Igloofest with Holga Tim

holga tim (16)Igloofest is officially over in Montreal and now I have to wait another year to go dancing in freezing temperatures. We only managed to go once which was too bad but I wasn’t able to convince Victor to go out again. The DJs change every year so some years there just isn’t a reason to go that often. I have some crazy memories of Igloofest, so I decided to look back at photos I’ve taken there and found ones from 2012 that I took with my Holga Tim. They are pretty bad, I think this was the first time I ever used the Holga Tim with the flash. I like the abstract ones with the distorted lights. I defiantly need more practice using my Holga Tim with flash, I am usually not a big fan of using flash but it’d be good to learn because it’s nice bring toy cameras to events like these where I’m worried about damaging my Nikon camera holga tim (33)holga tim (41) holga tim (25) holga tim (35) holga tim (29)these were taken the same month on my trip to Toronto in 2012 so I thought I’d share them as well

holga tim (1) holga tim (43)


Things that Make Me Smile

Things that make me smile is a new type of post I will be doing every once and awhile. I noticed with my 365 Challenge that I end up taking so many photos of all the little bits and bobs that I have around my house and was thinking of a way to put them all together since soon I will not be doing my 365 Challenge. This week was the perfect one to start because I happen to be in Toronto right now which is filled with so many things that make smile. It’s just a silly little post I can do every once and awhile when I feel stressed out about life and work or if I’m going outta town. This addition includes all the things that made me smile huge since the start of the year!

365 (330)Homemade cat and octopus milk chocolates with rice krispies and almonds.

cat pawsButter’s paws

365 (317) (1024x678)Finishing a successful DIY project.

cake standMy new glass cake stand my friend Zara bought me!

mark ryden postcardsSending postcards to friends in the mail.

photo decalsMy new photo decals.

igloofestIgloofest toques.

vintage camerasNew vintage cameras.

moustacheWhen a stranger sends me a moustache with my Etsy purchase.


Igloofest Instants

igloofest (8)Igloofest has been happening here in Montreal for the last few weeks and it’s been amazing freezing my ass off in the cold dancing to EDM music. I wanted to celebrate my favourite festival by showing you guys all the silly instant photos I’ve collected over the years at Igloogest for Lomography Wednesday. I don’t know if this is a thing outside of Montreal but here we have this amazing company Matonvu which sets up photo booths around the city randomly at certain events so anyone who wants one can have a free instant photo (hence why these are covered in ads) . It’s such a great idea and at Igloofest they go a step further and actually have a real photographer take the photos instead of the photo booth. I always go and get a photo taken even though I hate having my photo taken because I just love collecting them and it is such a great way to capture that night at Igloofest. Two years ago when me and Victor went every Igloofest event so  the people running the photo  booth started to  remembered us which is hilarious to me (the only random people who recognize me is postal employees and Matonvu employees). Anyways, here is my silly collection of Igloofest photos from 2010 to 2014.


igloofest (5)igloofest  igloofest (12)igloofest (11)igloofest (7) igloofest (3) igloofest (1)igloofest (4) igloofest (9)igloofest (2)igloofest (10)igloofest (2)igloofest

Let’s just say I have lots more of these photos but they are too bad to show you. I look so angry in photos unless I try really hard. It is amazing how pissed off I can look even though I am really happy. Let me know in the comments if your town has a company like Matonvu that sets up photo booths!