Missing the Sunshine and Vancouver

Well the brief week of warm weather and almost completely melted snow didn’t last. It’s freezing again but that means I can go to winter festivals and play in the snow so I am not complaining. I love the various events and festivals that happen in January and February – it’s a great time to be in Montreal. Although it be nice if there was snow and it wasn’t -30 outside. So I thought instead of making myself cold looking at photos of snow I’d share some more Vancouver photos like yesterday. My Birthday Party that we had on Wreck Beach (seriously my favourite place in Vancouver) was such a fun time and the day was just perfect.  Seeing my friends was really special, I miss them so much. Oh and the ocean – seriously I miss the ocean like a long lost friend (island kid for life).

beach (8)It started with us picking up sushi to go and starting the drive to Wreck Beach in Tammy’s car.

beach (9)beach (10)The beach crew!

beach (11)Ana chilling and drawing.

beach (12)My brother and Brent both looking super tanned and eatting some sandwitches.

beach (13)Ana looks so beautiful in this shot, I had to include it even though there is lots of blurry nakes people behind her, lol. Wreck Beach is a nudist beach btw.

beach (14)Catching some rays!

beach (15)Kisses from the pretty Pang.

beach (16)beach (17) beach (18)We decided to bury Ana in the sand.

swimmingMe, Tammy and Pang swimming.

beach (20)The sun starting to set.

beach (21) beach (22)beach (23) beach (24)Pang, Jenn and Me taking jumping photos.

beach (19)I made some gifs of Pang jumping and spinning and then Jenn with Brent doing a creepy walk into the ocean.


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Self Portrait Sunday

self portrait citizen erased photography

A little late today on the Self-Portrait Sunday! I toke these photos only a few hours ago while on an adventure to find train tracks with Victor. I wanted to take new photos because I changed my hair this week again!  Yes, the blond hair is gone…it lasted a few weeks which is usually as much as I can tolerate before I get bored. I did have it for over 3 weeks however as I wanted to give my hair a rest before bleaching it and to get a really nice pale pink I wanted to make sure I had it as close to white as possible. I kept the part that frames me face blond as I got it very close to being white and I like not having my entire hair one color. My favourite thing to do with my new hair is look through it at the sun. I tried to take pictures of it but it never catches the light the same way my eyes see it, a problem any person with colored hair knows. I am going to be in a dear friend’s wedding party in just over a week and thought the pale pink would look good with the purple bridesmaid dress that I’ll be wearing and more subdued than my usual dark multicolored hair. Pale pink is great for the summer and I am in love with it! Next week it’ll be back to my artsy self-portraits for a few weeks as I am going to be outta town so What I Wore will be on hiatus until I get back.

self portrait citizen erased photography (3) self portrait citizen erased photography (4) Jumping photos are so fun for summer!self portrait citizen erased photography (2)


Zara in Wonderland: Flying

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderland

Zara in Wonderland is a series of portraits of my friend Zara. I shot this set of her in Montreal when she was in town for a weekend on the roof of my old house back in 2011. She’s so graceful as she jumps, its almost like she’s hovering in the sky. We only manged to get a few photos taken because the business downstairs could hear us jumping on the roof and came up and yelled at us. lol. It was really funny, we hadn’t even thought of that. It was a great day and its so good to see her when she’s in town.  The quality isn’t the greatest but I love the movement and the spirit in them. Let me know if you like my Zara in Wonderland series, for previous sets, check out here, here, and here!

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photography, zara in wonderland