Vintage Tuesday: French Landscapes

All the landscapes photographs I am sharing today were taken in the 1950’s and feature France’s coast line. I usually buy all my vintage photography in person but I couldn’t resist buying these on Etsy as most common photography from this era were portraits. Sadly it was not a good experience, all the photographs were glued onto the folder they came in which I didn’t know until it arrived. You can see the 2nd photo there is a rip in the middle from when I tried to release it and others that have a circle in the middle because of the glue attaching it to the folder. Regardless of the bad experience I still enjoy these and I can’t help but dream of visiting the French coast at some point. The waves make me miss the ocean, but it’s interesting how different the coast line is from what I’m used to. I’d love to get vintage photographs from around the world of the ocean as it’s amazing to see.

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Extra Train Shots

train shots (15)Okay so I lied last week when I said there wouldn’t be any more snow photos, but in all fairness there is actually still snow in Montreal. Much to my disdain as the yo-yo’ing of the weather has given me a permanent cold and I’ve been feeling unwell for weeks. But today I’d rather focus on happier days like my trip to Toronto at the start of February. I had a few shots left from the train ride up to Toronto and wanted to share them. Sadly the train’s windows were pretty dirty so all the photos have this smog quality to them but I just love the ones of Lake Ontario so much I couldn’t resist showing them. I was actually planned this big trip to one of the small towns that we drove past on the train a few weeks ago. I was hoping to go for my birthday weekend in July and just spend a few days with my feet in the sand and swimming in Lake Ontario as I’ve never swam or visited any of the Great Lakes. Sadly it turned out it’s the type of place families make a tradition of going to every year so this awesome motel I wanted to stay at on the beach side was literally booked for everyday for the whole summer already – ALREADY. That’s crazy to me. It was perfect too because we could have taken the train directly there and it was so small you could pretty much just walk everywhere. I’m tempted to book for next summer but Victor’s convinced me that it’s nuts. Hope you enjoy my train window shots!

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Prince Edward Island Day 3: Horses, Saying Goodbye and New Brunswick.

Today marks the last day I’ll be sharing my photos from Prince Edward Island. This is from our last few hours in PEI to our long and tedious drive home through New Brunswick. It was such an amazing trip and it was great to finally see 2 provinces in Canada that I had never been too. At some point on our trip we reached a turn off for Nova Scotia (another province and if we had time we could have drove 20minutes just to say we had been there. Haha. All in all it was really fun and probably the best moment of the summer for me as I love a good road trip. The tree near our house is starting to turn orange so I am all excited again for the start of Fall – I will have plenty of non-summer adventures to show you too coming in October. If you missed the previous weeks about PEI, my little round up is here starting with Day 1, Day 2 part I & part II, the first half of Day 3, and the special photo shoot of Zara. So let’s get started, last week we end with the north tip of PEI and headed down the coast again towards the bridge and we found….

Prince Edward Island (71)Horses!!! Zara stopped the car so we could check them out.

Prince Edward Island (74) Continue reading %s


Day 1: Travelling to Prince Edward Island

So last weekend I got an offer from my friend Zara to go on a road trip and camp because she had wanted to go to Prince Edward Island. For those of you who don’t know Canadian geography, it’s an island/province on the east coast tip of Canada on the Atlantic Ocean just across from the province of New Brunswick. It’s roughly a 12hour drive from the Montreal. I was really excited because the farthest east in Canada I have been is Quebec City and have never been to either NB or PEI before. As well I am a huge lover of islands (I grew up on an island) and always feel so spiritually happy being near the ocean. I really wanted to show you some of my photos from the trip so I thought I’d share them over the next few Thursdays.

prince edward island (1)After a few wrong turns we made it out of Montreal and hit the road just after 7am.

prince edward island (5)First stop of the trip was this random town because Zara gave up on finding a small town bakery for breakfast.

prince edward island (4)After passing Quebec City we saw our first peak of the Atlantic Ocean and then headed inland again

prince edward island (6) prince edward island (8)And just like that the time zone changed an hour ahead and we slipped from Quebec into New Brunswick Continue reading %s