Multiple Exposure Vancouver Rocky Mountains

double exposure (1)double exposure (4)double exposure (8)My love for taking multiple exposures grows the more and more I do them. It gives me a chance to see the world in a different way and to me it’s such a unique perceptive on the world. I love seeing what I can do with landscapes, silhouettes and architecture to create and manipulate almost my own vision of the world through my camera (without the use of editing of programs like Photoshop). So I thought I’d show more of what I am working on this just like last year but probably more on a weekly basis and it will  usually be of just one subject so you can see all the different ways I interpret it. This week is a view of the Rocky Mountains and English Bay from downtown Vancouver. I had the luck chance of standing on a balcony with this view, could you image seeing this every morning?

  double exposure (7)double exposure (2)


Double Exposure: Burnaby Sunset

double exposure sunset (2)All the double exposure photographs I am showing were taken during one night of my trip to Vancouver from the brilliant view my friend Nicole has of downtown Vancouver. For at least half of my trip the sky was being blocked out by smoke caused by nearby forest fires so it was really lovely when it cleared up for several reasons including that I could enjoy watching the sun go down from the comfort of her porch. I had never forgotten the amazing sunsets Vancouver has but it was a different experience entirely to view them like this. When I lived there, usually I’d watch them while whizzing past on the Skytrain a random evening. I felt spoiled by the end of the trip. Enjoy the changing skies and hues of the sunset over the period of an hour one night in Burnaby.

double exposure sunset (3)double exposure sunset (6)double exposure sunsetdouble exposure sunset (1)double exposure sunset (5)


Lomography Wednesday

holga, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyEl Paso, Texas

Looking at these brings back lots of memories from my trip around the  west coast of America…back in 2009 I spent two weeks touring the States on a the various Greyhound buses between 10 different States, taking Holga photos as I went. This was one of my longest stops, and on one of my days there I climbed part of the Franklin Mountains range! This guy is located in the middle of El Paso and towers around the whole city, it toke me little over 2 hours to climb. It was wonderful, and the view was breath taking. In most of these photos you can see both El Paso and Mexico and from up on the mountain there was no difference between them. Kind of makes you wonder why they were dumb enough to think that building a wall between the two countries would do anything.   I really felt at home in El Paso.

holga, citizen erased, citizen erased photography holga, citizen erased, citizen erased photography