September Treasures

september treasures


Pick of the Week: August Treasures

august treasures

  • Drop Dead print by Liz C Illustration
    The print is on discount and I just love this style.
  • Zine about Japan by Danadamki
    I am starting to have quiet the zine collection, they are really fun.
  • Cupcake Rabbit by Pandoras Playhouse
    This is no longer available but I’m so in love I wanted to share!
  • Wildling print by Julie Filipenko
    Her artwork is pretty magical, I just love this print and others on her store!
  • Princess and Unicorn birthday card set by Ecala
    Fat unicorns might just be the best thing ever.
  • Panda brooch by Kaeselotti
    What more do you need then a panda brooch?
  • Floral Headband by Little Hand Made Goods
    I know, I know, floral headbands are super hipster but I can still like them.
  • Sticker Heaven pack by Girliepains
    I love her artwork and these stickers make me so happy, cannot wait to pick these up
  • Felt Brooch by Tangled by Gretel
    Her felt work is so interesting and she chooses such great colors!
  • Dolly Bow Headwrap by Joo Sweetie
    Hair accessories are the best in the summer and these are super cute
  • French Macaroron soap by Aubrey E Apothecary
    All the soaps look so real, I’m love shaped soaps and these look good enough to eat
  • Optical Illusion cat bed by The Cat Ball
    I really want to buy one of these for Butter’s birthday but she hates cat beds so much
  • Caddisfly wing earrings by Horseflesh
    I will always share you earrings because I can’t wear them and that makes me sad sometimes
  • Forbinnen Fruit Jewels soap by Lovely Body
    Keep looking at soap lately because I’d love to start making my own
  • Dinosaur pattern and embossing rolling pin by Valek Rolling Pin
    Keep seeing people posting about these rolling pins – want so badly. Wish I made cookies more.
  • Nine Lives Zine by Kriski
    Another zine for you guys to check out

August Treasures are still in the summer spirit even though we are getting close to the end. Its fun to have a look on Etsy and Storenvy and find really cool shops that make handmade items. I’ve gotten so excited about creating my little treasures lists I’ve already started Septembers and Octobers. Hope you are enjoying the month and have fun looking at all my picks for this month.


Pick of the Week: May Treasures

So many amazing things I’ve found online lately. Feel so wonderful that there is artists and trades people out there being able to make a living using Etsy and Storenvy. It’s really a wonderful thing and there is just so many treasures around the corner. Feel like if I was ever able to afford even half of these items on here I’d feel like the luckiest girl on the world. lol. Check out May treasures!may treasures

  • Theres No Place Like Home print by dannybrito
    Dannybrito’s art is so simple and cute, love this print
  • Mininature Mushroom Pincushion by FoxtailCreekStudio
    Such a cute gift for a friend who likes sewing (I don’t sew a thing)
  • Feather Watercolor print by RiverLuna
    I love the color combination of these feathers and the tribal feel
  • Baby Hibbo Totem by HandyMaiden
    I want a whole collection of totems, her’s at my favourite and she constantly has new ones. My friend is obsessed with hippos for some reason and this made me think of him.
  • Tiger Moth Hand Carved Stamp by extase
    Love hand carved stamps, there is some really talents people making stamps on Etsy, it’s worth a search if you like stamps.
  • Terrarium Air Plant Doll by EarthSeaWarrior
    So this may be my house by the end of the summer, air plants in doll bodies – best idea ever.
  • Mina & Milala paper dolls by SandraArteagA
    I’d have so many artist paper dolls if I could, she has a whole bunch and other pieces of art. 
  • Glow Xray Cat Patch by CyanFoxDesigns
    Been looking at patches a lot lately and this one is beyond cute. Continue reading %s