Summer of Sunrises

This summer I had a bad work schedule and developed this really bad habit of staying up till past 4am almost every other night – so I decided to document the sunrises from my front window and other locations and called it “Summer of Sunrises” every time I shared a photo. It’s amazing the difference between sunrises day in and day out, I actually didn’t even bother document some because when it rains or is heavily cloudy it’s almost impossible to see even the sun rise, it just gets suddenly light outside. Going back in all my folders to find these I was surprised about how few there actually was in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps next year I will do a more serious summer of sunrise’s documentary…if my sleep allows it. This seems like guilty confession since I’m sure most people my age aren’t awake at 4am, let along multiple times in the same week. It sure was a beautiful summer though, oh and August was a little bare since sunrise started to creep up to past 5am to 6am so I put in a few sunsets.

May 4th 5:22am, the first pre-summer sunrisesunrise

June 4th 4:02am, from front windowsunrise

June 6th 4:25, from the front window sunrise (2)

June 7th 4:23, from the front windowsunrise

June 19th 3:55, from the front windowsunrise

June 28th 4:00am, from front windowsunrise

July 1st 4:11am, from the front windowsunrise

July 3rd 3:54am & 4:29am, from the front windowsunrise (2) sunrise (3)

July 8th 4:15 & 4:31, from Jacques Cartier Bridge sunrisesunrise (2)

July 13th 4:12, from the front windowsunrise Continue reading %s


Double Exposure: Montreal Sunrise

montreal sunrise (17)A few weeks ago after The Game of Thrones season premier I ‘accidently’ didn’t go to bed all night because I started to marathon the older season and I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise over the Jacques Cartier Bridge. It was the first glimpse of light that actually made me realize it was 6am and I had in fact been so deeply engrossed in series that I had forgotten to go to bed. It was amazing though watching the sun rise over the bridge from my front window. I am always super thankful that I have such a nice view, sure most of my view is the ugly old buildings across the street but the top half is church and bridge peaks and it really nice. I’ve really been exploring double exposures since starting this weekly post at the beginning of the year and I am absolutely loving it. It feels like such an accomplishment to create a perfect double exposure using a camera instead of Photoshop. I prefer using camera tricks instead. It mimics very much those classic landscape photos where the scenery if reflecting on the body of water back to it – which I love so much.

montreal sunrise (14) montreal sunrise (15)montreal sunrise (11)montreal sunrise (10)montreal sunrise (16)montreal sunrise (18)montreal sunrise (4) montreal sunrise (12)montreal sunrise (13)