April Treasures

april treasures

April Treasures were inspired by rain and the coming of Spring so there is plenty of plant/water themed jewelry and prints. Not to mention a Game of Thrones brooch because this is the season. Have you watched the leaked episodes at all? I couldn’t help it, and now I have to wait ‘till May for new episodes. That show is just so addictive. My favourites items this month are probably the two ocean inspired pieces, Inside Out zine and Clive Roddy’s wave ring. The collection of art prints by Redd Walitzki is also pretty fab, I really hope they aren’t sold out by the time I have a chance to pick them up. Let me know in the comments what your favourites were this month!


Pick of the Week: Danny Brito

dannybrito, danny brito, citizen erased photography, citizen erasedPick of the Week: Danny Brito

Danny Brito is an artist in Florida who in his own words “draws cute things”. And that’s exactly what he does. I had to have these little compact mirrors, not so much for the mirror but for the whimsical design on them. His shop is filled with wonderful little items and prints of his illustrations. I find everything very charming. As a collector of postcard I really wish he had some because his art is perfect for it but not everybody loves postcards like me (sad but true). The mirrors are greats, but as I’m not really into make-up,  I am thinking of converting them into being a pin so I can wear them instead.
You can check out his blog: here

And now for my favourite items!