Double Exposure: Along the River

Montreal never feels like an island to me but travelling by bike circling around Lasalle on the southwest side of the island really did. The double exposures captured from that rainy gray day are half of the St Lawrence river as the bike paths are always within view of it and the canal path lined with power lines and trees. It’s a great path to take, and being our first time we had no idea what to except. We ended up hitting the path heading east right just as the sun set with only the path and power lines in front of us, a bit of serendipity. Although only a few photos were taken I thought I’d share them anyways.

biking double exposure (5) biking double exposure (2)biking double exposure (1)double exposure power lines (3)double exposure power lines (4)Powerlines make me feel at home, connected in a way.
Like Drake says “hold on, we’re going home”…
double exposure power lines (5)


Double Exposure Wednesday: Steeple

double exposure vieux-montreal (7)

Here is the church and here is the steeple, open the door and see all the people. Haha, okay starting my double exposure post today with a nursery rhythm is probably very weird but you have to admit its fitting. Montreal is one of those places where I will never bore of the architecture, whether it’s factories, 200 year old homes with stable doors, or the churches it’s all a feast for my eyes. The multiple exposures from today were taken during a bike ride this summer when we’ve discovered this church in a neighborhood near the canal. There was something about the steeple and cross that just caught my eye and I had to stop and take a few photographs of it.

double exposure vieux-montreal (8)double exposure vieux-montreal (5)double exposure vieux-montreal (6)


Double Exposure: Roadtripping

long beach multiple exposures (4)All today’s road tripping double exposures are from my trip to Vancouver Island, specially the Pacific Rim National Park where we went camping. We stayed on the Long Beach area which is just miles and miles of beach surround by the rain forest and covered on these amazing rocks that remind me of photos I’ve seen of Hawaii. There weren’t many chances to take multiple exposures on our short trip there but each of these I really enjoy.

long beach multiple exposures (3) long beach multiple exposures (2) long beach double exposures (3) long beach multiple exposures (1) long beach multiple exposures (2) long beach double exposures (2)long beach double exposures (4) long beach multiple exposures (1)


Double Exposure: Industrial Complex

While out on a bike ride this Spring I stopped by a shipping yard and was overcome with an idea to see what shipping containers would look like when double exposed together. Instantly I enjoyed the Lego like structures that I had created and did a few test shots to cement the idea in place. When I am casually taking photographs sometimes I hit upon ideas that I think are refreshing and I’m interest to see where I could go with it. As I’ve been concentrating on my multiple exposure photography in the last year or so I keep find new ways to manipulate my surrounds and this is one of my favourites. I’d love to do is complete a series of photographs of shipping containers and do a mini show of them here in Montreal. Maybe something I will work on next year…now my test shots.

Industrial Complex (3)Industrial Complex (2)Industrial Complex (4)Industrial Complex (5)Industrial Complex (1)


Double Exposure: Long Beach Sunsets

long beach sunsets (4)Here is my collection of sunset double exposures from Long Beach, Vancouver Island during our one single night there. Besides the above photo I am presenting these in chronological order so you can see the gradual change in hue as the sun gets lower and lower. The sky starting out as a pale orange, pink hue then a more vibrant deep one and eventually pale pink and purple to end the night before nightfall. Beautiful, regardless of the smoke filling the skyline and what better than having three of your best friends along with you to watch (and some alcohol to take the edge off of the steep climb back off the beach). My obsession of photographing multiple exposures during dusk and dawn continues…

long beach sunset double exposure long beach sunsets (2) long beach sunsets (8) long beach sunsets (7) long beach sunsets (10) long beach sunsets (1) long beach sunsets (11)


Double Exposure Wednesday: Statue

double exposure vieux montreal (2)double exposure vieux montreal (1)double exposure vieux montreal (4)Today’s double exposures were taken a while back in early spring when me and Victor walked around our favourite area of Vieux-Montreal close to the docks. I am not sure how long this metal ironworks statue has been in place beside the silos since this was the first time we had adventures around the building (photos here). Sitting just outside the fence line on the edge of the small peninsula I think the statue vastly improves the cityscape behind and I just had to capture the sculpture from a few different angles.

double exposure vieux montreal (3)


Double Exposure: Burnaby Sunset

double exposure sunset (2)All the double exposure photographs I am showing were taken during one night of my trip to Vancouver from the brilliant view my friend Nicole has of downtown Vancouver. For at least half of my trip the sky was being blocked out by smoke caused by nearby forest fires so it was really lovely when it cleared up for several reasons including that I could enjoy watching the sun go down from the comfort of her porch. I had never forgotten the amazing sunsets Vancouver has but it was a different experience entirely to view them like this. When I lived there, usually I’d watch them while whizzing past on the Skytrain a random evening. I felt spoiled by the end of the trip. Enjoy the changing skies and hues of the sunset over the period of an hour one night in Burnaby.

double exposure sunset (3)double exposure sunset (6)double exposure sunsetdouble exposure sunset (1)double exposure sunset (5)


Double Exposures: Sunsets on the Side

double exposure sunset montreal (1) double exposure sunset montreal (5)Lately I’ve been taking a lot of silhouette style double exposures at dusk and the results are really something else. I love the surreal landscapes I can create just using my camera not to mention how heavenly this sunset was.  I shot a lot of this style while I was on vacation in BC so the next few double exposures posts will have be more of this overall theme.

double exposure sunset montreal (4)double exposure sunset montreal (2) double exposure sunset montreal (8)


Double Exposure Wednesday: No Man’s Sky

double exposure sunset montreal (17) double exposure sunset montreal (13)double exposure sunset montreal (16)I mentioned a few weeks ago how I’ve been taken a lot of sunset double exposures, well I’m back again with more. It’s one of my favourite ways to do multiple exposures currently since the dark silhouettes give me a lot more playability when shooting. These specific shots were taken in the Hochelaga part of Montreal, kind of near Pie-X in this field that leads up to the factory in the above shot. We went to scope the area out for a possible future project and managed to catch an amazing day for a sunset before heading back home. Nothing like a full moon, clouds streak across the sky and the two pyramid style buildings in the distance to maximize the view. Capturing my surrounds my own way always makes me the happiest, hope you enjoy and promise in August I will have more doubles that are not just sunsets.

double exposure sunset montreal (12)double exposure sunset montreal (19) double exposure sunset montreal (6) double exposure sunset montreal (18)


Double Exposure: Dusk over the River

double exposure jacques cartier bridge (6)I’ve had the chance to shoot so many double exposures this spring, it’s been really interesting testing out various scenarios and seeing what I can get out of the experience. These are from a picnic me and Victor went on at the Clocktower in Vieux-Montreal. We love biking down there in good weather after we’ve both finished work to watch the sunset once and awhile. Thought I’d share a few of the end results today so here is my point of view of dusk landscapes, with that multiple exposure twist.

double exposure jacques cartier bridge (8) double exposure jacques cartier bridge (11)double exposure jacques cartier bridge (9)These are from the same night but much later when the sunrise was just disappearing over the edge of downtown. double exposure jacques cartier bridgedouble exposure jacques cartier bridge (4)double exposure jacques cartier bridge (1)