May in Review

may in reviewMay was a great month and I’m so glad it’s finally summer and maybe just maybe the sun will come out to play. I’ve managed to make so many great additions to our apartment this month, from new plants to painting the living room. I love when ideas start coming together and I can check them off the list. Last weekend was such a great way to ushering out May – Mutek was so great and it’s just the beginning. I have so many plans for the summer, besides just sleeping on my hammock and relaxing in the air conditioning (we just bought both of those and cannot wait for them to arrive). My bike was also fixed this week so me and Victor can start finding places to explore around Montreal that are far away. I also have 3 new toy cameras to play around with in June (will have a post all about them next week if you want to know what I picked up). The biggest thing I’ve been excited for about summer was starting to make popsicles but our fridge decided to break at the beginning of the month so I’ve had to hold off on making any. I have so many recipes I want to perfect and then share with you guys. I’m hoping this week we can have it repaired and I can start filling the freezer with fresh fruit popsicles. For the blog I have tons of posts I’m working on, keeping up with trying to do more reviews and just loving my 52 Weeks of Self-Portrait project. One decision I’ve made though is to put off my 100 Strangers project until next year. I’ve been working really hard on various projects that I’m really excited for and just do not have the time to invest into capturing 100 Strangers (I’ve taken 2 photos since starting in January…that is so bad). I started the year really excited to do it but feel at this point to force myself to do it would be a disservice and it’s better to not stretch myself too thin. One of the other reasons is because this summer I’ll be dedicating myself to a project for an upcoming art show I want to put together. Also the other project I’ve wanted to do People vs. Places is more flexible and easier for me to start. Do you ever find yourself overloading on projects? I’m the worst at that. Ready for more though!

Montreal in the 1940s Part I & Part 2vintage-photography-montreal-14

My Toy Camera Collectiontoy-camera-14

Holga Lens Reviewholga-lens-review-1

52 Weeks of Self-Portraits: Shadowplay52-weeks-of-self-portraits-1

Double Exposure: Montreal Sunrisemontreal-sunrise-14

A Walk Through Vieux-Montrealvieux-montreal-26

Monthly DIY: Easy Mode Chocolatesdinosaur chocolates (2)

Double Exposure: All That Glittersdouble-exposure-photography-6

What I’ve Been Listening To:

What I’ve Been Reading:

  • Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin
    * Currently only read on way to and from work which is like 1 chapter a day.
  • Saga by Brian K.
  • Creature Journal Volume 1 by Mark A. Facey
  • Girl Glue Zine “Issue 1” by Mel Stringer

Pick of the Week: May Treasures

So many amazing things I’ve found online lately. Feel so wonderful that there is artists and trades people out there being able to make a living using Etsy and Storenvy. It’s really a wonderful thing and there is just so many treasures around the corner. Feel like if I was ever able to afford even half of these items on here I’d feel like the luckiest girl on the world. lol. Check out May treasures!may treasures

  • Theres No Place Like Home print by dannybrito
    Dannybrito’s art is so simple and cute, love this print
  • Mininature Mushroom Pincushion by FoxtailCreekStudio
    Such a cute gift for a friend who likes sewing (I don’t sew a thing)
  • Feather Watercolor print by RiverLuna
    I love the color combination of these feathers and the tribal feel
  • Baby Hibbo Totem by HandyMaiden
    I want a whole collection of totems, her’s at my favourite and she constantly has new ones. My friend is obsessed with hippos for some reason and this made me think of him.
  • Tiger Moth Hand Carved Stamp by extase
    Love hand carved stamps, there is some really talents people making stamps on Etsy, it’s worth a search if you like stamps.
  • Terrarium Air Plant Doll by EarthSeaWarrior
    So this may be my house by the end of the summer, air plants in doll bodies – best idea ever.
  • Mina & Milala paper dolls by SandraArteagA
    I’d have so many artist paper dolls if I could, she has a whole bunch and other pieces of art. 
  • Glow Xray Cat Patch by CyanFoxDesigns
    Been looking at patches a lot lately and this one is beyond cute. Continue reading %s