Fall with Holga macro and close up lens…

Fall (22)

For Lomography Wednesday I grabbed my Nikon camera and my trusty Holga close up and macro lens and headed to my balcony. My favourite thing about the Fall is the changing colors of the season! There are a few changes happening already around my house. The first is this little bud I got from the Botanical Gardens started to sprout out something that looks like a kidney bean. The bud was growing on a tree that was covered in them and they looked like a penis with balls – lol so I grabbed one to take a better photo. As well my entire herb garden has become dried and weathered, it didn’t survive the summer at all which is sad. The best part though is the vines on my balcony are starting to turn orange and yellow and it’s just amazing to watch. I am hoping to soon replace my toy lens with the real thing so I can even more amazing close up shots soon, in the meantime I really enjoy these Holga lens and they were only $10 for each set.

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A start to my Garden


Me and Victor went to Atwater Marche to visit plant nurseries last week. We were looking to expand our inside garden which we’ve wanted for years but have been scared to do since I’m a plant killer. We had a few succulents and bamboo a few years ago that pretty much keeled over and dead as soon as the winter hit for no reason. I’ve been weary every since of the possibilty of growing indoor plants in Montreal but I’ve had a little vine plant for almost a year now that managed to make it through the winter and I’ve pretty happy to see it growing now that it’s spring.

plants So I decided Round II was in order, and we’ve been on the hunt since. We’ve already picked up a whole bunch of herbs for the kitchen and another vine plant from an outdoor market a few weeks ago.

plants plants plants plants plants
plantsplantsI’ve been wanting to start a herb garden so I started that first and seeing how well the vines were doing I decided to try and find large plants for the house as well. The Atwater Marche has much large plants so we were excited to visit and I loved how amazing all the flowers and plants looked so I thought I’d share you photos from our trip there as well.

plantsplantsplantsplantsplantsplantsplantsplantsplantsWe managed to pick 3 plants, a Fishnet Stocking annual plant, a Zee Zee plant for Victor’s studio and another little colorful guy which I have no idea what he is (let me know if you do). I also got some cat grass to discourage Butter from eating the other plants and the chives (as you can see in the picture above of her snacking on it). I’m growing the cat grass from seed and it’s already sprouting after a few days so I’m very excited to see how my little home garden turns out and maybe buy even more plants.