Inside Garden Update! Part 2

Here is a look into my inside garden that I’ve been growing since moving in last year. A few weeks ago I showed you the slew of new plants that I’ve added and an update on my old plants so today is all about how I choose to decorate my inside garden this year! I have my garden organized into 3 different parts of the apartment, first my kitchen window, my front room and Victor’s office.  I am running outta space around the house now as we don’t have many sunny areas but I love the little spurts of green and feel like they add so much to our apartment. Hope you enjoy the look into my little garden!

air plants (4) air plants (5) air plants air plants (7)The part of the garden that was super fun to decorate was the terrariums for my air plants. I bought 3 small air plants so I have one larger bowl for two of them and a smaller bowl for the other. I filled them with seashells and rocks and positioned the air plants like they were coming out of the shells. Because I need to take them out once a week to soak in water I made them very accessible.

inside garden (9)inside garden (3)inside garden (1)inside gardenThe biggest change is the kitchen window! I wanted to get the vines higher up because they were growing down to the ground so I bought some fabric plant hangers and installed hooks on the ceiling. I wanted to create a curtain effect of vines because we don’t have any blinds or curtains on the window because we enjoy being able to look outside and all the light. I just love how it looks with all the different heights and think it’ll look great when the newer vines grow down. We did have 5 hangers with vines but we had a causality (the lemon licorice vine seems to reject getting replanted and died right away).  I think it looks magical especially with all the different colors. The one big issue is the higher plants are really hard to water, if you have any tips for that let me know in the comments.

inside garden (7) inside garden inside garden (2)inside garden (8)inside garden (5)For the rest of the kitchen I have my little vintage table setup with 4 plants on it and I’ve decorated with some seashells and two porcelain rabbits I picked up for Easter and decided were too cute not have out all year long. I even have one of my tattoo Hello Kitty Easter eggs resting in the soil of the umbrella plant. I brought in a little tower I was using last year for herbs inside to put beside the table to hold my succulent that doesn’t need as much light and my garden gnome friend! The bottom shelf even holds all my gardening supplies which is super handy. The pink quill has flowered twice already and it just makes me smile so much, I think I’ll have to pick up more flowering plants next year because I love it so much. The flowers disappear after 2 days but the purple contrasting with all my green foliage it beautiful while it lasts.

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Inside Garden Update! Part 1

I want to share an update of last year’s plants and new additions to my inside garden! I’ve went full all in to creating my perfect garden this year after all my plants from last year managed to survive. I went little nuts at the nursery and even had to go twice so there are a lot of new plants. I hope this year is just as successful as the last and that I haven’t went in too deep. While researching the feeding schedules of my plants online (total geek, I know) I realized that a few of the ‘easy’ looking plants at the nursery are pretty advance plants for someone as beginner as me.  So let’s just say, I’m nervous. First the plants that have survived a whole year, if you want to see the before check out my last update post, here!

inside garden (2) inside garden (3)my inside gardeninside garden (2)inside garden (1)my inside garden (2)Honestly the growth of them all is what surprises me the most, they seem to be thriving which is wonderful. Our apartment doesn’t get amazing natural light but the kitchen and Victor’s studio do have pretty good light through out the day so that helps. The craziest to me is the fishnet stocking plant that seems to lose it’s leaves and never grown them back…I guess it’s because it’s an annual so it should technically be dead (and not 5 feet tall). The vines are a little insane too  and I’ve had to put them in hangers because they’ve outgrown sitting on the counter. No casualties and that’s the most important, now for the new additions…

Air Plants

air plants (1)air plants (2)air plants (3)Three air plants to try out. I have wanted air plants ever since they start cropping up a few years ago. They are fasinating but actually quiet fussy plants so I didn’t want to pick up too many.

Vines & Succulent

inside gardeninside garden (5)inside garden (4)inside gardenThe Echeveria succulent had an accident on the way home from the nursery so lots of its leaves fell off but it’s starting to grow back. I’m weary of succulents since I’ve had them die on me before out of nowhere so this year I’m getting one to test out. I also bought a Lemon Licorice vine, English Ivy and a Hoya vine to hang in the kitchen window. So excited to have whole row of hanging vines.


inside gardeninside garden (1)inside garden (7)inside garden (8)inside garden (6)For Victor’s office he bought a Umbrella Tree and a Boston fern to have on the desk. He also picked up a large Bamboo Palm as well (not pictured since we repotted it instantly after getting it home). For the kitchen I got another Umbrella Tree since they look so neat, a Song of India and Palm Lily.

Scarlet Star & Cronton

inside garden (2)inside garden (10)I had to buy another Cronton because mine was so small and they take a long time to grow and it’s just a really awesome plant. Although I kind of regret it now because it’s so rewarding to grow them out and the new one is a little too large for my apartment (may give him away).  I also picked up a mature Bromeliad Scarlet Star since they are amazing look at, a tricky plant I realize now but I’m up to the challenge and excited to see if it’ll bloom for me. Last but not least I picked up a Pink quill which is just tiny and beyond cute, it’s also a bromeliad.

Today is just Part 1 of my inside garden update, I just wanted to show how much the older plants have grown and the new repotted plants in their containers. The next update will have the plants actually in my house so I can show you how I display them. I’ve picked up so many hanging plant holders for the vines and created plants areas around all my windows; they really need their own post. So check that out, I believe it’ll be the 2nd week of July.  Let me know if you have any plant tips, I have the watering schedule all written down to make it easier for myself so I feel ready!

*Note: Before leaving me a comment or e-mailing me, yes I do know that some of my plants are poisonous to cats, in fact I know which plant is poisonousness to me as well. I have had my cat for enough years to know her habits around plants, and as much as she loves gnawing on cat grass, and the bamboo palm she actually never pays any attention to my other plants. If she did, I wouldn’t have the plants anywhere near my house. Thanks for your concern :)

bamboo palm
bamboo palm