March Treasures

march treasuresMarch Treasures are all about the oncoming Spring which might be wishful thinking and a few Easter related goodies are in there as well. I might have spent part of my weekend looking at vintage Easter things on Etsy. Found a few porcelain eggs that are delightful, I feel like if I had the money my house would be filled with Easter knick-knacks as far as the eye could see. Back to this month’s treasures though, It’s hard to say what would be my number 1 pick for this month as these are all pretty amazing.  The Worried Eyes painting is an original so it’s probably one of things you’d want to get asap if you thought it was cute (I picked up 3 other originals from her last week and can’t wait for them to arrive!). The print by LolitaAgogo that appears to be inspired by the Last Unicorn is also ace so I guess those are my two top picks. Hope you like and let me know in the comments if you find any weird vintage Easter eggs.


Pick of the Week: Deth P. Sun

dethpsun (6)Pick of the Week: Deth P. Sun

This week’s pick of the week is illustrator Deth P. Sun from Berkeley, California. His shop features a lot of various items using his drawings like prints, bags, t-shirts and more. My favourite items are the square stickers that feature a cat character who is heavily featured in Sun’s work. I am obsessed with his character and find the adventures he goes on very charming. I picked up from his store almost all of his stickers as well as “They Come at Night” and “Various Drawings 2012” zines. I love the zines and since they’ve arrived I’ve been through them again and again. His illustrations have a very familiar feel but at the same time are distinct. I cannot help but want to know more about his cat and what adventures he may find himself in next.  It also occurred to me that both of these zines are large enough to easy become coloring books (great for kids or big kids like myself who color while bored at work).  I honestly love these and cannot wait to pick up more of his work. I’m thinking about a t-shirt for Victor as they are really awesome and maybe a print for my art wall. If you want to find out more about Deth P. Sun, check out his blog!

 dethpsun (2)dethpsun (1)
All the stickers and a few extra things he included like the cute ‘thank you’ note

dethpsun (4)dethpsun (5)
Both the zines and a peak inside

a few of my favourite items from his shop: