Monthly DIY: Tie Dye Soap

tie dye soap (1)This month’s DIY is cute and simple homemade tie dye soap that you can gift to your loved ones or make for yourself. April showers bring May flowers so I made a bunch of Spring flowers that smell like the tropics. I love making these soaps because it’s really fun to see how they turn out and each one is a surprise just like when you are tie dying. I also love that I can make my own vegan soap that has less than 10 ingredients, no parabens, and not boring like the ones I find at the store. One thing to keep in mind with tie diy soap as you are not mixing the dye with the soap all the way is that it will bleed the color during use (kind of like when you dye your hair with temporary color).

What You Need: monthly diy (2)


  • melt and pour soap
  • soap dyes
  • a mold
  • fragrance oils
  • stir stick / brush
  • glass measuring cup
  • rubbing alcohol

Material Information and Cost:

You can use almost anything as a soap mold but I bought mine from Amazon for around $10 because I liked how it was a standard size for soap and the shape had enough detail for some interest but still usable for everyday. For the melt and pour soap you can pick up a container for less than $10 and it will make roughly 10 large soaps.  For the colour and fragrance it will depends on how many you wish to do. I use a lot of different colours and fragrance oils so I probably spent $30 on that alone. In total on average I say $40 is fair price to start out but once you have everything you will just need to buy the soap. I buy all my soap essentials from NewDirections because it’s cruelty free, affordable and they sell vegan products but they do have a minimal order amount so you may want to buy your ingredients at a local craft/hobby store or another online soap supplier. De Serres here in Montreal has everything you’d need so it’s easy to find.


  1. Design your tie dye. This can be done by deliberately or randomly applying dye in drops or using the brush to paint it on. The more interesting the mold the more creative you can go.
    I prefer to dot complimentary colours directly into the mold and create gradients or patterns similar to actual flowers (or whatever the mold is).
    monthly diy (3)
  2. Cut the melt and pour soap up into small pieces and place inside a measuring cup.
  3. Place the measuring cup  in a double boiler until melted stirring throughout or in a microwave in 45 seconds bursts until it’s completely melted and free of any solid chunks.
    monthly diy (1)
    *if you want to avoid left over soap you can use water first to measure how much ml or cups you will need of soap to fill the mold, but keep in mind you will want to melt a bit extra as some soap will attach to the measuring cup. 
  4. After the soap has melted, let it cool slightly before adding in your fragrance oil as it can burn off and your soap will not smell. For more info on how long it’s best to cool check the fragrance oil packing.  If you want to do several different scents simply separate the soap into different measuring cups before adding in the fragrance oils.
  5. Pour in your soap.
    *This is my favourite step to do! After pouring you an use a stir stick to swirl in the colour or leave it the way it is. The first two soap had a lot more dye in the molds so you can see how vibrant it will be and in the last two the colour is mostly going to be white with hints of colour.
  6. Spray the top of the soap with rubbing alcohol to get rid of the bubbles.
  7. Wait minimum 1-3 hours for the soap to cool and harden  before removing from the mold. However it’s better to wait over night to get the sharp lines of the mold.
    *I like to place a sheet of baking wax paper on top of the mold while the soap is hardening.
  8. Remove the soap from the mold and see what you’ve created! With a silicone mold like mine it’s very easy to release with no effort, simply pop out. However if you have a plastic mold and are having issues getting it to release simply place in the freezer for 15min and run under hot water for a moment and the soap should be freed.
  9. Don’t forget to wrap your soap if you are not going to use them right away. Melt and pour soap will be affected by the water in the air and can shrink over time. I shrink wrap mine but you can use kitchen plastic wrap as well.

tie dye soap (10)tie dye soap (4)tie dye soap (2)
tie dye soap (8)tie dye soap (9)tie dye soap (6)


Marche Atwater

atwater marche flower plant garden (14)I love getting the chance to visit Marche Atwater every spring and pick out new plants to add to my inside garden as well as view all the amazing flowers they have there. Our apartment doesn’t offer much space on our balcony or by the windows so I love being able to day dream and think about what I would plant if I had a whole yard and house to fill. I just wish I knew more of their names. If you know any botany 101 books that include photos and North American plant varieties let me know as I’d be interested to try and learn so when I post photos of them I can identify them too.  We ended up leaving with a bunch of new plants, including a few air plants, a variety of succulents and a licorice plant to name a few. I also bought a small bunch of flowers to test grow on the balcony as I am unsure if they will get enough light. It’s so nice to have a space filled with life, I love it so much. I should probably take a few photos my what my garden looks like now with the new additions – maybe later this summer have they’ve grown a bit.

atwater marche flower plant garden (1)atwater marche flower plant garden (9)atwater marche flower plant garden (17)atwater marche flower plant garden (37)atwater marche flower plant garden (34)atwater marche flower plant garden (44)atwater marche flower plant garden (18)atwater marche flower plant garden (21)atwater marche flower plant garden (15)atwater marche flower plant garden (40)atwater marche flower plant garden (39)atwater marche flower plant garden (29)atwater marche flower plant garden (30)atwater marche flower plant garden (16)atwater marche flower plant garden (10)atwater marche flower plant garden (27)atwater marche flower plant garden (28)atwater marche flower plant garden (42)atwater marche flower plant garden (13)atwater marche flower plant garden (11)atwater marche flower plant garden (38)atwater marche flower plant garden (32)atwater marche flower plant garden (26)atwater marche flower plant garden (25)atwater marche flower plant garden (24)atwater marche flower plant garden (20)atwater marche flower plant garden (19)atwater marche flower plant garden (8)atwater marche flower plant garden (7)atwater marche flower plant garden (6)atwater marche flower plant garden (5)atwater marche flower plant garden (4)


Double Exposure: Flowers

double exposures summer flowers (6)
double exposure flowers (5)double exposure flowers (9)double exposure flowers (7)double exposure flowers (10)double exposures summer flowers (2)
double exposures summer flowers (8)
double exposure flowers (3)double exposures summer flowers (1)
I’ve been trying to do more double exposures with flowers this summer and trying to apply some of the techniques I learned from taking my sunrise multiple exposures… and I am kind of in love with the results.  Optical or trippy illusions with photography are just really fun to look at especially when you view these in full size – there are just so many details of the overlap and little things you may not have noticed the first time. I would love to have prints made of some of these or use them with my projector to take even more trippy shots. I’m really encouraged lately to explore the full extent of multiple exposures with my DSLR. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you prefer the ones I left with the background or the ones I photoshopped out the overlapping clouds!

If you want to see what the flowers I used look like without double exposure, I’ve included a few below: Continue reading %s


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

07/52 Flowers of Romance

citizen erased photography double exposure This week’s self-portrait was suppose to be a double exposure using one of my Polaroid cameras but out of all the test shots and my camera eatting one exposure it just didn’t happen that way. On our way from a piknic yesterday I spotted a flower tree (which is uber rare in Montreal) and just had to take some shots. Managed to grab a few before Victor made me hurry along since it was getting cold and he wanted to get to the resturant. I’ve lightened up the whole photo a bit so you can’t see the background as much, but like usual no photoshop pride!


“ Now in the summer
I could be happy or in distress
Depending on the company
On the veranda
Talk of the future or reminisce
Behind the dialogue
We’re in a mess
Whatever I intended
I sent you flowers
You wanted chocolates instead
The flowers of romance”

Public Image LTD “Flowers of Romance”


Plateau Flowers

plateau flowers (14)plateau flowers (20)plateau flowers (19) plateau flowers (18) plateau flowers (13) plateau flowers (8)plateau flowers (11)plateau flowers (23)plateau flowers (7) plateau flowers (6) plateau flowers (5) plateau flowers (4) plateau flowers (1)This week all the posts have been so colourful and vibrant I want to keep it up so I thought I’d share some flower photos. I take too many photos of flowers when I go for walks around Montreal, it can be so addicting especially if I see any bees. These were taken during a walk around Plateau in 2012 with my amazing friend Arturo who I miss so much (he is back in Mexico now after being in Montreal for 5 years). I am a really random photographer, sometimes I wonder if that’s a problem – I mean instead of honing my “vision” or creating a mystic or conceptual identity to my photography…I just take photos of everything and anything. I am very envious of photographers who can hone that part of themselves and only create or share photographs that belong to a certain theme. I hate rigidness and not being able to share with people all parts of myself however I feel like perhaps I should. Anyways kind of weird tangent for this post about flower photos, lol.

plateau flowers (24)


Fall Walk with Holga Close Up Lens

Fall Walk (2)I am in love with taking photos of everything around me with my Holga close up and macro lenses. I have been considering for a long time to get an actual set of close up filters made for my Nikon camera lens but keep putting it off because I already feel like I have a set (the one difference is these are shaped for Holga cameras so I have to manually hold the lens in front of my camera lens which is not comfortable). I have never actually used these with a Holga camera because the results I’ve found online don’t really seem worth it.  It’s much easier to use with a digital camera that has a proper viewfinder. I adore the Holga lenses though especially the fact I spent a mere $10 on each set. These are from a walk around the Plateau in Montreal a few weeks ago.

Fall Walk (35)

Fall Walk (12)Fall Walk (8)Fall Walk (14)Fall Walk (37)Fall Walk (45)Fall Walk (48)Fall Walk (27)Fall Walk (32)Fall Walk (34)Fall Walk (43)Fall Walk (17) Fall Walk (25) Fall Walk (11) Continue reading %s


Self-Portrait Sunday

Since my pick of the week  was Gothic Lolita Wigs I thought I’d share why I bought them…for my Day of the Dead outfit for Halloween. The fall colors look so refreshing, still snow here in Montreal.