Instant Crush: Ising Pucky 1

isingpucky026, ising puckyisingpucky020, ising puckyisingpucky029
A sneak peak at some of the Ising Pucky 1 photos I from Vancouver. I’ve never used the Ising before on portrait shots and it appears the focus is just not ideal for portraits at all (lesson learned).  There is two fixed focus distances for the camera and I used the lowest which I thought would be far enough for most portrait shots. I think I will try one more time with more range on the subject but I am happy just using this amazing camera for landscape if I have to. I think the next test to do with this camera is colored film. Despite the lack of focus on the subject’s faces I still cannot help but love these shots.
Thanks so much to my models: Lisa Michelle, Ana Droid and Jessica!

isingpucky035, ising puckyisingpucky055, ising puckyisingpucky057, ising pucky

*if you wanna see more photos taken with the Ising Pucky (here or here)


Kitty Mask

Self Portrait (88)  Self Portrait (95)Self Portrait (99)
There is such perfect symmetry you can find with double exposures – I love trying to find it because it really pays off when you get that perfect mixture of light, contrast and texture. I adore my sparkly kitty mask, I don’t even remember where I picked it up from anymore but I remember seeing it and knowing I had to have it. This makes me miss my bangs, I’ve been considering getting them again….hair decisions are always the hardest. I always find myself looking back at what I had last year and debating (this photo is from last September or October).  I thought I’d end on a non-double exposure so you can see the mask in more detail.

Self Portrait (93)


One by One

I recently went through all my current Citizen Erased masks and toke a photo of front and back of each of them. It was really fun, and I’m thinking that I will start making some more soon. A few of them are broken a bit from being put in boxes so much in the last few years when I moved so I do need to repair a few of them as well. I really cannot wait to find a place to put them in my new house. It always takes me awhile to decide where they look best and try different ways to showcase them. Hope you enjoy them, I love making mixed media projects.

citizen erased photography (3), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (4), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (8), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (2)citizen erased photography (5), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (6)citizen erased photography (9)citizen erased photographycitizen erased photography (7), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (10), citizen erased masksall of them together:
citizen erased photography (13)


Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil.

citizenerasedphotography, mask, citizen erasedcitizenerasedphotography, mask, citizen erasedcitizenerasedphotographycitizenerasedphotographycitizenerasedphotographycitizenerasedphotography

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil is a set of photos taken back in 2009 when I lived in Vancouver of my friend and room-mate at the time Sarah. She was one of the first people who let me make a mask of her face and posed specifically for the mask project (half of them are made with photos I’ve taken but not with the intention of making a mask). Her mask turned out far more surreal then I had expecting and I love the extra eyes. After I made the mask she posed wearing it and I love the results. She just so beautiful, it’s a shame in most of these photos her face is covered. I think my list of people I want to do more photo shoots with is getting super long. I am going back to Vancouver this summer so who knows.




citizen erased, citizen erased photography, maskThis mask is my favourite out of my Citizen Erased project, it helps that Jessika has such beautiful eyes. These two shots are from 2009 at the place where me and Jessika actually worked together. She is kindly wearing the mask of her face and posing for me on the rooftop.  I love these two shots, I really hope to do a proper photo shoot in the future with Jessika wearing the mask when I am back to Vancouver. These masks were my passion for so long, I love looking at them and really hope to make more. Its hard to force myself to produce art, I’d much rather wait for inspiration to take hold.

citizen erased, citizen erased photography, mask