Vintage Tuesday: Girly Thrift

girly thrift (3)When I’m thriting or at antique fairs I normally end up seeking out and buying mostly camera and photography related type items so today I thought I’d share some of my ‘girly thrift’. I know girly might be considered a stereotypical nonexclusive word but I was looking for a broad term that included all the little nick nacks I have around the house for no other reason than they are cute. Anyways, starting off are my retro kitty porcelain salt and pepper shakers and cat figure that I adore.

girly thrift (8)Hello Kitty phone that lights up bought for $1, I don’t know who uses a landline anymore but I use it as a book end.

girly thrift (6)Two vintage frames of mixed media art consisting of an oil painted background with the swans and doves  made with real feathers.

girly thrift (7)A retro Coke Cola wooden display, likely made in the 1970’s based of an older tin sign.

girly thrift (15)A retro My Little Pony missing it’s tail given as a trade.

retro my little pony (3)retro my little pony (2)Found at Puces St-Henri this last weekend, I rarely find My Litte Pony’s while at flea markets that are worth buying so I was excited. The price of $20 for all 3 was a bit much but I caved.

girly thrift (9)Vintage taxidermy keychain, I consider it my Pokemon.

girly thrift (12)Darling chocolate tin featuring a cat, unsure of year but probably after 1950s.

girly thriftA vintage Talc tin for Evening in Paris, likely 1920s era.

sailor moon (2)Not thrifted but had to include my desktop Sailor Scouts.

girly thrift (14)And lastly my grandmother’s perfume bottle, which has a delightful shape and color.

Happy Thrifting!


Things That Make Me Smile

Another Things that Make Me Smile post this month because the last one was a special one just for Easter. It’s been a really random month so these photos are all over the place. I can’t believe we are almost finished, April went by way too quickly for me. I guess being bedridden didn’t help, anyways here are the some of things that had me grinning ear to ear…

things that make me smile butter (3)Butter has been hanging out more and more on her cat palace.

things that make me smile (1)Origami paper, this set is so vibrant and has that Spring feeling – I love it.

things that make me smile (4)My friend Billy (Starchild Stela) gave me one of her adorable shrink pieces.  If you like you can check out her store where she has plenty.

things that make me smile (3)My new milk carton purse for those days I’m just walking around. It fits seriously nothing.

double exposure vieux montreal (18) double exposure vieux montreal (19)These two double exposures. Probably my favourite I took this weekend. Also being outside made me smile – I can’t wait for more walks when the weather is nicer.

things that make me smile butter (1) things that make me smile butter (2)We moved Butter’s old cat tree into the bedroom in front of the window and now she can spend time chillin’ there when I’m being lazy and still in bed.

things that make me smile (2)Star Trek engraved wood pieces I’m going to DIY into brooches and the newest zine from an artist I love Funnyskullgrin (Ally Burke).

things that make me smile (5)My small Hoya plant flowered! I love that I now own flowering plants.

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Cute Little Cat Nose

butter (7)

Butter has one of the cutest little noses I’ve ever seen on a cat. Her little spots just make me want to boob them (which I would never do so no hate mail). These photos of Butter are my way of cheering me up because I am not only exhausted but I have an ear infection after just getting over a cold. Real talk, I’ve had a really draining week.  I’ve been having really weird waves of depression hit which I think are being caused by my body feeling not so great and lack of sleep.  But it’s kind of hit me from left field and I’ve been spending way too much time listening to Drake thinking about really weird times in my life at 3am when I should be sleep. Lol. Working till midnight never ends well as I need to distress a lot after work or I can’t sleep.  Hoping on the weekend I can cheer myself up and start out next week with a fresh start. I don’t take any medication for my depression and instead just try and go with the flow. Even though I’ve battled with it for 15 years I never seem equipped to make it go away on its own. After it’s over or on during the day when my head is clearer I feel like I’ve lost so much time. I’m just excited my schedule next week is mostly day shifts and I have a long weekend next week. Really hope you’re feeling great and don’t have to work this weekend. Be prepared because I have two new posts I’ll be doing in April that I’m really excited for.

butter (12) butter (24) butter (16) butter (1)butter (3)


Sleepy Time Butter

butterOne of Butter’s spots for sleeping is on the chair in our breakfast nook (that we never use) and it just so happens to be right by the tree. I took these on Wednesday after taking photos of the tree and think she looks too adorable not to share. Such a peaceful face, I wish I was getting as much sleep as she was. lol. This week was not as busy as last week thankfully as I’ve managed to send all my Christmas cards and parcels to my friends. All the presents are wrapped and under the tree so I don’t have to worry about stepping into a mall and I saw the Hobbit on Tuesday (go see, it’s amazing). It’s been a pretty mellow week. I still haven’t had much chance to play around with the projector I bought as a Christmas present to myself but have started to scan my slides that came in the mail this week. I am SO excited about the slides and the projector. I wish I had a proper vacation over the holidays so I could get knee deep into both of my projects but I have to work up till Christmas Eve and only have two days off before back to work. I even work on New Year’s Eve, till midnight no less…. it will be nice though because it’s supposed to snow lots this weekend and I love when Montreal feels like a winter wonderland. I am hoping this weekend to go for a few walks in the snow and just get a little lost in it. Do you have any plans this weekend before the holidays start?

butter (4)butter (5)


Butter on the Counter

plant (146)Good afternoon! How are all of you doing this last week of November? Anyone else beside me excited for the upcoming Holiday season? I have been living off of 4 hours of sleep for the last two weeks and cannot wait for a much quieter and relaxed December. Plus all the decoration and baked goodies!! I have also been present shopping like mad for the last few weeks. Honestly having your best friend’s birthday a week before your boyfriend’s birthday in the same month of Christmas is just….unfair. I love giving perfect gifts, that perfect mix between what they really wanted, may not of realized they even wanted it, and useful…that’s my combination for presents. My little brother is the only one who gets a different combination; his is books and video games. Books because I think reading is the best education and video games because he’s a teenager and that’s all he wants. Butter already got her Christmas present and hasn’t used it once but I don’t want ruin it for you until she does. Butter by the way just decided to sit in my cube shelf and nap on top of art prints and she was just running all over my postcards that I am taking photos for my store…she’s very much in a “can I sleep on your stuff” mood this morning. I am glad she is off the postcards though because as soon as I finish writing this I have to finish taking photos and get them up onto my store. Below is her being cute on the kitchen counter from the day I repotted my garden.

 butter (2)butter (6)butter (30)

I love when Butter lickes herself and gets hair stuck in her mouth.
butter (44)butter (43)


Butter the Giant

double exposuredouble exposureButter the giant cat. I do not take many double exposures of her but these ones always make me smile. The giant cat roaming the neighborhood at dusk… puts a big smile on my face. Sadly her behaviour has in the last 2 days went downhill again. It makes feel a little lost when things aren’t right with her. This week has made me feel a little lost even before the incident last night. Ever feel really down and just think months and months ahead and really stressing yourself out when all you need to think about is the next day, eat a good meal, go to bed on time? I’ve been like operating on no sleeping and bad eatting habits for a week and then worrying about things that don’t have any effect on today or tomorrow or even next week for that matter. I have work on the weekend but I am hoping to go for a nice walk on Saturday to the park and just take photos by myself and enjoy the cool breeze and the last moments of warmth before winter takes over Montreal. Take some time to myself and get outta the house, I’ve been working slowly on postcards for December of my photography and made some progress last night that was very encouraging. I feel like this mood shall pass but hopefully sooner than later. Hope you are well though.


The Return of Butter…


The Return of Butter seems a little silly of a title but it’s been forever since she’s been featured on Friday. Isn’t she looking as pretty as ever with her lion mane? We’ve been having a great last few days hanging around the house with each other. She’s had so much energy just jumping and running around the house. We’ve been playing a lot to make sure her energy finds a good outlet. On Wednesday the weather was so nice I let her outside for a bit and of course she decided she wanted to go to the neighbor’s balcony and then climb down the spiral staircase to people downstairs balcony and then over again to the people right below us balcony…let’s just say when I came to usher her back inside I found a meowing kitty who was unwilling to move because she unsure how to get back home again. Typical cat behaviour *rolls eyes* I was a bit nervous because I haven’t been picking her up for the last few weeks due to her anxiety issues but beside squirming in my arms she was fine. I really think she’s made a lot of progress in the last week and she has days where it feels like everything is back to normal. I am so delighted! In other none Butter news it’s Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada! There will be posts as normal all weekend, I am just excited because I have from Saturday to Tuesday off and will have so much time to do things around the house and maybe even go apple picking. I have been really sleep deprived this week so it’ll be really fun. Keep an eye out because on Monday there will be a giveaway on my tumblr and blog.

butter (2)butter (6)butter (3)butter (5)butter (7)butter (4)


Happy 6th Birthday Butter!

Butter (10)

On Tuesday, Butter Truck Tzara turned 6 years old! The story of how I got her is so random. My co-worker at the time was desperate to find homes for her cat’s unexpected babies (so unexpected she didn’t even know her cat was pregnant until she went to get her natured).  At the time I said yes because I wanted to help her out but never really thought about getting a kitty before and then one night 2 months later she called me up and said she was driving over the kitty. Butter has been with me since she was a month old and it’s been true love ever since. Butter and I are two peas in a pod and I feel so lucky to have her. For her birthday I and Victor bought her tons of treats and a cat tree (which she loves) and she had a fancy meal on her special day. I thought I’d share for you some of her photos of her at 1 month old – she was just a scruffy ball of fluff but so cute. Hope you have a great weekend!

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Fall is starting…

Butter of the Week (1)Butter of the Week: Invasion

I’ve been saying it all week on the blog but I think part of me in still in summer mode. I am just realizing that soon leaving the house without a jacket will be a no go, or opening the back door so Butter can enjoy the balcony. In anticipation of the colder weather I think I will try and setup a few more photo shoots and try exploring Montreal a bit more on the weekends. So far I have plans to paint the bedroom. I am so excited. Me and Victor finally agreed on a color, Alice Blue – we actually painted our bedroom at one of our older houses that color. I want something a bit darker but the compromise is I get to paint the entrance peach/coral color which is fine by me. Besides painting though I am working on selecting photography for postcards I am going to be printing off. I cannot wait to show you guys the postcards once I get them, its tough deciding what makes it. This week has been great though and I am incubating a lot of ideas for upcoming months. Let me know how your week was, meanwhile check out Butter invading our neighbor’s balconies. Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Butter of the Week (6) Butter of the Week (2) Butter of the Week (3) Butter of the Week (4) Butter of the Week (5)


Butter of the Week

Butter (3), butter of the weekButter of the Week is back! These were taken on the weekend in Butter’s hideout. I swear the vines on our balconey are out of control, they’ve almost swallowed the chair entirelly. It’s nice for Butter as there is 2 cats now that live in the apartments near us so she has a place to watch the other cats and of course for hunting birds. I thought I’d take a few shots before we have to trim the vines back for fall. Hope you’ve had a great week and if your lucky enough to get weekends off, enjoy! My week has been filled with anixety and I am really hoping this weekend it just really a realeases and I can enjoy myself. I am trying a new popsicle recipe (gin and tonic) and working on some cute DIY ideas. It will be a packed weekend and I’ll get to spend time with Victor after working evenings all week and missing him. Enjoy Butter’s hideout!

Butter (8), butter of the weekButter (4), butter of the weekButter (10), butter of the week Butter (7)Butter (2), butter of the weekButter (9)