Double Exposures: Lake Ontario

Last month I had a chance to check out Prince Edward Country that’s on the northern part of Lake Ontario. I grabbed a few double exposures while there that I thought I’d share. These are just kind of random moments from the trip from our ferry ride over there to the Sandbanks beach where we swam.

double exposure (1)double exposure (3)double exposure (2)double exposure (20)double exposure (5)double exposure (7)double exposure (6)double exposuredouble exposure (21)I’ll be sharing more photos from this trip tomorrow as well!


Double Exposures: Summer of Sunrises

multiple exposure sunrise (5)I’m a little obsessed with sunrises…I’m sure you’ve guessed that by now. It’s not the healthiest obsession but what obsessions are? I have managed to cultivate a massive collection of not only sunrise photography but also really interesting multiple / double exposures from my early mornings so I thought today I’d show you some. I’ve taken so many in the last 3 months…if you want to know my tips and tricks for striking non-photoshopped double exposures let me know in the comments. Happy to share any camera knowledge I have with you!

multiple exposure sunrise (6)multiple exposure dawn (2)multiple exposure sunrise (9)multiple exposure sunrisemultiple exposure sunrise (1)multiple exposure sunrise (2) double exposure sunrise (5)multiple exposure sunrise (7)multiple exposure sunrise (11)double exposure sunrise (1)double exposure sunrise (1)multiple exposure sunrise (8)multiple exposure sunrise (10) Continue reading %s


Double Exposure: Prince Edward Island

pei double exposure (2)pei double exposure (1)pei double exposure (4)pei double exposure (3)pei double exposure (8)pei double exposure (15)pei double exposure (16)pei double exposure (9)pei double exposure (13)pei double exposure (12)It’s been almost a year since I went on a trip to Prince Edward Island and somehow I never shared these cool multiple/ double exposures with you. I wish I was going back again this year, it was so nice! Me and Victor went by car with my friend Zara to go camping for a few days last August. Both me and Victor fell in love and have decided at some point when we are financially able we’d love to go there every summer and just spend a few months enjoy the air and ocean. It was so beautiful. Most of these double exposures are taken at one of many graveyards we passed along the road and at the north tip of PEI (the lighthouse and ocean shots). Hope to go back soon!

pei double exposure (6)


Double Exposure: Clouds

double exposures (2)It’s probably one of the worst starts to a summer we’ve had in Montreal in the last few years but at least all this rain means amazing clouds.  I’ve been taking so many photos of clouds recently to take advantage of this. I find double exposures using clouds are pretty tricky. I’m not completely in love with the few shots I’ve taken over the last two weeks but thought I’d share them. The one above and below are the more successful ones. Also sorry if the exposure is all over the place, most of the photos were taken on different day.

double exposures (1) Continue reading %s


Double Exposure: Tex

double exposure tex (2) The illustrious and noble Tex-Mix, I hope he reads that and smiles. My friend Tex who I’ve talked about on the blog before is one of my most amusing friends to be around. He just that guy who is always up for fun and it’s infectious when you are with him. The photos were taken a few years ago when we were going for a walk with each other just joking around in the summer heat. He is probably the only person I’ve met that can tolerate having double exposures taken of him. It’s twice the amount of photos taken and most people get nervous or bored of posing pretty quickly. I love taking double exposures on a tripod since you can get so much clarity and double figures. I usually take them by hand so it’s a nice change for me. Hope Tex’s energy is infectious even in film form because these make me grin from ear to ear!

double exposure tex (10)double exposure tex (8)double exposure tex (3)double exposure tex (4)double exposure tex (5)

I wish I had a shot like this of everyone I know with me. It’d sure make a nice collection. double exposure tex (6)


Double Exposure: Montreal Sunrise

montreal sunrise (17)A few weeks ago after The Game of Thrones season premier I ‘accidently’ didn’t go to bed all night because I started to marathon the older season and I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise over the Jacques Cartier Bridge. It was the first glimpse of light that actually made me realize it was 6am and I had in fact been so deeply engrossed in series that I had forgotten to go to bed. It was amazing though watching the sun rise over the bridge from my front window. I am always super thankful that I have such a nice view, sure most of my view is the ugly old buildings across the street but the top half is church and bridge peaks and it really nice. I’ve really been exploring double exposures since starting this weekly post at the beginning of the year and I am absolutely loving it. It feels like such an accomplishment to create a perfect double exposure using a camera instead of Photoshop. I prefer using camera tricks instead. It mimics very much those classic landscape photos where the scenery if reflecting on the body of water back to it – which I love so much.

montreal sunrise (14) montreal sunrise (15)montreal sunrise (11)montreal sunrise (10)montreal sunrise (16)montreal sunrise (18)montreal sunrise (4) montreal sunrise (12)montreal sunrise (13)



Double Exposure: Winter Wonderland

double exposures (23)double exposures (17)I’ve being doing a lot of double exposures this winter as they are really fun during this season since there is so much white space to play around with. It’s hard in some cases like landscape shots but I find doing upside down second exposure is a great work around if you have the sky (ie too much light) in your first shot. If you have never taken an upside down double exposure (no idea if there is some fancy name for this method) it’s exactly what you think it is. You basically take one shot regularly and then flip the camera so it’s upside down for your second exposure. It helps minimize the white space as the ground is now the sky and I find that middle ground area ends up getting really neat geometric patterns in it (great for sunsets). Examples of this are all over these shots, see if you can tell which ones are taken with this method ( I’ll give you a tip –  the first one is ).  There are a few too many photos today that are kinda the same but I really like all the variations.

double exposure (2)double exposures (16)double exposures (20) double exposures (18)double exposures (19) double exposures (4)double exposures (12)double exposures (10)double exposures (6)double exposures (22)double exposures (5)double exposure (4)double exposures (3)I feel like these photos were taken ages ago, although to be fair it was only a month ago. I went a little crazy and ended up with over 200 photos from my trip to Parc Jean-Drapeau for the Fete Des Neiges festival (still haven’t posted photos from the event either).  I am so bad about posting photos around the same time I take them because of this – my procrastination for photo sorting is my weakness.