rd as a congratz card to my friend who is welcoming twins and got engaged. Even better is instead of using a default message you can create your own message. One reason why these cards stand out is they have unique designs you wouldn’t find anywhere else and gimmicks that are kinda amazing in my opinion.

I bought a golden ticket card, which you scratch the center of the card to reveal a message, and a ribcage heart card which has the same scratch center to reveal a message and the slot machine, which is my favourite. When you pull the slot machine lever, it gets a combo and a message pops out below (you can customize the combo as well, I went for 3 diamonds).

goldticketinsidegoldenticket skeletonheartskeletonheart slotmachinecard

Here is some of my favourites, just click on the pictures to get more details and be redirected to Crankbunny’s Etsy shop.
crankbunny crankbunny crankbunny crankbunny crankbunny