On the Hunt

montreal walk (1)For the last few months I was thinking about doing my installation in this empty lot in the Hochelaga. Since the weather was a bit better I decided to pay a visit and see if it was what I wanted in terms of a space. The lot use to be a quarry of some sort and is surrounded by train tracks leading up to a factory on the river that delivers goods to freight ships. We didn’t really visit the part of the lot I wanted to check out as there was fireman doing drills and burning down trees in the area. However I did happen upon some great graffiti by Starchild Stela and Harlequin Davidson that I didn’t even know would be there. As well there were a lot of train parts on the usually empty tracks that we checked out. I did get a good look at what I’d be working with for space and I’ve decided to not do the installation there. On the hunt again for a perfect spot.

montreal walk (5) montreal walk (8) montreal walk (7) montreal walk (6)montreal walk (4)montreal walk (3)montreal walk (2)My favourite piece of graf of the day was this rose, which looked spectacular to me. As well there were a lot of train parts on the usually empty tracks that we checked out. Victor couldn’t help jumping up on the train lines and goofing around. I joined him but didn’t take many photos since I was trying to avoid getting covered in grease and dirty if possible (didn’t’ work, I got covered).

montreal walk (11)montreal walk (9)montreal walk (10)montreal walk (12)montreal walk (15)montreal walk (16)I found some quartz on the bridge leading up to the factory and had to take it home. We also found train wheels just chilling on a track they were in the process of ripping up. We pushed one set of wheels and they proceed to roll down the track on its own until it hit another with a loud clang. No idea why that’s so fun to do, but it is.

montreal walk (14)montreal walk (13)It appears they covered some of the large pits they had opened for years with cement tops recently. This frog looks like it’s leading to a secret door so I had to snap a shot of it. After scouting the area I was thinking for the installation when the fireman left, I decided it wasn’t what I wanted so we headed home.  We did have a chance to catch the amazing view of the sun setting in the distance before we left. I will probably do a post about the sunset photos I shoot another time as I wanted to keep today’s post not too overloaded with photos. The last three shots are from just before we left the lot with the almost full moon in the distance.

montreal walk (18)montreal walk (21)montreal walk (19)


52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Pink

33/52 Pink

52 weeks of self-portraitThis week’s self-portrait I will admit was totally last minute as I completely forgot to take a photo this week in my Christmas shopping haze and the arrival of all my craft. It’s taken in front of harlequindavidson’s graffiti piece near the Expozine that happened over the weekend. It was crazy, one day I was just browsing Expozine on the hunt for a graphic novel or perhaps an amazing photography zine (found awesome graphic novels but sadly all in French, and okay photography zines) and the next I had a table? Don’t ask me, I just showed up today with my postcards and portfolio and sat at a table for a few hours. Didn’t really sell much but it’s Expozine…and I don’t have a zine. BTW thinking of making my own photography zine (hahah smooth transition no?). I would probably do a combo of written words and photography as it’d be a neat way to connect with people. It was really fun the first day; the 2nd day was slightly traumatic as I don’t really like putting myself out there artist wise. It was really amazing to come outside and take photos with the pink smiling house that matched my hair, cheered me up and I think the photo captures my mood excately – the introvert me trying to hide. The artist does stickers and all kinds of pieces all over Montreal and anytime I spot one I smile ear to ear. His work makes me really happy and I really needed that after a long day. Also I’ll be doing a loot post of all the artist zines, prints and other goodies I picked up on Wednesday if you are curious!



52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

13/52: Blending In

52 weeks of self-portraitsI just had to make this the self-portrait for this week. I had too much fun last Sunday at the Malting Silos to not include the double exposure of myself that I took there against the buildings large graffiti filled silos. I must be missing taking photos with film because I keep converting photos I’ve taken with my digital and trying to process them to look like black and white film. I just love how this shot turned out and is really excited by how much I blend into graffiti on the building. Tomorrow marks the last day of work before I am on an almost two week vacation from my job so I am hoping to really try and capture some amazing shoots then. Perhaps explore some self-portraits without using double exposure? Hahaha, it’s been my go to lately but I’ve really been enjoying taking them and trying to capture unique situations but I have a few things I need more time to dedicate to them so they will be perfect to take now that I’m on my vacation.


“Sails catch any wind that they can
Through any ocean to any land
There’s no worries
Power carries no concern
Silhouetted by the fields as they burn
There’s no worries

You’re falling straight into our hands
No compromise,and no demands
You’re falling straight into our hands
Into our hands,into our hands

Still water hides an undertow
You can’t fight what you can’t control
There’s no worries “

Sparta “Red.Right.Return”


Jem and the Holograms by Starchild Stela

jem and the holograms graffiti  (58)A month ago  I was able to go along with Montreal artist Starchild Stela to document her creating a Jem graffiti piece.   She’s audition for the Jem and the Holograms live action movie that was announced last month. They currently have a Tumblr page setup for all fan submissions to help create the movie. I’ve actually been browsing the submissions all week for fun and it’s really cool seeing people’s work, I might be a little bias but I think Starchild Stela’s work stands out. She even looks like Jem! I don’t know about you but I can’t remember Jem and the Holograms show at all, I think it’s only of the only 80’s cartoons I don’t have a big soft spot for. Apperently I have a new cartoon show to watch when I’m bored….We met up at the metro and travelled by bus to an abandoned car park to find a wall for the piece. When she found the perfect wall and after she finished setting up, I started taking videos and photos for her to use for her audition. It’s my first time watching a graffiti piece being completed from start to finish and it takes a lot of work.I thought it’d be fun to show you the complete process and some fun after shots. We must have been there for 3 hours, I was so fucking cold by the end of it and my feet were wet. It was definelty worth it but it made me long for summer. I was glad I didn’t fall and hurt myself as almost the whole place was covered in ice  (I slipped a few times while holding my Nikon and was just crossing my fingers that I wasn’t going to fall). I’ve manged to grab lots of interesting shots of the process so today is more about Jem piece but I’ll likely have more in the future of the other graffiti artists who were with us.

I’ll link you to her Store, Tumblr, and Facebook if you want to check out more of her work.

jem and the holograms graffiti  (1) jem and the holograms graffiti  (2) jem and the holograms graffiti  (3) jem and the holograms graffiti  (4) jem and the holograms graffiti  (6) jem and the holograms graffiti  (7) jem and the holograms graffiti  (9)jem and the holograms graffiti  (8)jem and the holograms graffiti  (13)jem and the holograms graffiti  (15)jem and the holograms graffiti  (17)jem and the holograms graffiti  (20)jem and the holograms graffiti  (22)jem and the holograms graffiti  (23)jem and the holograms graffiti  (27)jem and the holograms graffiti  (29)jem and the holograms graffiti  (31)jem and the holograms graffiti  (34)jem and the holograms graffiti  (35)jem and the holograms graffiti  (36)jem and the holograms graffiti  (38)jem and the holograms graffiti  (39)jem and the holograms graffiti  (40)jem and the holograms graffiti  (42)jem and the holograms graffiti  (48)jem and the holograms graffiti  (44)jem and the holograms graffiti  (46)jem and the holograms graffiti  (49)jem and the holograms graffiti  (52)jem and the holograms graffiti  (55)jem and the holograms graffiti  (51)jem and the holograms graffiti  (62)jem and the holograms graffiti  (57)


Abandoned Building in Montreal

abandonded building (6)Abandoned buildings are just so cool. I’d happily spend the rest of my days taking photos of deserted buildings. Montreal has a lot of them but anytime me and Victor try and get access to them we never seem to find a way. Hoping this summer we have a bit better luck and get to explore more. I was really happy when I found out I was going to spend my Saturday a few weeks ago in an abandoned car park. I actually didn’t take too many photos of it because I wanted to explore it later with Victor and it was also really cold and covered in massive puddles and ice. I was surprised I didn’t end up slipping and biting the dust. I did want to share more of graffiti process today but there were just too many photos so I’ve split it up so today is just photos of the building and next week more of the artist’s working.  Hoping to go on a little adventure near my house this weekend since the weather has been warmer and sunny. So excited it’s finally Spring and I don’t have to be cooped up in the house!

abandonded building (10)abandoned building (12)abandoned building (24) abandoned building (13) abandoned building (16) abandoned building (20) abandoned building (19)abandoned building (18)abandoned building (15) abandoned building (1)abandonded building (12)abandonded building (8)abandoned building (26)abandoned building (11) abandoned building (9)abandonded building (16)

You can also check out a short video I made of the building that’s on my Youtube, here!


Pick of the Week: Starchild Stela

stela starchild (7) copyPick of the Week: Starchild Stela

This week’s pick is local Montreal graffiti artist Starchild Stela’s store on Storenvy. I first found out about her work through tumblr (follow her: here) and have been in love with her seriously cute work since. Beside graffiti she also makes prints, stickers, mini zines, postcards, and even has a monthly mail subscription for those of you that enjoy snail mail! I love her anti-rape culture sentiment that is in some of her work as not enough artist go there and it is refreshing to see. Beside that though how can you resist the cuteness? Her stuff is amazing quality and I’ve  bought through her store and in person at craft fairs. A great pick if you are look for stickers to add to your collection or prints for your house!

stela starchild (3) stela starchild (5)

my favourite items from her shop:


Self Portrait Sunday

self portrait (16) (800x536)1 year go

The one thing I love about taking self-portraits is looking back to see where you were a year ago. Last year in August I toke these photos of me in the alley behind my house. The alley was such a cool place to hang out and take photos, it was covered in graffiti and plants growing out of toilets and bathtubs and lots of crazy sculptures and interesting pieces of mixed media art from various neighbors. The part I loved the most was the piano with planets coming out of the top of it with My Little Pony toys from the 80’s hanging out in the dirt and the broken mirrors laying around. I love broken mirrors for taking photos in, there is something menacing I find about reflections. They don’t really feel like you anymore. Thought I’d share the photos I toke that day! That alley way was the best thing about my old house and one of the few things I miss about living there. I want to get bangs again but think I’ll wait until they’ve grown out all the way and decided what I liked better. It’s crazy how long my hair has grown in just a year. Do you ever look at photo from a year ago and compare?

self portrait (42) (800x536) self portrait (33) (800x536) self portrait (38) (800x536)


Montreal Mural Festival

Mural Festival (101)

A few weeks ago in town there was the Montreal Mural Festival all along St. Laurent St. It was really amazing seeing local graffiti artists and a few international artists hitting the streets. Festivals like this are incredible and I’ve never seen a city celebrate graffiti artists in such a way. I lived in this neighborhood last year and am kinda sad walking around the weekend I wont be passing by this great art. There is such talent in Montreal and its easy to see when you are walking around town, there is a so many large scale pieces of work. It must be very rewarding for them to be able to get their work out there. Me and Victor went and looked at all the artists live working on their pieces and I wanted to share the shoots. I will share more shoots of when I go back and take detailed photographs of the work without the fences and the buckets in the shot.

Montreal Mural Festival (47) Montreal Mural Festival (87)Montreal Mural Festival (131) Montreal Mural Festival (135) Montreal Mural Festival (58)Mural Festival (153) Continue reading %s


Zara in Wonderland: Flying

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderland

Zara in Wonderland is a series of portraits of my friend Zara. I shot this set of her in Montreal when she was in town for a weekend on the roof of my old house back in 2011. She’s so graceful as she jumps, its almost like she’s hovering in the sky. We only manged to get a few photos taken because the business downstairs could hear us jumping on the roof and came up and yelled at us. lol. It was really funny, we hadn’t even thought of that. It was a great day and its so good to see her when she’s in town.  The quality isn’t the greatest but I love the movement and the spirit in them. Let me know if you like my Zara in Wonderland series, for previous sets, check out here, here, and here!

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photography, zara in wonderland