Multiple Exposure: Bridge at Twlight

I love the lines of the Jacques Cartier bridge, although they aren’t supposed to be an architecture highlight (they are the guard rails to prevent jumpers) I can’t help but appreciate how hypnotic and beautiful I find them. I wasn’t a big fan of these photographs after I shoot them because the sky, although a beautiful sunset is too muddy feeling for me. However the lines created are very unique and this is reminder for me to go out on the bridge again and take more.

bridge at twlight (2) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (6) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (4) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (5) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (3) multiple exposure
I usually end up taking a combination of regular photography and multiple exposures when shooting so I may start including a photograph where I haven’t taken a multiple exposure so you can get an idea of what the subject looked like without the technique used. It’s kind of interesting to compare (to me at least).


52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Protège-Moi

29/52 Protège-Moi

52 weeks of self portraits  (2) 52 weeks of self portraits  (1)

‘Though some may hold the rose some hold the rope.’

This week’s self-portrait for my 52 Weeks of Self-Portrait is something I’ve wanted to do all week. I’ve still not found the perfect use for my projector within my art as there really isn’t room in my house to properly use it (originally I bought it for making visuals with and for art shows). However it’s fun to pull it out and look at my photography being projected onto the wall. Sometimes I wonder what I’d do if I had a proper studio to have lights setup and equipment like my project…a dream for right now. Last night I decided to create something for the upcoming goth Christmas (that’s Halloween).


“If I could tear you from the ceiling,
I know the best have tried,
I’d fill your every breath with meaning,
And find a place we both could hide.

If I could tear you from the ceiling,
I’d freeze us both in time,
Find a brand new way of seeing..
Your eyes forever glued to mine.”

Placebo ‘Blind’

*the above link doesn’t lead to Blind but it’s another great song that gives me all the feels.