Double Exposure: Train Museum

Double exposure toronto (3)This week’s set of double exposures are from my trip to Toronto. They were all taken on the same afternoon in downtown of Union Station, the CN Tower and the weird CN Rail Museum that was covered in snow, plus the handsome Victor (who looks like a hipster in his winter jacket). My favourite and the silliest is the one below where I was trying to make it look like a train was hitting the ‘Watch for Train’s sign…it didn’t quite work out but it makes me laugh. These were all very fun to take and made me think I should probably not be such a hermit and get out there and take photos of the beautiful snow before it melts.

Double exposure toronto (10) Double exposure toronto (6)Double exposure toronto (2)Double exposure toronto (4)Double exposure toronto (8)Double exposure toronto (9)Double exposure toronto (1) Double exposure toronto (7)(this double exposure is hard to tell as it’s just a shot of the snow and then the train, wanted to create a blizzard effect)


A Year in Double Exposure

double exposure montreal (2)Have a look back at the last year of Multiple and Double Exposures! I am really excited to continue to explore this aspect of my photography and work on making surreal illusions without the use of editing. Click the link/photo if you want to see all the posts I’ve done that feature multiple exposures photography.


52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Autumn

30/52 Autumn

citizen erased photography 52 weeks of self portrait  (1)Spent so much of my week going for walks and enjoying Montreal while I can before it’s hide-inside-season. This self-portrait was taken at Parc LaFontaine while I was passing by. I was taking photos of the trees as I just love the ever changing colors of the leaves and this tree seemed to have every color imaginable. After a few shots of the tree I decided I wanted to be a part of it and devised this shot. It took a few tries to get one I really like but this feels the most special and is only the 2nd double exposure I shot of the day. I’ve included another one below that I also really like – it’s hard to choose some weeks what photo to feature. Also my inspiration for this week and worth a listen is my wonderful boyfriend’s mixtape. It’s his first one he’s made and he decided to feature only Montreal electronic artists, I think it’s really mellow and perfect for the season!


Vic Mella ‘MTL Fine Cuisine Mixtape’

citizen erased photography 52 weeks of self portrait  (2)


Double Exposure: Factory

double exposure (30)This week’s double exposure post has photographs taken during a walk through Vieux-Montreal at the beginning of summer. Most of the photos are taken of the factory that is the far side of the port, however there is a few of the Jacques-Cartier bridge as well. My personal favourite is the one above which is the factory double exposed with the river, makes it look like a water color painting. For more non-double exposed photos of my walk check out the earlier post here! Let me know what you think of my optical illusions.

double exposure (16)double exposure (18)double exposure (19)double exposure (24)double exposure (29)double exposure (14)double exposure (3)double exposure (8)double exposure (28)double exposure (11)



Double Exposure: All That Glitters

All that Glitters is a series of double exposure dself-portraits I shoot last month for my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits. It’s probably some of my favourite self-portraits I’ve done in the last 5 years. When I was first getting into photography back in 2005 when I was in college I use to stay up every night until 5am creating really weird self-portraits of myself. Most of them are horrible to look back on but I still have so much love for them in my heart not only because I was learning to express myself but also because it really helped me in general to heal and get over my angst I had at that age (like all teenagers and early 20 year olds have). Self-portraits have always been about healing for me and just creating mini-characters marvels me and make me feel like I’m expressing myself. I’ve been really happy for such a long time it’s been hard for me to really get creative. All that Glitters is probably the first time I felt like I’ve fueled that energy and creativity and actually gotten results that I find satisfying since I moved to Montreal. Hope to do more like this set in the future.

double exposure photography (5)double exposure photography (6)double exposure photography (8)double exposure photography (2)double exposure photography (11)two flawed photographs I still enjoy where the eyebrow gems were falling off

double exposure photography (14) double exposure photography (4)


Double Exposure: Disappears into the silent forest

citizen erased photographyI did a special post on Sunday instead of a self portrait so for this week’s double exposures  I thought I’d share some of my newest portraits of myself. It’s been a really long time since I’ve taken double exposures of myself at the subject, it’s actually a really nice change of pace. I’ve been dreaming about forests for the last couple of month for some reason. I want to wake up in the middle of one laying in the snow looking up at the canopy of tress above me. Escape into the void sort of deal. I always get claustrophobic with living in a city if I haven’t traveled in a while.

double exposure (1) 365 (319) (1024x678)double exposure (3) double exposure (2)

I am always inspired by music, the song Server by iamamiwhoami for me embodies the emotions I was trying to capture with these photos.


Winter Polaroids

polaroid instant film (1) polaroid instant film (2) polaroid instant film (3) polaroid instant film (4) polaroid instant film (5)In January I started exploring doing double exposures with my Polaroid Colorpack and took a few shots from the area around my work in downtown. I love the juxtaposition of the trees with the statues and buildings of the downtown core and the subtle hints of color in the otherwise white color scheme. I’m excited about the exploration of double exposures within instant photography and cannot wait for more opportunism to try it out with different subject matter. It’s thrilling being able to try new things. It makes it just that much harder the idea that Fujifilm will probably soon stop making pack film completely. With the black and white FP-3000B discontinued I don’t have much hope in Fujifilm continuing making the colored version much longer. Film photography is really important to me and it’d be shame to have Polaroid cameras become just relics.  Below is my first double exposure I took with the Colorpack, it is just my balcony but I hope it’s the start of something.

instant polaroid


Double Exposures: Heresy

double exposure toronto (9)

Starting the party right is the only way, so for the first official week of double exposures I had to start with photos from the Heresy event I was at last year in Toronto. Yes, last year – I am that slow with photography sometimes and sometimes especially when I am on a trip I just take too many photos to sort through. My friend Derek and I have a tradition that I visit him around his birthday ever year, and this was last year’s trip when he had recently started Heresy with a buddy (it should be noted he has moved on to Be Well Records now). This is taken at Detour bar where Derek and several other people apart of his crew like Casinodiamonds where djing. I always have an amazing time in Toronto even though his birthday usually takes place when there are blizzards warning and this was no exception. Plus the spirit behind these double exposures is really what I think they are all about – having fun and just going with flow. I have such a collection of double exposures that I am dying to share so very excited!

double exposure toronto (12) double exposure toronto (13) double exposure toronto (14) double exposure toronto (15) double exposure toronto (20) double exposure toronto (17) double exposure toronto (19) double exposure toronto (29) double exposure toronto (2) double exposure toronto (3) double exposure toronto (6) double exposure toronto (7)double exposure toronto (29) Continue reading %s


Halloween Special: Double Exposure

Halloween (31)haloween special
In celebration of Halloween, I thought I’d share some of my double exposure experiments from a few years back taken of my friends before leaving for a Halloween party at a club. We have Michael the Mine, Gilberto as Dracula, Ernesto the Devil, Guillermo the Vampire, Paulina the Pirate, Eugene the Nudist on Strike, and finally me as a giraffe.

Halloween (68)Halloween (24)Halloween (66)Halloween (65)Halloween (52)Halloween (77)A self-portrait of myself peering through my eyelids.

Halloween (181)


Kitty Mask

Self Portrait (88)  Self Portrait (95)Self Portrait (99)
There is such perfect symmetry you can find with double exposures – I love trying to find it because it really pays off when you get that perfect mixture of light, contrast and texture. I adore my sparkly kitty mask, I don’t even remember where I picked it up from anymore but I remember seeing it and knowing I had to have it. This makes me miss my bangs, I’ve been considering getting them again….hair decisions are always the hardest. I always find myself looking back at what I had last year and debating (this photo is from last September or October).  I thought I’d end on a non-double exposure so you can see the mask in more detail.

Self Portrait (93)