Featured Artist: Tokyo Flora Diary


Featured Artist: Tokyo Flora Diary

This week’s featured artist is Japanese painter Ai Natori, known as Tokyo Flora Diary. Her subtle and delicate portraits of Japanese women are so serene and silent that I can’t help but be captivated by them. Her simple strokes and minimalism I think work wonders on highlighting the expression of her subjects and creating that atmosphere that is present in all her pieces. Below you can find a selection of her work and links on where to find out more about her.

Tumblr (blog)
Artinsider(prints & more)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Ai Natori


Featured Artist: Atsuko Goto

atsuko goto
Feature Artist: Atsuko Goto

The first featured artist of the year is illustrator Atsuko Goto of Japan. Her dreamy and strange illustrations feel very much at home with modern Japanese horror movies and manga. I love the sense of isolation and her muted tone color pallet that spans her work. Her theme of Japan being consumed with its own emptiness and trapped feeling translates very clearly in her work and creates these haunting images. Below is a selection of her work as well as links on where to find her.

Goto Atsuko (website)
Instagram (photos)
Twitter (updates)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Atsuko Goto.


Daiso Haul

One of best moments of my trip to Vancouver, as sad as it may sound was stepping foot into Daiso after years of going without. Daiso for those of you who haven’t been before, is basically a Japanese dollar store. The one in Richmond, British Columbia is huge and makes me feel like I am stepping into Japan for an hour or two (there is just so much to see on it’s huge 3 floors). This was the first time going with my friend Nicole, who has a love and passion for dollar stores of any kind so it was great to go with her and just spent way too much money on such random things and not be judged, lol.  If you are in Vancouver I’d say it’s a must, but my tip is to also check out Yokoyaya123 near downtown as it’s a more condensed store and carries only Diaso products. Anyways thought I’d share my haul…

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Pick of the Week: Kaoru Hasegawa

Pick of the Week: Kaoru Hasegawa

Today’s pick is the artist Kaoru Hasegawa from Japan who sells postcards, pins, prints and originals of her work. I have (had as she put out new ones recently) all of her postcard packs because I absolutely love her work and I can never decide which one to get in a larger print. The postcards are a unique square shape and 4×4 so they are a great size for mini prints which is how I’ve decided to use most of mine. In terms of using them for postcards the backside is pretty plain but very similar to how I’ve seen other postcards from Japan (the format is slightly different from North American postcards – shot of the backside below in case you interested). The only downside I can really say about them is the paper is a shiny finish which makes them difficult to write on them and they look a bit cheaper without a nice matt finish (but that could just be me). I love them though and her work is amazing – I can’t wait to get the new postcards and hopefully decided on a print to buy as well. I can’t recommend enough. She has four stores currently, Society6Storenvy, Etsy, and one for original prints  (store is in Japanese), and you can check out more of her artwork on her Tumblr!

A look at all the postcards:

Kaoru Hasegawa (1)

A few of my favs items from her various shops:


Cherry Blossom Season

Spring always reminds me of cherry blossoms. It was my favourite season when I lived in Vancouver for that very reason. There are blocks in Vancouver you just walk down and see petals everywhere covering all the lawns and road. It’s beyond beautiful, I miss it every Spring as you can barely tell in Montreal when the seasons change (there was actually snow on Tuesday night, SNOW). I loved when I lived in Vancouver walking around with the cherry blossoms and the Japanese magnolia everywhere. I wanted to revisit and thought I’d share with you the last time I was in Vancouver during the cherry blossom season….

flowers (7) flowers (5)flowers (6) flowers (4)flowers (11)flowers (13)flowers (15) flowers (23) flowers (17) flowers (18) flowers (19) flowers (20)flowers (16)flowers (21)flowers (1)flowers (2)


Lomography Wednesday: Holga Tim Review

holgatimHolga Tim Review

HolgaTim is the newest member to the Holga toy camera team, and he is really unique. Tim comes is various colors, like my lilac purple and has double lens that appear on the camera as eyes with matching colored flash with color filters (if you want you as you buy seperately you can mix up flash color). The multiple lens allow for either 3D images, half frames and even multiple exposure. There is so much you can do with Tim, you will find lots of interesting ideas come to you while taking photos. I love this camera. Its not as fussy as most toy cameras and you can easy get a full roll of film developed, and even better if you take in half-frames a 24 shot roll you will get 48 unique  shots. Plus walking around with a smiling camera really makes people laugh. The flash is very good on the Holga Tim and most of shots I toke were with it. Day shots are possible but appear to be a bit dark but not as bad as other multiple lens cameras I have in my collection. The flash being detachable also makes this camera great for carrying around with you, it doesn’t take up much space at all and the filters do a really great job at making the photos extra fun, I love yellow the best. But what better way to review the camera then to show you what you can do with it.

The 3D shot with flash:
holgatim_3deffectHalf- Frame shot with flash:
holgatim_oneyeDaytime shot, no flash:
holgatim_noflashFlash with colored filter:
holgatim_colorflashDouble Exposure:
holgatim_doubleexposure (2)Self Portrait:
holgatim_selfportraitHalf-Frame with different colored filter flash:
holgatim_differentcolorflashHalf-Frame with different angles:
holgatim_differentanglesHalf-frame double exposure and 3D shot:
holgatim_doubleexposureAnd what happens when you advance the film without taking a half-frame:
*you have to be careful when taking half-frames because if you forget to take a shot then 1 side will not have a photo. Or if your saving the shot for later and leave the lens eyes open you’ll easy accidentally take a photos or do a double exposure because you forgot what eye was open. I think once you get use to the camera it easy not to make any mistakes and I created a rhythm to how I wanted to do my half shots, and out of 3 rolls I only had it happen about 1 to 2 times a roll.

Top 10 of my Holga Tim photos: