Monthly DIY: Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Tissue Paper Easter EggsThis year’s Easter egg designs DIY is going to be the fun and super simple tissue paper Easter eggs. I saw this online and really wanted to try it out and put my own personal twist on the design so I couldn’t wait to make these. My Easter DIYS are always my favourite to make and I never miss the chance to make Easter eggs.  This project is totally kid friendly if you need it to be and very affordable so it’s great one to test out if you want to get outta the mold of just dying eggs.

What You Need:monthly diy

  • tissue paper
  • Modpodge / glue
  • brush
  • scissors
  • hard boiled/hollowed/
    plastic/styrofoam eggs
  • ribbon
    (if you want to make ornaments)

Material Information and Cost: 

This project is easy to do for $15 or less and everything is easy to locate at your local craft/art/Dollar store. The only thing I bought was the fancy tissue paper from DeSerres which was actually horribly expensive at $8 per package (otherwise I would have bought so many different patterns). Recycling tissue paper also works great for this project as well and you can save up over a few months and get really interesting paper to work with. 


  1. Prepare your eggs and make sure they are clean and free of dirt.
    *to learn how to hollow out your eggs I made a video a few years ago
  2. Prep the tissue paper, you can either cut large squares to wrap around a whole egg with cuts at the top and bottom to make it easier to fold around the egg, or smaller shapes like squares, circles or stripes of various sizes.
  3. Apply the glue using the brush either to the back of the tissue paper or directly onto the egg.
    *I prefer applying the glue directly to the egg as it easier to adjust the paper after you’ve placed it down on the egg and the paper doesn’t tear as easily, just make sure to do a small section at a time. 
  4.  Apply the tissue paper in sections onto the eggs using the brush to pat out any wrinkles or air bubbles and remove excess glue. Try to not move the tissue paper as it tears easily.
  5. After the egg is covered simply let dry.
  6. You can also attach a piece of ribbon to the top and make them into ornaments. Or insert a skewer or craft stick to the bottom if using styrofoam eggs to make displays.

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (1) Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (2) Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (10)Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (11) Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (9) Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (7)Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (8)Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (12) Another great idea for Easter eggs using tissue paper is these really cool tie dye Easter eggs using color bleeding tissue paper.


Things That Make Me Smile

This is a special ‘Things That Make Me Smile’ post for this wonderful Easter Sunday. Even though I’m an atheist it’s my favourite holiday to go all out on (beside Halloween but that’s a given). I mentioned it every year how I grew up with quiet an extravagant amount of Easter festivities and tradition. My grandmother on my father’s side of the family grew up in a farming community that mostly consisted of Polish/Ukrainian families so her Germany family adopted their traditions. Easter to them is big holiday. So even though I don’t celebrate the religious side of it like Lent I do enjoy decorating my house with bunnies, having an Easter tree made of pussywillows, dying eggs, and displaying my array of handmade designed Easter eggs, plus chocolate (who could forget the chocolate). It’s all rather strange, but then again I’m rather strange.

temporary tattoo batman unicorn easter eggs  (12)
My favourite tattoo Easter eggs. The second one is a swimming horse, it’s hard to see but it has bubbles on it’s body and all around. (DIY here, and most of them here)

my little pony easter egg  (1)The top of my shelf, which happens to be filled wtih My Little Pony’s and Pysanky eggs.

things that make me smile (2)Making bracelets! One for my friend’s little girl and one for me. Kit Kat is a nickname that one of my co-worker calls me and I think it’s adorable.

easter nail designs (1)easter nail designs (2)
My Easter themed nail designs.

things that make me smile (7) things that make me smile (6)Butter cleaning herself on her cat palace. She doesn’t sit there very much right now but I have a feeling when it starts getting sunnier she will not be able to resist sunbathing there.

things that make me smile (1) things that make me smile (2)This year’s Easter display. I didn’t end up getting an Easter tree this year because of health issues related to my concussion which meant I was home bound for the last week. Instead I have my coffee table which has been decorated all month with our Easter goodies, and various decor. I love these giant Easter eggs I found at Dollarama.

things that make me smile (6)My rainbow collection of jump rings which are for April’s DIY project.

temporary tattoo batman unicorn easter eggs  (2)A bowl of crazy, some glow in the dark plastic Easter eggs I decorated.

naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (37)Trying out something new and being blown away by the results. These are stunning, I honestly had to stop myself from doing more (I already decorated 2 dozen). They are really fun and the natural dye is surprisingly fun to experiment with.
DIY of them here.

things that make me smile (3)things that make me smile (1)Holiday snail mail! Made these postcards myself with Easter transfers and plenty of stickers.

things that make me smile (5)Easter weekend suffered the same fate as the last month which doesn’t make me smile but I always find it pretty to find a fresh white blanket of snow in the morning.

things that make me smile (1)Oh also these cute St. Patrick Day postards. Wrong holiday but aren’t these stickers adorable?

things that make me smile (9)Happy Easter!


Silhouette Easter Eggs

naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (29)My excessive collection of silhouette Easter eggs made with natural dyes that I made last weekend. I just posted the DIY for it yesterday and wanted to show more of the wonderful eggs because I certainly love staring at them. If you are curious what I do with these eggs when it’s no longer Easter. I actually keep all my hollowed out eggs on display year around in glass containers in my living room. Most of them are Pysanky eggs me and friends made together over the years, it’s just a nice colorful way to brighten up my house.

naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (30) naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (31) naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (32) naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (33) naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (41)naturally dyed blueberry floral easter eggsnaturally dyed floral easter eggs (3)naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (26)naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (23)naturally dyed easter egg in beets (1)naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (22)turmeric easter eggnaturally dyed turmeric floral easter eggs (2)naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (21) naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (18) naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (20) naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (19)naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (38)natural dye easter eggs silhoutte of plants (2)natural dye easter eggs silhoutte of plants (1)Silhouette Easter Eggs foliage plants natural dyes (7)Silhouette Easter Eggs foliage plants natural dyes (8)Silhouette Easter Eggs foliage plants natural dyes (9)Silhouette Easter Eggs foliage plants natural dyes (1)Silhouette Easter Eggs foliage plants natural dyes (2)Silhouette Easter Eggs foliage plants natural dyes (6)Silhouette Easter Eggs foliage plants natural dyes (3)


This Year’s Tattoo Easter Eggs

I am so excited to show you all my silly tattooed Easter eggs that I made this year. If you haven’t seen my DIY for how to make these yourself, you can check out it out here. I’ve actually updated the original concept of using temporary tattoos to design eggs for ornaments or to use as center pieces. Instead this year I changed it up and went with plastic eggs that I bought at my local Dollarama instead of blown out eggs (they work pretty good but for some reason they attract a lot of dirt and loose particles so I washed them a few times throughout). I also decided to make a few for my friend who has twins, a 2 year old boy and girl. So I thought I’d do designs they’d like, so I made Batman, Cinderella, unicorns and Easter temporary tattoos eggs. As well I used much nicer ribbon this year around. My favourite at the Easter designs and the glow in the dark Batman ones which were really fun to make. Let me know what you think in the comments and show me pictures if you make your own, would love to see other people’s designs.

temporary tattoo easter eggs (4)temporary tattoo easter eggs (6) temporary tattoo easter eggs (5)temporary tattoo easter egg (6) temporary tattoo easter egg (4) temporary tattoo easter egg (11)temporary tattoo easter egg (8) temporary tattoo easter egg (10)temporary tattoo easter egg (9)temporary tattoo easter egg (1) temporary tattoo easter eggs (1) temporary tattoo easter eggs (2) temporary tattoo easter eggs (3) temporary tattoo batman unicorn easter eggs  (11) temporary tattoo easter eggs (12) temporary tattoo easter eggs (9) temporary tattoo easter eggs (7)temporary tattoo easter eggs (8)temporary tattoo batman unicorn easter eggs  (7) temporary tattoo batman unicorn easter eggs  (4)temporary tattoo batman unicorn easter eggs  (3) temporary tattoo batman unicorn easter eggs  (8) temporary tattoo batman unicorn easter eggs  (6)temporary tattoo easter egg (12) And one last me with the eggs just for fun! Had so much fun making these, because of my concussion I haven’t had a chance to pick up my Easter tree yet so the ornaments ones can’t be hung up just yet but the rest I have in a festive bowl on my table with the rest of my Easter goodies. Hope you have a great weekend! I’ll be posting all weekend since I have a lot of Easter content to share so you can check back if you like looking at my crazy obsession with Easter, lol.


Monthly DIY: Naturally Dyed Floral Easter Eggs

naturally dyed floral eggsThis year’s Easter DIY project for naturally dyed floral Easter eggs was suggested by a friend of mine last year. She showed me a photo of naturally dyed Easter eggs with various silhouette of plants on them done by bigsislilsis. I fell in love with the idea especially consider in my long years of dying eggs, I had never used homemade dyes for Easter. Of course you could do this project with store bought / traditional dyes as well but I liked how the more earthy tones go hand in hand with the foliage. For my project I am using blown out Easter eggs instead of hard boiled eggs (tutorial here) and the brightest of natural dyes – turmeric, beets, red cabbage and blueberries. This project is very easy to do and can be enjoyed by anyone, the hardest thing for me at least was finding the foliage at this time of year. I also experimented a great deal, and it can be really fun to try your own combinations and see what works.

What You’ll Need:monthly diy (2)

  • eggs
  • panty hose (1 pair per a dozen eggs)
  • twist ties / pipe cleaner
  • plants & flowers
  • containers
    *that you are not afraid to stain, glass works great
  • vinegar
  • water
  • salt
  • pot & strainer
  • 1/2 head of red cabbage
  • 2 cups of beets (4-6 beets)
  • 2 cups of frozen blueberries
  •  4 tablespoons of turmeric


Under $15 for all the ingredients to dye a dozen eggs.


  1.  Blow out your eggs if you’d liked to keep them forever.

    *keep in mind if you are using natural dyes, your eggs will take on the flavor of the dye so you probably don’t want to eat them anyway.
  2. Cut the pantyhose into 3 inch squares and cut vertical so it’s no longer a tube shape. If using pipe cleaner cut into 1 inch pieces.
    monthly diymonthly diy (3)
  3. Spread a piece or pieces of foliage over the egg and place the panty hose over top and pull all the corners in until the panty hose is taut. Using a pipe cleaner or twist tie secure the panty hose. Repeat until you’ve completed all your eggs.
    monthly diy (10)monthly diy (11) monthly diy (12)monthly diy (13)
    *you can use fresh or dried foliage. Keep in mind dried is more brittle and can break. It’s been snowing here on and off so I didn’t have much choice in the matter and had to use dried for most of the eggs.
    *make sure the foliage is pressed tightly against the egg to get a full design.
  4. Prepare your containers, if doing several colors you may want to label which is which.
    monthly diy (8)monthly diy (9)
  5. Make your natural dye by boiling each ingredient for 10minutes (except cabbage – 30min) and then straining before placing in a container.
    monthly diy (18)monthly diy (20)monthly diy (19)monthly diy (21)
    *I used recipes from Martha Stewart for the dyes. However I did half it as I only needed enough to fill quart jars and half the amount of salt as I didn’t think that much salt was required)
    *if you are interested on finding out other natural dye recipes check out this great website.

    monthly diy (1)
    Yellow: Turmeric Dye
    4 cups of water with 3 tablespoons of turmeric , 2 tablespoons of vinegar & salt.

    Blue: Purple Cabbage Dye
    4 cups of water with half a head of cabbage cut into slices with 2 tablespoons of vinegar & salt.
    Pink: Beet Dye
    4 cups of water with 4 cups of chopped beats with 2 tablespoons of vinegar & salt for 10min.
    Purple & Blue-berry Dye
    4 cups of water with 2 cups of frozen blueberries (mash before or during cooking) with 2 tablespoons of vinegar & salt for 10min.

  6. Place the eggs in each container, if you are using blown out eggs they will float. For a container without a lid I find placing a heavy spoon (ice cream scoop works best) over top of the egg to keep it submerged works best.  For containers with a lid you can simply fill the liquid to the top and seal so there is very little room for the egg to float in.
    monthly diy (16)
  7. Take the egg bundle out of the dye and unwrap each egg. I like to wash under cold water to make sure all excess dye is washed off and then place back into an egg container with the hole at the bottom as any liquid inside the egg can leak out.
    monthly diy (3)monthly diy (2)
  8. For a lightest color leave in for 5 minutes and for the darkest leave in over night.
    naturally dyed floral easter eggsnaturally dyed floral eggs (3)

(Each dye except beets shows a 20 hour egg, a 4 hour egg and a 5-10min egg)
*Apologize I took the last photo while still recovering from a concussion, the beet jar should be switched with the purple cabbage jar to align the eggs correctly.

naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (27) The top left is the beet dyed eggs, bottom left is purple cabbage dyed eggs, top right is turmeric dyed eggs and bottom right is the blueberry dyed eggs.

What I Learned:

  • Beets don’t make pink eggs. I feel lied to, haha. Mine all turned out brown which I’m not into very much.
    naturally dyed beet floral easter eggs (2)naturally dyed beet floral easter eggs (1)
  • However I did try making the dye again as I had leftover beets so what I did is boil the eggs and beets together for 10minutes. It’s probably one of my favourite eggs and is slightly more pink?
    naturally dyed easter egg in beets (2)
  • Don’t submerge eggs into the dye when it’s still boiling hot, it will cause the egg to pop and break.
    naturally dyed turmeric floral easter eggs
  • It’s fun to dye eggs a starting color and then add foliage and re-submerge, into the same color or another! Also you can reuse the same flowers and plants multiple times.
    naturally dyed floral easter eggs (4)
  • Natural dye doesn’t blend together like I thought it would using general color theory. The below egg is the purple cabbage and turmeric dye which should make green – instead we get just a subtle hint of greenish blue. BUT dying an egg one color and then placing the foliage on top of that does work.
    naturally dyed floral easter eggs
  • Some foliage will allow the dye to leak in, not fully but enough that you will not have a white silhouette.
    naturally dyed floral easter eggs (2)
  • If you scrunch up the panty hose and tie it off like I did, mostly likely your eggs will get this star-ish pattern. The folds of the pantyhose mean not all the dye can get through.
    naturally dyed purple cabbage floral easter eggs
  • Sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple, too many plant types can cause just too much mish-mash.
    naturally dyed turmeric floral easter eggs (2)naturally dyed blueberry floral easter eggs (2)
  • Laying various flowers on top of each other will work.
    naturally dyed floral easter eggs (3)
  • You can reuse the dye over and over again hot or cold and it doesn’t appear to lose its vibrancy. Only exception is turmeric which separates back into powder overnight and it’s better to make a fresh patch.
  • If using a medium to large jar you can make multiple eggs at once. My jars fit 2 eggs are a time and the recipe I’ve posted make enough for 1 jar each and enough to fill one small cup as well for extra.
  • Worried about these dyes staining your house? You can lay down plenty of paper towel and newspaper and wear plastic gloves to protect your hands. I didn’t have much issue as long as I wiped up any spilt dye right away – except turmeric which is very potent and required bleach to remove. Lesson learned.

Hope you liked this year’s Easter DIY. I’m obsessed with making these and have already made more than the dozen I had intended too. I can’t wait to try these again in the future with more varieties of plants and flowers. This year I was limited since it’s still cold and snowing here but I’m still really happy with the results. So much so I couldn’t stop taking photos of these unique eggs. If you want to see all my designs there will be a post of all of them in their glory tomorrow. You can check it out, here! Oh and leave me a comment, including a photo if you make your own.  As I’d love to see you take on these, you can also let me know what you normally do for Easter!


Zine of the Month: The Tiny Little Book of Bunny Behaviour

April’s zine of the month is The Tiny Little Book of Bunny Behaviour by illustrator Lyndsey Green. As its Easter this weekend what better than a cute mini zine about bunnies for April?  I’ve often thought about getting a rabbit as a pet so I loved reading this zine and finding out more about them. She even did a poster on the backside if you unfold the zine.   Makes me wish I had enough space for one even to foster temporarily (which is super important especially at this time of the year because so many stupid people buy bunnies just for the holiday and then abandon them). Photos below of the zine and the cuddly bear card that I bought from her as well. She also has another zine about foxes that looks great and a mini zine of random animals if bunnies aren’t your thing.  You can buy the zine here, and check out more of Lyndsey Green’s work on her website!

The Tiny Little Book of Bunny Behaviour by Lyndsey Green


This Week in Photos: Easter Addition

easter window decalsI had a wonderful week (mostly thanks to only working 3 days) and have already started my long Easter weekend. It’s been a good week, although I’ve made myself super busy. However I think as soon I’ve sorted out my hair it’ll be pure relaxation (I’m switching to a new color, check out Sunday’s self-portrait post to see the new color). Tonight in fact I am going to see Minilogue – if you don’t know who they are check out their Soundcloud – one of my favourite DJ duos and it’s their last tour together. I’m going to dance a lot and enjoy the rest of the weekend hanging out with Victor. I also managed to track down some pussywillows yesterday and have the most amazing Easter tree – they put a really big smile on my face. I’ve never had an Easter tree while I’ve been living in Montreal, mostly due to be hella broke most of the time so it feels really good to have one now. It’s really blinged out too and I took far too many photos of it so it’ll be at the very bottom hidden under a link. :)

silk easter eggs (14) silk easter eggs (25)Taken on Saturday after finishing my DIY for silk tie eggs. These didn’t turn out as great as I hoped but I love them anyways.

butterButter’s first steps outside after a long winter. Not Easter related but my little ball of fur is too cute to pass up.

hello kitty easter egg temporary tattoo easter eggs (9)My favourite of my temporary tattoo easter eggs with notes going around the whole egg.

temporary tattoo easter eggs (3)A look at the rest of the Hello Kitty tattoo easter eggs, DIY is here!

bye bye hairBye wonderful hair! I will miss your coral tones.

easter (15)I only bought 1 bag of Lindor easter eggs to fill up my little plastic egg containers since Victor didn’t want to have lots of chocolate and I usually buy tons the day after so I get discounts.

easter postcardThe last of all Easter postcards. Now that my Easter postcards are done, I am already planning what ones I will send for the Summer.

easter (4) easter (3)My mini Easter shrine I setup of all my random bunnies and various eggs decor. The bunny piggy bank statue btw was given to my by my baby brother almost 10 years so and I treasure it so much. Also the large plastic eggs light up and flash 4 colors – it’s amazing.

easter (1)I found the cutest bowls last night at Dollarama and now want to buy more so I can switch all my eggs into them.

easterEaster nails!

easter (10) easter (11)Easter window decals and pussywillows (and yes I own window decals for every season and holiday – they are really fun to play around with)

easter (14)My Easter tree prior to decoration. The florist I found was selling branchs that had almost no bloomed pussywillows or sticks of bloomed pussywillows so I combines a few together and was really happy with the over all results. When I was a kid we drove out to the farm area of Edmonton and actually sawed down a large branch. Mine is like a baby tree.

easter (24)Butter like usual is super curious about the tree.

easter (37)My finished tree
(if your wondering why this photos looks kinda dull it’s because it’s super cloudy outside)

Lots more photos of the tree below
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Extra Easter DIY: Tattoo Easter Egg Ornaments

tattoo easter eggs

Another extra DIY for Easter to make up for missing last month’s DIY project. This one is super cute and easy to do. All you need is temporary tattoos you like, some patience and very little else. I’ll also be showing you how to make ornaments out of the finished eggs as well for those of you want to hang them up or like me celebrate Easter with a tree (it’s an old German tradition to have an Easter tree). This project is great for those of you who have kids too as you can create themed eggs so easily. Superheroes, dragons, flowers, skulls, moustaches, cartoons – pretty much anything as long as you can find them as temporary tattoos. I’m going to be making Hello Kitty Easter eggs because I have a few friends who love her and I thought it’d be a cute gift idea. I also picked up temporary tattoos from Dollarama of flowers and butterflies since I thought they’d be cute and be great ornaments.

What You’ll Need: easter diy (1)

  • Eggs
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Easter egg dye
  • Scissors and thread or lace
    *only if you want to make ornaments

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This Week in Photos

I’ve started to become a bit of night owl in the last month. I guess that what happens when you are working midnight shifts at work – I think I need to start activily fixing my sleep schedule so I have more chances to go out and take photos. I’ve been staying up till 4am each day and waking up at 1pm….not excatly the best schedule. Today’s post is a little light on photos but next week will be jammed back as I have to run around a lot this weekend finding all the odds and ends for my big Easter weekend.

sunriseThis lovely sunrise is brought to you because by Game of Thrones. Accidently watched back to back episodes and didn’t realize it was 6am….I didn’t sleep but did get some amazing shots.

citizen erased photographyAn outtake from my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits, deciding which one was really tough. I wasn’t in the mood at all to start my project as my face was very red from an allergic reaction but in the end I decided to start with an au natural photo would be a great beginning.

this week in photos (3)Worked on making a whole bunch of my temporary tattoo Easter eggs for my Monthly DIY project.

this week in photos (1)I bought this little window bed for Butter for Christmas and since it’s been sunny all week I set it up for her. Trying to get her to try it with treats. She’ll jump to it for treats but never stays…

this week in photos (2)More Spring postcards for my friends who live around Canada.

easter troll earringsMy vintage Easter troll earrings came in the mail!!

my little pony (3)Two of my favourite collections, everytime me and my friends make Easter eggs I always keep them so I can display them. Looking at them always reminds me of how much fun we had making them.

Hope you have a great weekend! I will be making a ton of Easter eggs this weekend and hopefully finding some pussywillow branches at a florist to make my own Easter tree!