Things That Make Me Smile

The last Things That Make Me Smile post until 2016! As I always say this is one of my favourite posts to put together and this one was no different.  November has been very quiet for me so there is not a lot of photos this month but December will be the usual bit of chaos making sure I get everything mailed to Vancouver on time for my friends to enjoy their presents, and celebrating not only my best friend’s birthday but also Victor’s. Right now I am currently working hard to get my holiday cards ready to mail out and just recently setup my Christmas tree.  Not to mention it’ll soon be me and Victor’s 6th anniversary and we are currently planning on getting tattooed together. We are just finalizing everything for it now and I am pretty excited about doing it although a bit nervous as I haven’t gotten tattooed in years. Lots of planning it seems, anyways this month’s selection of things that make me smile…

things that make me smile (6) things that make me smile (7) things that make me smile (4)This year’s Christmas cards are really cute. I usually don’t go for juvenile style cards but I get to color them and they pop up? What is not to love about them?

lindsay campbel (2)lindsay campbel (1)Lindsay Campbell has a set of the cutest stickers I’ve seen in awhile, I can’t help but be cheered up when looking at them. Link to her store!

things that make me smile (8) things that make me smile (3)My coffee table has turned into coloring central. This is actually the first time I am using my Copic markers, which is proably a waste of really expensive markers but since my friend Zara gave them I haven’t had a reason to use them (as I can’t draw).

things that make me smile (2)I convinced Victor to buy crazy socks, after 6 years of being together I’ve finally rubbed off on him. I don’t know if it was the posh Top Shop that convinced him but he bought pepper and pineapple socks while I bought ice cream ones.

things that make me smile (1) things that make me smile (2)Who could resist a Twin Peaks zine?

things that make me smile (28)A Santa troll, from my troll collection (really need to do a post on being reunited with my childhood trolls). I had a bunch of My Little Ponies and troll dolls that were themed for every holiday.

things that make me smile james jeanMy signed limited edition James Jean Xenograph art book , I almost didn’t buy it.

things that make me smile hmFinding awesome Halloween goodies even after it’s over from H&M. Glow in the dark too just makes me day. I’ve been amassing quite a bit of their sweaters over the last year, I didn’t even really own many before last winter.

things that make me smile (29) things that make me smile (30)Getting together all the little bits and pieces I need for my chandelier.

things that make me smile (11) things that make me smile (10)When it’s your best friend’s birthday, you go all out.

things that make me smile (31)things that make me smile (32) things that make me smile (21)Some last moments of autumn, the vines on my balcony are all twigs now. Not to mention my little vintage container of Gin Pills that we found thrifting in October.

inkkas (10)I love this photo of Victor and his Inkka shoes, I just did a review on them on Monday.

And that is the last Things that Make Me Smile of the year, hope you enjoyed!


Pick of the Week: James Jean Memu Postcards

james jean memu postcardsPick of the Week: Memu Postcards by James Jean

This week I wanted to share with you James Jean’s newest postcard collection Memu . Memu is Jean’s second collection of postcards and features 100 of his paintings and sketches in a collectible box. I have both of his postcard collections, Memu and Xoxo and absolutely love them both (review for XoXo here). One of my favourite things about Memu is the cloth covered box with its red silkscreen details. On its own, the box is beautiful and mesmerizing. It reminds me of the cover for his art book Rebus which had detailed red foil lettering as well.  He continues to put a lot of thought into the postcards and each contains on the backside the name of the piece, materials used, ample space to write and area for address as well as a stylizes stamp area. Roughly half of the postcards even contain a gray outline of the artwork from the front of the postcard on the backside where you would write (images below of back of the postcard). The postcards themselves have high quality images with vibrant and bright colors and on quality card stock that is suitable for writing on (I hate glossy cardstock backs that are impossible to write on). One thing I’ve noticed is that if you keep them in the box they do tend to curve slightly in the middle. As for the artwork that was chosen to be featured on each postcard I found that unlike his previously collection which was 30 pieces of artwork &sketches there is some loss of the cohesiveness and not everyone is gem. To me there is a feeling of repetition within the postcards (even though all 100 are unique) because of similar tones and subject matter. If you are a huge fan of his work you might love every one of them but for me it felt that there were more than a few duds in the bunch. For the price however is hard to argue that the duds really matter in the grand scheme of things especially when all his most iconic paintings have been featured and there doesn’t seem to be any left out (he doesn’t repeat any of the postcards featured in XoXo however). It has to be said he is one of the few modern artists who makes his work accessible outside of a gallery and his postcard sets are one of the easiest ways to view his paintings and see selections from his sketchbooks. I would imagine most people who would want to pick up Memu will use them as mini-prints instead of postcards but the amount of detail put into them make them excellent for anyone who collects postcards or loves to send postcards to friends regardless if you are familiar with his work. I am in love, these are probably my second favourite postcards in my collection (XOXO is still my top). Very happy to have these and I would says they are amazing postcards/mini prints to pick up especially with the reasonable price of around $20.

a closer look at the postcards:


Pick of the Week: James Jean “XoXo Hugs and Kisses” Postcards

james jean postcards (2)Pick of the Week: James Jean Postcards

You may have notices Pick of the Week has had monthly postcards picks for the last week months, this month being James Jean’s set called XO. I have such a passion for postcards I really want to share some of my favourites with you. James Jean’s postcards are no exception, they are wonderful and a great way of celebrating and enjoying his art. I adore artist who go out of their way to make their art accessible to everyone and postcards are a really great way of doing that. There is a lot of thought put towards the set XO with the matt sheen and customized back with detailed information about the print that covers the front. The only oversight I have found is the card stock could be much studier. For any artist of his level he doesn’t need to be focusing on having products like this and it’s noticeable as some modern artists are worried about accessibility devaluing their work whether is prints or small end items. There are 30 postcards of his work to enjoy and almost all of his earlier well known work is included. Plus it’s easy to purchasable at various online stores for a very low price. Highly suggest these even if you don’t know him as an artist as these postcards are just unique and exceptional. Below are some shots of XO.

james jean postcardsjames jean postcards (3) james jean


Saturday Review: James Jean “Rift”

rift, james jean, citizen erasedRift is an accordion-style book that shows off the unique artwork of James Jean, the Taiwanese American visual artist. It’s accordion aspect allows you to bend and fold the book as your want to create different images, or you can lay it out complete and get two large panoramic art printa (double sided, one in color and the other black and white). Its an interesting experience and its a lot of fun to flip through. I really like when artist do stuff outside of the box and experiment and he uses this simple idea very well. I think this is a really lovely way to showcase his art, its works effectively and is very fun. The book is very affordable to make up for the fact that in the end you really are only getting two separate panoramic prints.  I enjoyed it and have pulled it out on many occasions to play around with the scenes.

Check out below for a more detailed look at Rift, and this video shows all the differend possiblities you can do (here):


Saturday Review: 3D Art Book

3d art book, citizen erased, citizen erased photography

3D Art Book

The 3D Art Book by designer Tristan Eaton is a collection of street art and contemporary art transformed into a 3D version of themselves. With 100 pieces of contemporary artwork this 223 pages book has almost every current artist represented like James Jean, Tara Mcpherson, Shepard Fairey, Junko Mizuno, Miss Van, Ron English and many others from genres like street art, graffiti, pop surrealism and graphic design. Eaton with this book is trying to bring back the 3D popularized in the 50’s, you know the one that needs those retro style red and blue-lens glasses to view. (Dont worry along with the book you receive 2 pairs of 3D glasses to help you view these artworks) As a kid I loved three-dimensional pictures, there is something about the popping out and trippy nature that really always appealed to me, however as an adult beside the occasional 3D movie I haven’t really looked much into 3D world beside a random piece of art here and there. What Eaton has done as taken know artist’s work and transformed them to a whole new piece, using this nostalgic form of 3D. I love this novelty, its very appealing to me and that’s why I picked up this book because it seemed a great way to experience artwork – and it is. The book is fantastic, you feel apart of the artwork and it adds elements never previous felt about each work, however there is some cons with this style. For instant I found a few images never really ‘popped’ for me, despite starting at them for a long time*, instead they came across limp (*you have to look at each image for certain amount of time so you eyes can adjust and actually reveal the 3D effect). As well as a person who has average motion sickness (I wouldn’t consider myself to have extreme or sever motion sickness at all) this book is deadly, after going through the book for 10minutes I manged to give myself a 2 hour long headache and I can mange to watch most 3D movies without issue. However this last con is avoidable, so it is definitely worth hitting up the gravol is you have any issues with motion sickness or 3D effects so this book can be fully enjoyed. I loved it, there is enough artwork in here to satisfy the genre you like, for example if graffiti doesn’t do it for you, there is still plenty of other stuff to look at it. My favourite pieces where James Jean “Shattered”, UPSO “Untitled” and Mint and Serf “Untitled”. The artwork ranges from full page, two pages, and everything in between and it is just plain neat to flip through. I loved it so much and will come back and re-look at it again and again. The novelty of the 3D never wears off while your looking through the book and the pacing  and sequence is very well thought out. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a good collection of contemporary artists works or for anyone who’s ever liked 3D, and really as a child of the 80’s and early 90’s didn’t who didn’t love 3D; I remember having comics and stickers and being over the moon when I found something that required those retro 3D glasses.

I’ve added images below of the book so if you have by any chance 3D glasses at home you can have a quick look at some of the artwork.



Saturday Review : James Jean “Rebus”

rebusjamesjeanJames Jean: Rebus

Rebus, is an art book by James Jean showcasing his art work from 2001 to 2011 and 255 pages. For a lover of James Jean this is a must, and for anyone who wants to find a great contemporary artist I would suggest picking up this book. The artwork is shown on almost every page except a few heading pages dividing the years and a lot of thought has been put behind the proportional and amount of space the specific artwork takes on the pages. There are many cases where the artwork takes up both pages, however some work this leaves the character of the painting in the crease which is the only downside of Rebus that I found.  It goes in chronically order and gives the same amount of pages to each section of years meaning there is no time frame of his work skimmed over. It not only shows his paintings but his drawings, products, and gallery openings. The best thing about this book is that its all about the artwork, sometimes art book are too heavily weighed down by words and don’t showcase the art. Rebus does not have this issue, and is a great size, in my collection its the largest in terms of height and width. You couldn’t go wrong ordering Rebus and of all the James Jean products its my favourite.

Click below to check out photos of various pages of Rebus:


Postcard Love

One of the few things I like to collect is postcards, such a neat way to capture art otherwise beyond my grasp. Artists are doing great things at making their art accessible to people who enjoy their work. I make postcards of my own photography and I find it’s a neat medium to see your work. Now nothing pleases me more than when I find an artist I like who has them or an etsy store with original or creative postcards. Here’s a look inside my postcard collection, from international artists to Korean stationary markers.

mark ryden, tree show, postcard, citizen erased, citizen erased photographymark ryden, the snow yak, postcard, citizen erased, citizen erased photographynaoto hatto, postcard, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyphotography, citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photography, gama-gocitizen erased, citizen erased photography, jetoy, cat, camilla d'errico, citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photography, cammila d'erricoscott musgrove, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyjames jean, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyjames jean, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyjames jean, citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photography, wormswormswormsblack apple, citizen erased, citizen erased photography