L’International des Feux, Montreal

A tragic thing happened to me last month, I was going to sort through my L’International des Feux photos to get this post ready and I realized that I had never taken the photos off my camera and put them on my computer and of course as they were taken at the beginning of July my SD card in my camera had long been reformatted and those photos lost forever. I was heartbroken. Mostly because as much I love taking photos of fireworks I’m definitely not amazing at it and that night I had all the right settings and they shots were really exciting and so much better than previous photos. I was really excited to experiment more and improve but sadly that night was one of the only nights I went to L’International des Feux.  Thankfully the night I took them I had put 5 of them on my computer to share so I do have those (5 outta 146 – sad face). There was also 1 last show that happened after I realized my goof so I did take a few there as well to share, they aren’t super exciting as the last show is always a musical tribute and since it’s not a part of the competition it’s pretty tame but I’m pretty happy with them. Next year! I’m ready for next year. Anyways enjoy my shots of ….L International des Feux, Montreal (20)L International des Feux, Montreal (5)L International des Feux, Montreal (7)L International des Feux, Montreal (3)L International des Feux, Montreal (7)L International des Feux, Montreal (17)L International des Feux, Montreal (14)L International des Feux, Montreal (12)L International des Feux, Montreal (11)L International des Feux, Montreal (4)L International des Feux, Montreal (4)L International des Feux, Montreal (6)

The 2nd night we went there was too much glare from the fireworks to take photos so I ended up taking a bunch of videos and stuck them all together… [media url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHPESNiPPpo”]


Fête des Neiges

fete des neiges (4)Fête des Neiges happened at the beginning of February which was forever ago but I kept putting off sorting through my massive folder of photos. I honestly didn’t even think these would still be relevant this late in March but yup there is still a few feet of snow on the ground and its -10 in Montreal. It’s a fun festival and there was a lot of things to do…most of them are for little kids but me and Victor still enjoyed going to have a walk around. Thought I’d share our fun weekend day freezing our ass off and celebrating snow!

fete des neiges (2)fete des neiges (3)fete des neiges (1)
I loved this snowman and his awesome feathers.

fete des neiges (6)The first thing we headed to when we arrived was the temporary skating rink.

fete des neiges (5)fete des neiges (9)fete des neiges (13) fete des neiges (12)fete des neiges (7)fete des neiges (10)Victor doesn’t skate so I only went around a few times so he wasn’t too bored. I keep telling him he needs to buy skates and learn but no luck this year.
fete des neiges (14)fete des neiges (17)fete des neiges (34) fete des neiges (18) fete des neiges (22)A few of the other activities they had.

fete des neiges (21) fete des neiges (24)fete des neiges (23) fete des neiges (26) fete des neiges (27)fete des neiges (33)fete des neiges (31) fete des neiges (30)fete des neiges (32)I loved the ice house they made that looked like Legos.

fete des neiges (28)fete des neiges (29)I manged to convince Victor to watch the guy making ice sculptures with a chainsaw.

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Nuit Blanche

nuit blanche (8)Nuit Blanche is a super fun festival we have in Montreal where for 1 winter day and night you can go around to the city to all these museums, café’s, art galleries and more to see artwork, participate in activities, see bands and so much more. I love it even though the last few years I haven’t put much effort into finding activities to do for the whole night up until the 3am cut-off. We actually spent more time checking the Montreal en Lumiere festival that we hadn’t had a chance to see yet instead of seeing art….

nuit blanche (6)nuit blanche (5)nuit blanche (11)We arrived and of course it’s packed with people and snow heavily.

nuit blanche (17) nuit blanche (14)nuit blanche (13)Have no idea what DJ was playing but he was actually pretty good. I love having loud music at festivals espically when the place is packed.

nuit blanche (19) nuit blanche (18)There was a laser show that you stood on a stage for a few minutes and had stuff just come at you, you could just stand beside the stage and see the whole thing anyways.

nuit blanche (21)You could have your face projected onto the side of the building, it was really trippy.

nuit blanche (20)nuit blanche (3) nuit blanche (2)I’ve never done the Milk Run but I’ve always wanted to. The line was too huge though, same for the ferris wheel which I go on every year. The next day we wanted to go back as the Montreal en Lumiere festival had one more day left but we were way too tired and lazy.

nuit blancheMy favorite band, We Are Wolves was playing for free though at the Cinémathèque Québécoise so I dragged him there after checking out the festival area. They room had amazing ballooons attached to the ceiling.

nuit blanche (1)Victor is a little pissed at me because he wanted to go to the Belgo building which we went to on our first Nuit Blanche years ago that had 4 levels of art studios to check out (we were actually a block away from the  Belgo building earlier) and they ended up playing at 12am instead of their supposed time. We ended up waiting around for an hour and a half and they played a full hour set. I looked online while we were waiting and it said the other events will go on to 3am but by the time the concert was over and we had walked there…there was literally no art studios open. :( Let’s just say we were a little bummed about it.

nuit blanche (4)These photos lack any art at all except the last photo which was on a wall at the Belgo building. The We Are Wolves photos that will be on next Thursday post!

Ps. This was actually posted on Friday night at 11pm because I hadn’t finished it by Wednesday night and then I got really drunk with my co-workers have an extra shitty shift at work and was too hung over all of Thursday for blogging)


Igloofest Instants

igloofest (8)Igloofest has been happening here in Montreal for the last few weeks and it’s been amazing freezing my ass off in the cold dancing to EDM music. I wanted to celebrate my favourite festival by showing you guys all the silly instant photos I’ve collected over the years at Igloogest for Lomography Wednesday. I don’t know if this is a thing outside of Montreal but here we have this amazing company Matonvu which sets up photo booths around the city randomly at certain events so anyone who wants one can have a free instant photo (hence why these are covered in ads) . It’s such a great idea and at Igloofest they go a step further and actually have a real photographer take the photos instead of the photo booth. I always go and get a photo taken even though I hate having my photo taken because I just love collecting them and it is such a great way to capture that night at Igloofest. Two years ago when me and Victor went every Igloofest event so  the people running the photo  booth started to  remembered us which is hilarious to me (the only random people who recognize me is postal employees and Matonvu employees). Anyways, here is my silly collection of Igloofest photos from 2010 to 2014.


igloofest (5)igloofest  igloofest (12)igloofest (11)igloofest (7) igloofest (3) igloofest (1)igloofest (4) igloofest (9)igloofest (2)igloofest (10)igloofest (2)igloofest

Let’s just say I have lots more of these photos but they are too bad to show you. I look so angry in photos unless I try really hard. It is amazing how pissed off I can look even though I am really happy. Let me know in the comments if your town has a company like Matonvu that sets up photo booths!


Mosaïcultures Internationales Part 1

Mosaïcultures Internationales (12)Mosaïcultures Internationales was an event featuring 50 living sculptures throughout the Botanical Garden happening all summer long in Montreal. Me and Victor were very excited to attend but kept forgetting and putting it off. Last weekend was the final weekend so we made the decision that we simply couldn`t let it pass us by. Zara joined us again on our walk through the event as well. We had fun walking around and seeing the giants, I think everyone agreed the Mother Nature sculpture was really the stand out. My favourite was the giant coming out of the ground and throttling the snake and the tree one. The only downside was it being the last day as there were so many people there is was very hard to really enjoy it but we managed to despite that. Enjoy the first half of Mosaicultures, tomorrow I will have another set of phtoos of these amazing statues!

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Me and the Giants

self portrait sunday (2)

Self-Portrait Sunday: Me and the Giants

Yesterday I went to the Mosaicultures event in Montreal with Victor and my friend Zara. They have giant living sculptures that are just breathtaking. The place was packed to the brim but I did manage to sneak in a few shots of myself with the statues. They feel right out of a story tale and are so glad I was able to capture myself beside them…now only if they would come to life. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I want a tree giant to be my friend. lol. There will be more photos on Thursday from our walk around the botanical gardens so look out for that. Hope you had an amazing weekend!

 self portrait sundayself portrait sunday (4)self portrait sunday (7)self portrait sunday (5)
and some shots I took of me with Zara and Victor

self portrait sunday (10)self portrait sunday (3)self portrait sunday (8)


L’International des Feux Loto-Québec (Montreal Fireworks)

montreal fireworks (10), L'International des Feux Loto-Québec I am still going through my photo shoots that I did when I was in Vancouver last week, so this week I wanted to show photos taken of the Montreal fireworks. I am a huge sucker for fireworks and try and watch them whenever I can. I am a bit spoiled because I’ve lived in Vancouver and Montreal for the last 10 years, both of which have festivals for fireworks in the summer months so I can just go watch them weekly. They finished here in Montreal on the weekend and I watched with delight in the rain, I only went 3 times this year due to work schedule and general forgetfulness as well they had 3 shows while I was in Vancouver.  These were shot in July when me and Victor camped out on the bridge and had a piknic before they started. It was just wonderful and really the best view in Montreal for sure. I’ve recently been interested in bokeh type photography so you’ll notice I use this technique on the fireworks.

fireworks (32)fireworks (5), L'International des Feux Loto-Québec fireworks (26)fireworks (22)fireworks (2)fireworks (4)fireworks (15)fireworks (14)fireworks (12)fireworks (13) fireworks (30) fireworks (18) fireworks (6)fireworks (3)
I cannot help myself when it comes to fireworks so there is a few more below as well.

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