Pick of the Week: Soft Market

Pick of the Week: Soft Market

This weekend in Montreal is the second ever, Soft Market featuring a bunch of great local artists and artisans. This one is the Spring edition and I will be there as a seller with some of my colorful and cute bath products I’ve been making in the last few months. So if you see me there, come say hi! I am pretty excited to see how the reception is and I loved going to the last one so I am sure it will be a fun day.  Below I thought I’d share what I picked up at the last Soft Market so you can get an idea of what type of things will be there.

soft market (1)One of the  organizers is artist Starchild Stela, who I haven’t shared on the blog in awhile. I picked up the Bitter Feels zine, her Support Cuties sticker pack, a Cat Calls patch, and a Not Your Babe pin. I love the support stickers the most!  soft market (3) soft market (2) soft market (4) soft market (11)Sarah Bourget is someone I always see at craft fairs and have to resist buying everything she has. Her custom stickers and mini prints are a dream.  soft market (7)soft market (8) soft market (9) soft market (6)
The other organizer of the event is Lovestruck Prints who’s pastel stickers are adorable.soft market (5)
Swarm stickers, a zine by Kyoko and the business card of this great poetry maker Hea Ryung. I was so broke when I went I couldn’t buy a cup but I deeply regret it. soft market (12)Lastly SugarBones’ JustGirlyThings zine and matching pin, the artist wasn’t there but it’s in the same vibe so thought I’d share. 

If you are coming on Saturday, I look forward to meeting you and I’m excited to check out all the artists and do some trades to add to my growing zine and huge sticker collection.


Just a Cloud

just a cloud (2) just a cloud (11)just a cloud (10) just a cloud (8) just a cloud (9)just a cloud (4)just a cloud (6)spring wavesjust a cloud (12)just a cloud (14) just a cloud (1) just a cloud (15)I know I am writting this at the bottom but scroll to the top and start playing “Cloud” by Fischerspooner and go from the top down again and enjoy the gentle sky photography lull you into the amazing “just a cloud” chorus.


Vintage Tuesday: Girly Thrift

girly thrift (3)When I’m thriting or at antique fairs I normally end up seeking out and buying mostly camera and photography related type items so today I thought I’d share some of my ‘girly thrift’. I know girly might be considered a stereotypical nonexclusive word but I was looking for a broad term that included all the little nick nacks I have around the house for no other reason than they are cute. Anyways, starting off are my retro kitty porcelain salt and pepper shakers and cat figure that I adore.

girly thrift (8)Hello Kitty phone that lights up bought for $1, I don’t know who uses a landline anymore but I use it as a book end.

girly thrift (6)Two vintage frames of mixed media art consisting of an oil painted background with the swans and doves  made with real feathers.

girly thrift (7)A retro Coke Cola wooden display, likely made in the 1970’s based of an older tin sign.

girly thrift (15)A retro My Little Pony missing it’s tail given as a trade.

retro my little pony (3)retro my little pony (2)Found at Puces St-Henri this last weekend, I rarely find My Litte Pony’s while at flea markets that are worth buying so I was excited. The price of $20 for all 3 was a bit much but I caved.

girly thrift (9)Vintage taxidermy keychain, I consider it my Pokemon.

girly thrift (12)Darling chocolate tin featuring a cat, unsure of year but probably after 1950s.

girly thriftA vintage Talc tin for Evening in Paris, likely 1920s era.

sailor moon (2)Not thrifted but had to include my desktop Sailor Scouts.

girly thrift (14)And lastly my grandmother’s perfume bottle, which has a delightful shape and color.

Happy Thrifting!


Multiple Exposure: Dome

multiple exposure dome (1)Today’s multiple exposure are of the Montreal Biosphère located in Montreal on Ile Saint Helen. Taken during one of me and Victor’s summer bike trips as we were riding from Ile Notre Dame back across Jean-Drapeau parc to our house.The sun was just starting to set so it’s not quiet a sunset just yet but I thought I’d try and capture the clouds behind the Bioshphere.

multiple exposure dome (3)multiple exposure dome (2) multiple exposure dome (4)A look of what the Montreal Biosphère looks like without use of multiple exposure techniques.


Zine of the Month: Simon Fortin

This month’s zine pick is Burbles by Montreal artist Simon Fortin. Burbles is a 30 paged illustrative zine containing the character Burbles in a variety of cute and adorable costumes. I love this zine so much and Fortin’s work is always very colorful and playful and this is face meltingly cute. One of my favourite zines I picked up in the last year. If you want to pick up the zine for yourself check out Fortin’s store here  and for more artwork check out  Tumblr. Below I’ve included a look at the zine and one of the stickers packs (Sailor Moon!).

Burbles by Simon Fortin



expozine (1)This past weekend I had a chance to check out this year’s Expozine here in Montreal, it’s an event dedicated to independent zines, comic books, and small press that gets Canadian wide artists attending. The event is normally packed so I never take photos at the event itself but I thought like last year I’d share what I picked up and enjoyed from Expozine.

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Double Exposure: Along the River

Montreal never feels like an island to me but travelling by bike circling around Lasalle on the southwest side of the island really did. The double exposures captured from that rainy gray day are half of the St Lawrence river as the bike paths are always within view of it and the canal path lined with power lines and trees. It’s a great path to take, and being our first time we had no idea what to except. We ended up hitting the path heading east right just as the sun set with only the path and power lines in front of us, a bit of serendipity. Although only a few photos were taken I thought I’d share them anyways.

biking double exposure (5) biking double exposure (2)biking double exposure (1)double exposure power lines (3)double exposure power lines (4)Powerlines make me feel at home, connected in a way.
Like Drake says “hold on, we’re going home”…
double exposure power lines (5)


Lost Bike Ride

At the end of the year I evitable start going through my folders of photographs and end up finding a few that I forgot about or just for some reason never shared. I dubbed these “the lost bike ride”, a short trip to the Honoré Beaugrand area of Montreal where we visited the Poulier de la Longue Pointe parc that faces île grosbois which me and Victor have for a long time wanted to bike around. This day, we arrived too late and the last ferry of the day was just about to leave. We decided against taking a ferry ride as we would have had to turn back again as soon as we landed. Instead we biked up the long shoreline until we could find a secluded place to stop and eat our picnic.

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Double Exposure Wednesday: Steeple

double exposure vieux-montreal (7)

Here is the church and here is the steeple, open the door and see all the people. Haha, okay starting my double exposure post today with a nursery rhythm is probably very weird but you have to admit its fitting. Montreal is one of those places where I will never bore of the architecture, whether it’s factories, 200 year old homes with stable doors, or the churches it’s all a feast for my eyes. The multiple exposures from today were taken during a bike ride this summer when we’ve discovered this church in a neighborhood near the canal. There was something about the steeple and cross that just caught my eye and I had to stop and take a few photographs of it.

double exposure vieux-montreal (8)double exposure vieux-montreal (5)double exposure vieux-montreal (6)


Autumn Leaves

My balcony this autumn has turned into the most wonderful showcase of changing leaf colour, or at least I think so. I was so captured by it that I spent nearly an hour outside just enjoying the breeze, finding color combinations and spending time with Butter. My own overgrown secret garden as I like to think of it.

fall autumn leaves (3)fall autumn leaves (4)fall autumn leaves (5)fall autumn leaves (16)fall autumn leaves (12)fall autumn leaves (6)fall autumn leaves (13)fall autumn leaves (10)fall autumn leaves (7)fall autumn leaves (14)fall autumn leaves (19)fall autumn leaves (20)fall autumn leaves (8)fall autumn leaves (21)fall autumn leaves (23)fall autumn leaves (25)fall autumn leaves (28)fall autumn leaves (29)fall autumn leaves (31)fall autumn leaves (33)fall autumn leaves (37)fall autumn leaves (36)fall autumn leaves (1)fall autumn leaves (2)fall autumn leaves (41)fall autumn leaves (42)fall autumn leaves (38)fall autumn leaves (47)fall autumn leaves (46)fall autumn leaves (40)