Pick of the Week: Left Over Studio

left over studio (5)Pick of the Week: Left Over Studio

Left Over Studio is based out of India and makes handmade bags from recycled goods. When I found this store on Etsy after a long look for the perfect camera bag I thought it was too good to be true. An affordable price ($120), leather and a great satchel look…it was everything I wanted. Its hard finding good quality camera bag that actually looks as good as they are functional. I was really lucky to have found this bag, and when Victor decided to buy it for me for my Christmas present I was so happy. I’ve been dying to have it as a pick of the week but thought I’d wait until I’ve used it good and proper and see if it held up in all kinds of photography scenarios. It’s definitely held up and I haven’t noticed any wear and tear, the leather is subtle and I enjoy the unique coloring of the goat leather.  It comes with a soft cushion insert that you can remove at any time (and even insert into a different bag) and holds for me on a weekly basis my Nikon D7000 with lens attached and a 2nd lens with toy camera, or without the 2nd lens I can usually fit an antique camera in plus all the usually purse stuff like iPod, wallet, cellphone, note pad. It’s great, it even comes with 3 padded inserts that you can move around and adjust.  I’ve never once thought the bag need to be bigger, plus it has easy to adjust front straps to allow you to tighten the bag or loosen depending if what’s inside. It comes with the added bonus of a handle and a shoulder strap that is removable and adjustable in length. But the best things going for this bag are not even the most obvious. The two things I love the most are the shoulder strap and the buckles. There is nothing more annoying than satchel bags that require you to constantly remote the leather straps to open it – it’s time consuming and bothersome and this bag has a set of great quality buckets hidden below the leather straps so you don’t have it. The shoulder strap however is my favourite part of the bag; I don’t how it does it but somehow to makes it so I never feel my camera’s weighing me down. I bring this bag everywhere with me, causal walks, vacation, photo shoots, anywhere and even a few hours in – I am still comfortable.  That’s what stands out in a good camera bag to me, it’s great that its beautiful but even better is that I am not getting a sore back from straining myself from carrying around my camera all day long. I am so happy to share it, check out below for more photos of it in action (and one shot of my commie pin)…

left over studio (3)left over studio (2) left over studio (1)left over studio (4)

my two favourite bags:


Pick of the Week: Danny Brito

dannybrito, danny brito, citizen erased photography, citizen erasedPick of the Week: Danny Brito

Danny Brito is an artist in Florida who in his own words “draws cute things”. And that’s exactly what he does. I had to have these little compact mirrors, not so much for the mirror but for the whimsical design on them. His shop is filled with wonderful little items and prints of his illustrations. I find everything very charming. As a collector of postcard I really wish he had some because his art is perfect for it but not everybody loves postcards like me (sad but true). The mirrors are greats, but as I’m not really into make-up,  I am thinking of converting them into being a pin so I can wear them instead.
You can check out his blog: here

And now for my favourite items!