Zine of the Month: Jon Edwards

Over the last year I have discovered how great zines are for experiencing artist’s work in a new way and for finding out about new artists. I was behind the ball at discovery art zines but have tried to make up for it by amassed quite a lot just over the last year alone. What better way to share my newfound love of zines with you than highlight one every month that I think is worth picking up (and supporting the artist). For the first month I wanted to share with you Jon Edwards, a local Montreal photographer who does incredible work. He shoots with vintage Polaroid’s and like myself does a lot of multiple exposure photography. He has two zines, Helm Golm and Eli that feature his photography. I love the layout and rich color of his zines plus most importantly his photography is breathtaking. The only negative is each zines features a few of the same photograph on multiple pages so there is a bit of repetition. Both zines however are a great size at 5×7 and on quality paper. Probably my favourite two zines in my collection. There is a peak below of both zines and you can pick up both on Etsy!

Eli & Helm Golm by Jon Edwards


Winter Polaroids

polaroid instant film (1) polaroid instant film (2) polaroid instant film (3) polaroid instant film (4) polaroid instant film (5)In January I started exploring doing double exposures with my Polaroid Colorpack and took a few shots from the area around my work in downtown. I love the juxtaposition of the trees with the statues and buildings of the downtown core and the subtle hints of color in the otherwise white color scheme. I’m excited about the exploration of double exposures within instant photography and cannot wait for more opportunism to try it out with different subject matter. It’s thrilling being able to try new things. It makes it just that much harder the idea that Fujifilm will probably soon stop making pack film completely. With the black and white FP-3000B discontinued I don’t have much hope in Fujifilm continuing making the colored version much longer. Film photography is really important to me and it’d be shame to have Polaroid cameras become just relics.  Below is my first double exposure I took with the Colorpack, it is just my balcony but I hope it’s the start of something.

instant polaroid