Pick of the Week: Defective Pudding

defective pudding (5)Pick of the Week: Defective Pudding

This week’s pick is artist Defective Pudding, a call out to Halloween which has past but is not forgotten (may it lives on in our hearts year around). She offers a lot on her store from original illustrations, prints, zines, brooches and more. I found out about her through Dark Town Sally’s Instagram and fell in love. What really drew me into her work was the spectacular illustrations she was doing for Inktober, so much detail and atmosphere, they feel like stills from a classic cartoon. The three originals I ended up purchasing are beyond perfect and I am just so enamoured with them. I may have also bought one of each of her zines (although I think I’m missing one which I don’t know how I missed that). My favourite out of the lot is Tuffet which is darling and reminds me of ‘The Gashlycrumb Tinies’ by Edward Gorey. All the zines are well executed and the quality of them is superb (I complain about paper quality too much on my blog so just know I approve). She was also super cute and sent along with all her Halloween orders a bunch of trick or treat bags, such a great surprise. I am going to get good use out of my sticky bug slinger she gave me, lol. Below I have a ton of photos of what I picked so you can have a closer look and you can check out more of her artwork on Instagram!

Prints: defective pudding (1)defective pudding (2)Zines: defective pudding (4) defective pudding (7) defective pudding (6) All the Halloween goodies she included:defective pudding (8)

a few of my favourite items from her store:


Things That Make Me Smile

A special Halloween themed Things That Make Me Smile.

things that make me smile (12)I’d dress Butter up but she loathes having to wear anything, I’ve tried.

things that make me smile (3) things that make me smile (4) things that make me smile (5) things that make me smile (6) things that make me smile (1)My favourite spooky artist, Ally Burke. I bought one of everything she had, almost.

things that make me smile (24) things that make me smile (23) things that make me smile (22)Halloween stamps and cards. Every year I send a bunch of cards to friends, it just what you do when you’ve moved across the country from the people you love.

things that make me smile (27)My package from Defective Pudding. *swoon*

things that make me smile (18) things that make me smile (16)A pile of Halloween stickers, one can never have enough stickers.

things that make me smile (26)My Halloween decoration have been very limited this year but I do have a few random pieces of decor on my coffee table.

things that make me smile (13) things that make me smile (14) things that make me smile (15)
The cards I found this to give to friends this year. The sparkly pumpkin ones with glitter eyes, nose and mouth are my favourites.

things that make me smile (8)My zine collection grows! I didn’t realize until putting this post together how many zines I’ve bought lately. These goodies are form Lillian Cuda.

things that make me smile (11)
My theme phone cases, I am in love. I can’t wait to make more.

things that make me smile (2)Presents A care package I sent my friends Derek and Erin, their cats turn 1 on Halloween.

things that make me smile (19)Halloween letter writing sets from Diaso.


Pick of the Week: Haunted Air

haunter airHaunted Air

Haunted Air by Ossian Brown is a 216 paged book that shows off one man’s collection of vintage Halloween photography, from ghosts to ghouls. It includes a foreword by David Lynch and a prologue by Geoff Cox and a brief historical note. It contains hundreds of devilish photographs taken on Halloween from the turn of the last century, and even includes one tintype that is likely dated back before 1900s.  The photographs themselves are haunting and encapsulate the spirit of the holiday and incredible for one man’s personal collection. I enjoyed the way the photographs are presented as is, which I feel is important when showing vintage photography. However and this something I normally don’t talk about in my reviews as monetary value is very subjective to the person, I felt Haunted Air was lacking in the quality and quantity for the price I paid. The book is about two times too big for even the largest of photographs shown inside of it, the photographs are just swimming in white background and I think that greatly detracts from them. Not to mention about 50% of the pages don’t even feature any photography on them at all, leaving so much wasted space and adding to the book feeling lacking; the 216 pages probably yields less than 100 photographs which is kind of absurd to me. As well none of the photographs have any information on them, no dates, no locations, nothing about their historical context except and inferred interpretation that they are taken around Halloween. Not to mention with a quick Google search you can find the finest and creepiest of all vintage Halloween photography that exists that is vastly and far superior to any photograph you will find in this book. I understand one man is not going to have all the greatest Halloween photographs from a certain period of time at his grasp but why create a book of your collection if it isn’t worth being seen in its entirety? As well the foreword by David Lynch is most likely included at the beginning or at all mostly because of whom he is (and I love his movies). It’s not even close to a decent foreword as it basically can be summed up as “I had a friend who showed me these photographs and I like them”, it doesn’t even mention the core of the collection is based around the holiday so if you picked up this book and read the forward and wanted to gleam what the concept was, you couldn’t. And on the other hand the prologue is basically paragraphs and paragraphs about what can be described as poetry about Halloween using even word in the dictionary that is even remotely connected to the holiday. At times I didn’t even know what Geoff Cox was on about, it sounded like he was describing murder half the time. I also have a bone to pick when he says “These are pictures of the dead” – no they are not, they are photos of people who have most likely died but they were very much alive in the photo. It’s a rubbish thing to say when there are many examples of photography of actual dead people, a morbid and fascinating practice of the last 1800s that on its own is far more hauntings and fascinating than this entire collection. The historical note is the only thing I enjoyed reading and should have been at the forward as the photos are nothing without their historical context to begin with. I adore vintage photography, and if this book was half the number of pages and half the price I would be raving about it right now despite not being the greatest example of vintage Halloween photography. I’d love it just because it was one man’s collection and I respect the work he must have done to collect it. However it’s not, it’s a grossly overpriced and completely lacking in almost every way. If you are dying to see more vintage Halloween photography than what you can see for free online, it’s the only book like it so like me you may want to have it anyways despite of what I’ve said but if you don’t fall into the extremely niche subsection – I wouldn’t bother.


Monthly DIY: Halloween Phone Case

monthly diy halloween phone casesOctober’s DIY is one I’ve been waiting forever to do so I am very happy to show you my cute and spooky Halloween phone cases. I’ve wanted to make these for so long but before getting my Samsung Galaxy this summer, I happened to have the tiniest and most unpopular phone that existed so it was impossible. This style of using decorative cabochons to customize your phone is a great way to make unique phone cases.  It’s also a really simple process where you can apply your creativity. I happen to love Halloween so I couldn’t resist making mine themed for the holiday but you can do this with any accessory and cabochons you like.

What You’ll Need: halloween phone case diy (1)

  • Plain phone case
  • Cabochons
  • Caulking


  • Icing tip
  • Glitter
  • Tooth Pick/Popsicle stick

Material Information:

Rough cost per phone case is around $20, but that really depends on what cabochons you chose to go with and it will be cheaper if you are making multiple phone cases. Cabochons are the biggest expense for this project as most sellers of cabochons online sell each design in multiples (example 5 skull cabochons for $3). You can also pick up bundles of cabochons that have a large variety (usually at least $15+) to counter act having to buy multiples of the same design but you will loss the option of choosing each design. I knew I was making at least 5 phone cases so I spent $40+ on cabochons brought from Etsy. The other materials however are very cheap, caulking and the phone case were $2 each from the hardware store and EBay respectively, and the glitter and icing tips were bought at a dollar store.


  1. Lay out all your cabochons and a phone case and start to create the design. Once your design is finished on the case, I suggest taking a quick photo with your phone for reference.
    halloween phone case diy (3)halloween phone case
    Example designs:halloween phone case diy (2)

  2. Prep the caulking by cutting off the tip and fitting on the icing tip over top. You can secure the icing tip with a bit of tape or hold it in place.
    monthly diy (2)monthly diy (3)
  3. Ice the phone case with your caulking, this can be done several different ways using basic icing techniques.
    monthly diy (4)monthly diy (5)
    *You can practice ahead of time just using a piece of paper. The caulking tube I use has enough to do 2 phone cases, and a bit extra so I can do a few practice rows before starting on the case (I’ve always been bad at icing cupcakes so I need a lot more practice).
    *If you royally mess it up, just clean the caulking off the case with soap and water and dry it off before starting over.
  4. Using your photo as reference lay out the cabochons the way you’d like.

    *You want to make sure you are only placing them once, as beside slight movement you won’t be able to make much change without completely redoing the caulking.

    *I also have the cabochons laid out the way I want on a 2nd phone case to make it easier and a tooth pick on hand if I want to adjust the placement of any of the cabochons or caulking once down. You have 5 to 10min before the caulking is stiff.
  5. Make sure the cabochons are pressed down securely and this is the time to add glitter.
    monthly diy (1)
  6. Once you have the case the way you’d like making sure none of the caulking is on the side of the case or covering the openings. Use a toothpick to move caulking.
  7. Take your case and lay it some place where it will not be disturbed, wait at least 24 hours before touching and for the caulking to dry completely and be solid wait a few days.
    *after a day my caulking was stiff but still mouldable so I could still push it in if need on the edges or where the camera is.
  8. Lastly attach to your phone and enjoy your case.
    halloween phone case diy (11) halloween phone case diy (2)


I love all the phone cases and think they are a really unique accessory I can switch between whenever I want. A few things to note if you want to make yourself is that they are pretty heavy and can be a bit awkward when you are laying the phone case down on a surface (especially if you are using one cabochon that is much thicker than the others). Both of these concerns however do not bother me at all. I’ve also used the phone cases for over a week and haven’t had any issues with them, they are solid as a rock once they dry and I don’ think anything short of dropping my phone might damage the case. The biggest tip I can give is to use the type of phone cases where the sides are silicon and the back is rigid as it is ideal for switching up your case since it’s very easy and you don’t need to bend the case in any way when removing. My one disappointment was that I couldn’t find any black caulking before posting this tutorial as I had plans to do multiple black ones. I did make the eye one with a ‘transparent’ caulking and I have to say it’s pretty eerie looking. I’ll be posting photos of the phone cases I make with black caulking on my Instagram if you are interest to see what it looks like not using the traditional white.

halloween phone case diy (8)halloween phone case diy (1)halloween phone case diy (10)halloween phone case diy (9)halloween phone case diy (7)halloween phone case diy (5) halloween phone case diy (6)halloween phone case diy (3)halloween phone case diy (4)



Things That Make Me Smile

October to me is pretty much Halloween all day every day, so this month I’m going to be doing two Things That Make Me Smile posts filled with all the festive things around me. Despite not feeling super up for anything this month, I’ve been having some great moments and enjoying myself because I just can’t be depressed when it’s Fall. So I hope you enjoy my silly collection of photos and I’ll be posting the 2nd one closer to Halloween with more of my decorations and celebrations.

things that make me smile (13)things that make me smile (14)
My porch. It’s majestic as all hell right now with the over grown vines just encasing it, not to mention them changing colors and Butter’s adorable expression in the second photo, squeal. I sadly might be trimming the vines soon because while they look amazing, my kitchen is so much darker now that it was in summer and I need all the daylight I can get while the sun setting at 6pm.

things that make me smile (4)Halloween #mtlcranes are here and I love the 90s ‘spooky’ lyrics.

things that make me smile (3)This adorable card I bought for my best friend Ana.

things that make me smile (8)All things from Ally Burke, her style of drawing is just wonderful.
(check her out here)

things that make me smile (6)For Halloween and autumn I wanted to try some new instax film so I picked out these two because I thought they’d be a good fit.

things that make me smile (12)Always having lots of choices when it comes to colors. In fact I used each one of these on my current hair color (no picture of it just yet as I am still in shock how dark it is after being in the pastel game for over a year now – I need to figure out how to present it)

things that make me smileUnicorn socks.

things that make me smile (8) things that make me smile (9)My second ever homemade kawaii/pastelgoth/? phone case. Halloween themed of course, also my DIY for these is posted tmr, or on the weekend so look out for that if your interested.

things that make me smile (7)My front window plants are just exploding everywhere. My air plants also aren’t dead, surprise, surprise!

things that make me smile (10)Stocking up on glitter, the not so fun part was vacuuming the mess I made all over the house while putting these in the bottles.

things that make me smileJust another day captured. It’s been super gloomy outside so my place has turned into a cave or there would be more photos for today’s post. Thought I’d end on this one because it’s silly.


Zine of the Month: Soup

October’s zine of the month is Soup by Ally Burke which showcases some of her sketchbooks between 2012-2014. It’s a 28 paged zine that features black and white sketches as well as some colored ones on 5×8 glossy paper. The reason I choose it over all the others she’s done in the past is partially because it’s still available, and I feel like lately I’ve featured a lot of zines that aren’t in production anymore. It also happens to be a great zine with a high production value and Ally’s sketches are just as ghoulishly delightful as her other work. Her tumblr is filled with snippets of her sketchbooks and every time she shares a bit it makes me want to just flip through them all. So it’s a great way to have a part of that. Soup is available to purchase here, along with a ton of stickers, originals and other goodies (the shop is closing temporarily in a few days so best to look now). She also has a coloring book zine of monster girls that is pretty awesome too, here and you can also check out her Instagram where she’s doing Inktober this month!



October Treasures

october treasures

I’m starting off October properly with my monthly treasures, very much alien and Halloween themed to get into the spooky season mood (although I’ve been in the Halloween mood since the beginning of September). Pretty much all the X-Files related items this month are my favourites, although the homemade embroidered pins of the famous slogans by SterreSlyme are probably the most desired. With one exception, the Mareshop gloves which I’ve featured more than once before because I can’t get over how amazing these dragon scale style gloves look. Might actually buy a pair this year, I always resist because it seems like such a luxury. Excited to start seeing the leaves change colours and get together all the elements of my costume. Hope you are having a great start to fall season and enjoyed that crazy blood moon from last week!


Fall in Instant: Halloween

instax mini halloween film

I’ve been trying out various Instax Mini film themes and seeing which ones I like and also seeing if they are worth the extra cost per photo for the last few months. Since it was Halloween last month I made sure to pick up some Halloween Instax Mini film to try out. This film was available in North America until it was recently discontinued, so I had to pick mine up on Ebay (at a cost very similar to what B&H was selling it originaly). IT’S AMAZING btw – let me say that before I forget. I’m really sad I didn’t pick it up before it was discontinued as it’s one of the best designs I’ve tried so far. I’m definitely going to try and pick up another pack or two from Ebay and horde in my fridge until next year. Sadly this year I had a very mellow and low key Halloween for myself so I mostly took photos around my house on Halloween and a few of my Halloween cranes that I left around the Plateau. I think it’s more suited to a party with friends but I still enjoy the shots I managed to get and I tried out the Instax’s flash option which I haven’t tried much before.  Below I’ve included some of the shots so you can see the film designs. It’s really cute and I really wish they’d offer more variety in film here in North America. My advice if you find Instax film you like don’t be afraid of buying on Ebay, I haven’t had an issue yet from various sellers. Also store the film in your fridge so you don’t have to worry about expiring film if you aren’t going to use it straight away.

halloween instax mini film (2)Halloween postcards halloween instax mini film (5)Picked up some doily originals and silkscreen from Starchild Stela the night before Halloween.  halloween instax mini film (4)The best decorated house I saw this year. halloween instax mini film (7)I made a shrine in the park using leaves, my Aphex Twin mask and wig.  halloween instax mini film (6)
Second best decoration, and you can just barely see my crane hanging there with the song “Purple People Eatter” on it.  halloween instax mini film (9)Another Halloween crane, this time at Laurier Parc. halloween instax mini film (1)My anniversary present of a skull couple in a musical snow globe.  halloween instax mini film (8)I haven’t thought of a name for this guy yet but I think I’ll keep him here even after the holiday. halloween instax mini filmAnd finally my Halloween night, when Victor and I drank at home and enjoyed the candy I got at work from Trick-o-Treatting at each manager’s desk at my call center job earlier in the day.


Happy Halloween!

Hope you are having a great Goth Christmas and celebrating it in your own way. I’m going to have a mellow Halloween as I haven’t been feel really well the last few weeks but I thought I’d share with you this year’s collection of holiday snail mail that I sent out. All of these postcards are the same as last years because they made a printing mistake on a few of them last year so they sent me 30 replace postcards that I didn’t really have much use for but to use again this year. The artwork is drawn and colored by me but I’m copying drawings made by the super talent and amazing Ally Burke (I can’t draw to save my life but I’m a pretty decent mimic so I like to give my friends fun custom drawings each year).  I found really awesome puffy and sparkling stickers to add this year too. Really fun, I think Halloween cards are the best. Hope you have a great one! Let me know how you celebrate…

things that make me smile (7) things that make me smile (6) things that make me smile (5)things that make me smile (1)halloween postcards (1)halloween postcards (2) halloween postcards (1) halloween postcards (2) Also on another note, the last two week’s I’ve been placing special Halloween cranes around Montreal for #mtlcrane . My favourite crane is below, it’s a double head crane that I made by accident months ago and fell in love with. I also decided to add a little to some of the awesome house decorations happening in the Plateau…cos cranes are scary? No? Just me…okay.

halloween mtlcrane (3) halloween mtlcrane (1) halloween mtlcrane (2)