Pick of the Week: Lisy Corner

lisy corner (1)Pick of the Week: Lisy Corner

This week’s pick is the illustrator Lisy Corner who sells postcards, paper dolls, prints and more on her shop. She is one of those stores who I’ve followed for a long time on Etsy and never bought from before until now. When I saw that she started to make zines I was intrigued and finally picked up a few of her postcards and her Lolita fashion zine “The Tiny Lolita Handbook”. I love the paper doll style illustrations and the colors. My only disappointment was these are more mini prints than postcards as there is absolutely nothing on the back to make them a postcard but they are on good quality paper so I can’t complain too much. The zine is also pretty cute. You can check out her Etsy shop for more of her work.

a closer look at the postcards:

lisy corner (2) lisy corner (3) lisy corner (4) lisy corner (5) lisy corner (6)Lastly her Lolita fashion zine.


Pick of the Week: Defective Pudding

defective pudding (5)Pick of the Week: Defective Pudding

This week’s pick is artist Defective Pudding, a call out to Halloween which has past but is not forgotten (may it lives on in our hearts year around). She offers a lot on her store from original illustrations, prints, zines, brooches and more. I found out about her through Dark Town Sally’s Instagram and fell in love. What really drew me into her work was the spectacular illustrations she was doing for Inktober, so much detail and atmosphere, they feel like stills from a classic cartoon. The three originals I ended up purchasing are beyond perfect and I am just so enamoured with them. I may have also bought one of each of her zines (although I think I’m missing one which I don’t know how I missed that). My favourite out of the lot is Tuffet which is darling and reminds me of ‘The Gashlycrumb Tinies’ by Edward Gorey. All the zines are well executed and the quality of them is superb (I complain about paper quality too much on my blog so just know I approve). She was also super cute and sent along with all her Halloween orders a bunch of trick or treat bags, such a great surprise. I am going to get good use out of my sticky bug slinger she gave me, lol. Below I have a ton of photos of what I picked so you can have a closer look and you can check out more of her artwork on Instagram!

Prints: defective pudding (1)defective pudding (2)Zines: defective pudding (4) defective pudding (7) defective pudding (6) All the Halloween goodies she included:defective pudding (8)

a few of my favourite items from her store:


November Treasures

november treasures (2)

My November Treasures are a bit all over the place, from a comic to stickers, mermaids to aliens, it’s kind of a cross section of various things I enjoy. My favourite shop for this month is Baku Forest Studios which makes incredible necklaces that are so detailed and interesting, very different from what you typically see on Etsy. I also love the Enid paper doll even though I am not a fan of Ghost World (I feel like I am the only person who just didn’t get into that movie). Not to mention the UFO bookends by KnobCreek Metal arts – a perfect gift for Victor for Christmas but I feel like he wouldn’t be happy if I told him how much they are. Let me know what your favourites are or any recommendations you have.


October Treasures

october treasures

I’m starting off October properly with my monthly treasures, very much alien and Halloween themed to get into the spooky season mood (although I’ve been in the Halloween mood since the beginning of September). Pretty much all the X-Files related items this month are my favourites, although the homemade embroidered pins of the famous slogans by SterreSlyme are probably the most desired. With one exception, the Mareshop gloves which I’ve featured more than once before because I can’t get over how amazing these dragon scale style gloves look. Might actually buy a pair this year, I always resist because it seems like such a luxury. Excited to start seeing the leaves change colours and get together all the elements of my costume. Hope you are having a great start to fall season and enjoyed that crazy blood moon from last week!


September Treasures

september treasures

A few of my treasures this September as I try and get into the changing season and embrace Fall. Most of the Etsy items I picked out just give me that vibe of cooler weather and forests which I always associate with September and October. My favourites of the month are probably the Jungle Greenhouse necklace by Kate’s Little Shop and the clutch by Luna on the Moon (extra points of sharing a name) which are both exquisite accessories for any Fall look. Speaking of my favourites I’ve been wanting to include more things to my monthly treasure lists like tv shows, books and music but this month beside being very excited for the new X-Files tv episodes coming up I don’t have much on the horizon that I am very excited for. However thinking about incorporating more of those types of things next month, just need more time to ponder!


Pick of the Week: Gemma Flack

gemma flack (1)Pick of the Week: Gemma Flack

This week’s pick is Gemma Flack’s whose store is filled with artwork, zines, stickers and more. I was really excited to pick up a few things from her after finding out about her through the Bablien zine and finally did last month. The items I was most excited about was her zines ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to exist’ and ‘Imaginary Girl Bands’. I am in love with Imaginary Girl Bands as I love the names and the story behind each band along with the accompanying artwork. The zine ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to exist’ although nice felt a bit sparse to me and didn’t seem to be as thematic. The highlight of the zine was any page that had her portrait drawings on them and the a pressed flower one. I also picked up a pack of temporary tattoos that are just really unique and fun. Overall I love everything and the package arrived quickly not to mention each item was reasonable priced. I am interested in seeing what she does for future zines and will buying from her again (I either didn’t notice or they are new, but her sticker packs are super cute). Below I have detailed photos of each item and the packaging. If you want to find out more about Gemma you can check out her website or store !

gemma flack (2)How everything came packed inside the envelope.gemma flack (3)gemma flack (6)Closer look at the temporary tattoos. I tested them out and they are easy to apply and the colors are really vibrant, which I love. It’s a transfer though and not a true tattoo so it’s one big sheet of film which for me got wrinkly very quickly from movement. gemma flack (10)gemma flack (12)A sneak peak at the zines and below is her mini print business card and free stickers that came with the zine. gemma flack (4)

a few of my favourite items:


August Treasures

I am back! After a month vacation I am finally blogging again and I wanted to ease back into it with one of my favourite posts to do every month – my list of monthly treasures. This month features two items from the Little Pink Kitten because I just love everything they have to offer and other odds and ends that gave me that summerish vibe (which I am still pretending it is despite Montreal being in a constant state of rain and storms). My favourite item this month is the Eat Your Feelings sticker pack from Lindsay Campbell who just started selling them this week – I can’t wait to pick some up although everything here are all high on my want list!

august treasures

Also as a side note, I have no internet for the next few weeks so posts might be going up at random times when I can get to library or local café but I am still hoping to post Monday to Thursday. Let me know in the comments any of your treasures from August.


June Treasures

june treasures 4

June’s treasures are almost all 90s inspired which is exactly what I’ve been feeling lately. My favourite has to be the hand painted My Little Pony platforms (she makes Sailor Moon ones as well) and the Tooth and Eye leggings. I just started watching the new Sailor Moon remake a month ago and really want to get more figurines and other goodies so I’ve been looking on Etsy and Storenvy for fan made stuff. I’m also still saving up money for my trip in July so have to resist but can’t wait until I have my disposable income back. Also sorry about the last 2 weeks of no posts, had to spend some time working on the back end of the website as having security issues but should be good to go for the remainder of June.


May Treasures

may treasures

My May Treasures list was so fun to put together but a bit painful at the same time because I can’t buy anything at the moment. I’ve been trying to save up for a trip I am planning in the summer and have had nothing to spare. Windows shopping is mostly what these posts are about anyways since I do so much when I have insomnia.  It’s good to put my hours of browsing online to some use. My favourites are the kitty planters by Pony People (who’s shop I’ve reviewed before here) and unicorn pasties by Bad Bunny Shop even though I don’t have much use for them – I just think everyone should own a pair :). Hope you are enjoying the last day of the  long week if like me you hare in Canada, otherwise I hope the start of your week is going well!


March Treasures

march treasuresMarch Treasures are all about the oncoming Spring which might be wishful thinking and a few Easter related goodies are in there as well. I might have spent part of my weekend looking at vintage Easter things on Etsy. Found a few porcelain eggs that are delightful, I feel like if I had the money my house would be filled with Easter knick-knacks as far as the eye could see. Back to this month’s treasures though, It’s hard to say what would be my number 1 pick for this month as these are all pretty amazing.  The Worried Eyes painting is an original so it’s probably one of things you’d want to get asap if you thought it was cute (I picked up 3 other originals from her last week and can’t wait for them to arrive!). The print by LolitaAgogo that appears to be inspired by the Last Unicorn is also ace so I guess those are my two top picks. Hope you like and let me know in the comments if you find any weird vintage Easter eggs.