Vintage Tuesday: Metro-Flex & Brownie Fiesta Kodak

metro-flex amd brownieToday I am going to take a closer look at two of my newest vintage cameras the Metro-Flex and the Kodak Brownie Fiesta that I like to call my ‘minis’ because they are just so darn small and compact.

Brownie Fiesta Camera

The Brownie Fiesta is a 127 film camera made in the 1960s by the Eastman Kodak Company all over the world. It’s a plastic fixed focus camera of f/11 and the shutter speed of 1/40second. There are a few variations of this camera either as a later model or due from the country manufacturing it. I have the original model made between 1962 and 1965 with the plastic silver face plate, viewfinder and hand strap but without flash capability. I chose this version because of unique shape and the shiny front texture. It’s also the smallest vintage camera I have currently in my collection, fitting in the palm of my hand and made with super lightweight plastic. There are so many different Kodak Brownies but this one has a lot of charm, I haven’t had the chance to use it yet but hope to soon.

kodak fiesta camera (3) kodak fiesta camera (4)


The Metro-Flex camera is a Bakelite pseudo reflex camera made in the 1940s by the Metropolitan Industries Company. This American camera uses 127 film and creates half frame exposures. There isn’t much information about this camera available nowadays except that it has a close resemblance to the Clix-O-Flex (made by the same company) and that there are only three styles of the camera available. I chose to get the version with the textured Bakelite because I just love the uniqueness of it over the other two styles which were very typical of camera during that time. This camera has absolutely no setting options except bulb mode (which they call TIME) and it is also capable of double exposures. I love that it’s a half frame camera as well however it’s hard to tell because I have only used 35 film inside mine. The 127 film is no longer being made but using 127 film spools the camera can work with 35 film or cut down 120 film. I am curious to know what the images would look like on the original film type, if you want to see my photographs taken with this camera click here!

metro-flex (1) metro-flex metro-flex (3)metro-flex (4)
My viewfinder is very cloudy, example photo below of what it’s like to look through it. Don’t know if it’s an issue with the inside of the glass being dirty or the normal view of the viewfinder.

metro-flex (5)


Metro-Flex and Me

I wanted to start a series with Self Portrait Sunday documenting me as a photographer as currently I have very few photos of me with my cameras which to me is so odd because I carry them around with me everywhere. It feels like there is a large part of me going undocumented so I thought the best way was to once a month or so to document myself with one of my many camera. I thought it’d be great to capture me with my cameras and do little mini-shoots with them as the subject and dress in an outfit I thought suited the camera’s style. I’m usually one of those people who scorns at shots of people with their vintage camera or toy camera because they always seem to be a prop (which I find it frustrating as a photographer because even though I understand their beautify it seems sacrilegious to deprive them their actual function as that is what intrigues and delights me about cameras and it’s what they can do not how I look with them in my hands that I love). Yet at the same time the desire to share a camera from my collection with you that I have experimented with and invested in to use at capturing moments of my life seemed worth it as I feel like I try to use them as an extension of myself. So without further ado I present the first in the series:  Metro-Flex and Me.

Self-Portrait Sunday: Metro-Flex and Me

Metro-Flex is a half frame pseudo reflex camera made in the 1940’s that uses 127 roll film. I picked mine up over Etsy because I loved the art deco Bakelite metal exterior that has an almost a quilted pattern to it. Mine doesn’t have the usual string strap to make it wearable around the neck which would have been helpful because to take photos and properly view the viewfinder you have to hold it around waist level. It’s in great condition and I love how satisfying the sound of the metal shutter is when you press it down. For the shoot I thought my black jacket with coat tails and the crazy pattern of my tights would work great with the cameras art deco appearance.  It was hard to find something perfect to wear with the camera because it’s hard to imagine who exactly would use a camera like the Metro-Flex (there isn’t a lot of information available about this beauty). Below you can see me lining up a shoot and getting ready to press down the shutter…if you want to view photos I’ve taken with it check out my Vintage Tuesday post: here!

metro-flex (2)


Vintage Tuesday

metro-flex (19)

Today’s photos were taken with the Metro-Flex vintage camera from 1940’s. This is one of my new additions to my vintage camera collection and I love having the chance to try it out. I am using 35 film because 127 film is not made anymore except one company that only offers expensive color negative film (black and white was being offered by appears to be discontinued). If you want to know how I converted my 35 film to fit a 127 camera, check out my How To….! I was so excited to try it out that I just toke it with me when I went to the shops, so the subject matter is not very interesting but I wanted to see what kind of shots the camera could produce and try a few things to see what type of results I could get. This is a great thing to do with old cameras, especially if you note down the conditions for each photos like subject distance, light conditions, time of day/weather and compare with the results. The Metro-Flex has no settings so it really trial and error, especially since using my method of conversion I don’t have an indicator marks on the film to see when I’ve reached the correct spot when advancing the film. The shots are neat and I will show you more next time I take it out with me.

metro-flex (12)metro-flex (20)metro-flex (6)metro-flex (7) metro-flex (9)metro-flex (17)


May in Review

mayinreviewMay has been an interesting month for me, I’ve been working really hard on the blog and even found some time to start work on my website. It’s been a hard month for take photography though as it’s been raining on most of the days off I get from my day job. I really enjoyed it though and have really started to feel the positive forces from moving to my new house. My house hasn’t change much this month but I am hoping by mid-June to have all the little projects I want to do finished. I have a big plan for rainbow cupcakes next week as well that I am hoping will turn out amazing. I hope you all had a great May and that you are excited for June because I have a feeling it will be amazing.

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Vintage Tuesday

Things that happened in May:

  • Saw my favourite band and it was an amazing show!
  • I continued to decorate my new house and manged to paint my living room a lovely purple (I love it). We plan on painting every room except the kitchen and the bathroom. I hope to finish in June.
  • Started my first herb garden and bought a few small plants for the house. I did a post about it here
  • My first What I Wore, there was a good response and I have more planned for June.
  • Did a photo shoot with my co-worker Jenny, the end results are here.
  •  I got two new vintage cameras: Brownie Fiesta and Metro-Flex
  • Made my hair half blue and half green which I love, but it’s super faded now so in June there will be a new color!


I love working on improving this blog to make sure it has posts that I enjoy doing and that will be interesting to read. So with this in mind I’ll be doing Saturday Review’s bi-weekly instead of weekly to insure great content with all my posts. I’ve started to notice that my art book collection is drying up and I love doing books I personally own/love and am happy to share, so I don’t want to start reviewing books beyond that criteria. I always intended for Saturday Review to cover more than art books so I will continue to incorporate those into Saturday Review (for right now I do one post a month that is not an art book and I think I will keep it that way). I am also currently speaking with my good friend Ana about her reviewing a few of her books as she has a wonderful collection and it’d be great to have her opinions on here. Being able to do the post bi-weekly means I can spend more time on my photography and that I don’t have to worry about running out of books.