Things That Make Me Smile

This month’s “Things That Make Me Smile” features photos from walks around Montreal I’ve been going on with Victor plus Halloween bits and bobs. I’m always excited in October, as Goth Christmas used to be the biggest deal for me. The last few years (heaven forbid I’m getting old and losing my touch) I’ve haven’t gotten too crazy to Halloween but it’s still fun.  I miss having a front door to decorate and give out candy to neighborhood kids or going to the Basement for a big party. I really should have just convinced Victor to go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show with me this year – I’ve never been before but have always wanted to go. Regardless it’s been a great month, here are the moments that really made it…

things that make me smile - CopyPicking flowers  to press! Although I think I enjoy the picking process more than the pressing process. Flowers look so amazing when they are fresh.

things that make me smile (4) things that make me smile (3)This house has some impressive vines. I love that we have vines on our balcony but I dream of the day I can own a house covered in them.

things that make me smile (2)Victor and I’s initials carved into the sidewalk outside of our house. They did construction on our street for 5 months and just finished in the beginning of October – even though they had a security guard I managed to write in the cement before it dried for all the days woken up to drills.

forest cemetery (61)This photo isn’t from October but I had to include it. This portrait of John on his tombstone was really touching.

things that make me smile (1)Maple Leaves! Even though these are the icon of Canada we don’t have many maple trees on the West Coast so living in Montreal gives me a chance to enjoy them and their amazing colors.

things that make me smile (7) things that make me smile (6)Starchild Stela had a show here in Montreal during October, it featured a wide range of her work from paintings, illustrations, to photography of her graffiti, and her newest work with silk screening and doilies. She included two photos that I took in her show (in the first picture) which was really awesome. Check her out if you haven’t already!

things that make me smile (8)things that make me smile (9)I love the flowers that are still kicking around in Fall. I find Montreal looks the most pretty as a city in October. My little unicorn container is where I put all my flowers that I need to get home safe to press.

things that make me smile (2)What’s more perfect than a walk surrounded by this?

things that make me smile (10)All the Halloween goodies I managed to find around town. I love the skull decanter & shot glasses the most.

things that make me smileMy snail mail setup with spooky postcards/cards, stickers, and stamps. These stamps are holographic and feature various ghosts apart of Canadian folklore – so awesome.

things that make me smile (1) things that make me smileThis is my anniversary present! I found this Halloween snow globe just waiting in line at Winners. I immediately picked it up and shock it so all the black sparkles went everywhere and was delighted. The best thing though – it plays music too. Probably the best anniversary present I will ever get from Victor – honestly it’s so cool. He wanted to buy me another one but when we went back a 2nd time they had all disappeared.

things that make me smile (5)The coloring on this graffiti piece is sublime.

things that make me smileMy sticker table! I spent so many hours this month getting this all together. It always rewarding when a project works out wonderfully.

things that make me smile (3)This part of pressing flowers is not as fun as picking them but I love laying them out and seeing how pretty they are.

things that make me smile (1)things that make me smile (2)Enjoying both the best strawberry cheesecake in Montreal and Mont-Royal on a warm day.

things that make me smile (4)things that make me smile (5) things that make me smile (6)We found the best street in the Plateau area of Montreal for Halloween decorations.

Well this month was cramped packed. I honestly had a lot more that I could have chosen as well. Everything about this month and Halloween make me grin from ear to ear. At work I plan on dressing up and having even more fun and I’ll also be doing a special Halloween post tomorrow.


Double Exposure: Mont-Royal

Today I felt like sharing some of my less recent double exposure from back in November when me and Victor went on a walk to Mont-Royal. One of our goals this spring and summer is to go for walks every weekend and I was remind of one of my favourite places to walk to. I will have to go back when the weather is a bit warmer to attend Tam-Tams and perhaps to go to the massive graveyard that’s on the opposite side of the hill. They even had a gaint pond you can rent paddle boats at but it’s pretty small. I don’t think we even went to Tams-Tams once last year which was a shame because laying on a blanket with the sun on your face is really unbeatable way to spend Sunday afternoons.

I also have these as postcards: here!

double exposure mont royal (6) double exposure mont royal (11) double exposure mont royal (8) double exposure mont royal (18) double exposure mont royal (23) double exposure mont royal (36) double exposure mont royal (29) double exposure mont royal (33) double exposure mont royal (26) double exposure mont royal (34) double exposure mont royal (24) double exposure mont royal (27)


Winter Walk

bokeh lightsMontreal looks so wonderful under a good layer of snow. I hope it snows again soon because right now downtown just looks dirty and depressing in the dim winter lighting. I find it a lot more magical when there is at least a few inches of snow to crunch under my feet and go for a good winter walk (even if I have to walk super slow to avoid all the ice so I don’t slip and hit my head). I think Quebec as a Province looks its best in the winter. But anyways enough rambling aside, I really enjoy these photos from me and Victor’s walk a few weeks ago to our favourite Jewish diner. The sun was just starting to set towards the end and the snow with the vieux buildings and the street lights just really work nicely together. I am hoping to get into a forest and take some proper winter photos soon but in the meantime while I figure out how to get to a forest enjoy my urban splendor.

portrait bokeh lightsportraitbokeh lightswinter walk (8) winter walk (10)winter walk (40)winter walk (18) portrait winter walk (19) winter walk (20) portraitwinter walk (25)bokeh lights winter walk (24)winter walk (27)winter walk (28)Oh and it was also the day we said goodbye to our Christmas tree. I don’t know when Christmas trees are suppose to be taken down but we threw ours away in the first week of January and I am still seeing them when I walk around.

christmas tree



Autumn Polaroids

polaroid colorpack018 (1024x815)Today’s Vintage Tuesday is Polaroid shots taken in November from a walk to Parc La Fontaine and in our back balcony. I love the first shot of the man-made lake, it’s so calm and the smearing of the ink on the side make it almost looks like a water color. I haven’t shot any film with my Colorpack in almost a month now, I’ve been trying to get my other land camera polaroid to work instead so I’ve been holding onto my film. I am actually going to do a How To for my land camera because I need to convert it from a speciality battery to AAs. However ever place I ask about buying a converter to install I just get blank faces but I haven’t resorted to buying it online yet so it’ll take some time to track it down locally. I did watch a few videos last week about making double exposures with Polaroid film. I am very curious to test it out so maybe I’ll load my Colorpack up again soon and see if I can. It’s freezing here so not the best time of the year for taking instant photos. Let me know if you’ve tried taking double exposures with Polaroid cameras and if you had any luck!

polaroid colorpack036 (1024x816)polaroid colorpack039 (1024x815) polaroid colorpack035 (1024x825)polaroid colorpack028 (1024x823)polaroid colorpack025 (1024x819)


Fall portrait

victor (18)So many photos from November I haven’t even shared yet…I cannot help but reminiscence about the colorful leaves on the ground, right now it’s just grey outside for days on end. I cannot wait until snow reaches as far as my eyes can see. I love that feeling like you are in a snow globe – all snuggly and warm surrounded by snow. I keep seeing photos of people in the woods during winter and feeling pangs in my stomach because I would love that so much. Some days being a transit girl for life just bums me out. When you live in a city you really need a car to escape it. The photos today are of Victor taken a few weeks ago at the bottom of Mont-Royal. His birthday is next week on December 10th and he is turning 32! So this is my birthday post of sorts to him looking all cute in the leaves.
victor (6)victor (7) victor (5) victor (13)victor (11)victor (12) victor (19)victor (24)victor (20)victor (23)victor (21)
I love the last photo of his silly face. I always take a photo of us together when we do things because I print them off and create a little book at the end of the year for our anniversary.

victor (25)I loved my outfit so I made Victor take photos of me and then I decided to do the can-can.

victor (15) victor (16)