Vintage Tuesday: Girly Thrift

girly thrift (3)When I’m thriting or at antique fairs I normally end up seeking out and buying mostly camera and photography related type items so today I thought I’d share some of my ‘girly thrift’. I know girly might be considered a stereotypical nonexclusive word but I was looking for a broad term that included all the little nick nacks I have around the house for no other reason than they are cute. Anyways, starting off are my retro kitty porcelain salt and pepper shakers and cat figure that I adore.

girly thrift (8)Hello Kitty phone that lights up bought for $1, I don’t know who uses a landline anymore but I use it as a book end.

girly thrift (6)Two vintage frames of mixed media art consisting of an oil painted background with the swans and doves  made with real feathers.

girly thrift (7)A retro Coke Cola wooden display, likely made in the 1970’s based of an older tin sign.

girly thrift (15)A retro My Little Pony missing it’s tail given as a trade.

retro my little pony (3)retro my little pony (2)Found at Puces St-Henri this last weekend, I rarely find My Litte Pony’s while at flea markets that are worth buying so I was excited. The price of $20 for all 3 was a bit much but I caved.

girly thrift (9)Vintage taxidermy keychain, I consider it my Pokemon.

girly thrift (12)Darling chocolate tin featuring a cat, unsure of year but probably after 1950s.

girly thriftA vintage Talc tin for Evening in Paris, likely 1920s era.

sailor moon (2)Not thrifted but had to include my desktop Sailor Scouts.

girly thrift (14)And lastly my grandmother’s perfume bottle, which has a delightful shape and color.

Happy Thrifting!


Things That Make Me Smile

The last Things That Make Me Smile post until 2016! As I always say this is one of my favourite posts to put together and this one was no different.  November has been very quiet for me so there is not a lot of photos this month but December will be the usual bit of chaos making sure I get everything mailed to Vancouver on time for my friends to enjoy their presents, and celebrating not only my best friend’s birthday but also Victor’s. Right now I am currently working hard to get my holiday cards ready to mail out and just recently setup my Christmas tree.  Not to mention it’ll soon be me and Victor’s 6th anniversary and we are currently planning on getting tattooed together. We are just finalizing everything for it now and I am pretty excited about doing it although a bit nervous as I haven’t gotten tattooed in years. Lots of planning it seems, anyways this month’s selection of things that make me smile…

things that make me smile (6) things that make me smile (7) things that make me smile (4)This year’s Christmas cards are really cute. I usually don’t go for juvenile style cards but I get to color them and they pop up? What is not to love about them?

lindsay campbel (2)lindsay campbel (1)Lindsay Campbell has a set of the cutest stickers I’ve seen in awhile, I can’t help but be cheered up when looking at them. Link to her store!

things that make me smile (8) things that make me smile (3)My coffee table has turned into coloring central. This is actually the first time I am using my Copic markers, which is proably a waste of really expensive markers but since my friend Zara gave them I haven’t had a reason to use them (as I can’t draw).

things that make me smile (2)I convinced Victor to buy crazy socks, after 6 years of being together I’ve finally rubbed off on him. I don’t know if it was the posh Top Shop that convinced him but he bought pepper and pineapple socks while I bought ice cream ones.

things that make me smile (1) things that make me smile (2)Who could resist a Twin Peaks zine?

things that make me smile (28)A Santa troll, from my troll collection (really need to do a post on being reunited with my childhood trolls). I had a bunch of My Little Ponies and troll dolls that were themed for every holiday.

things that make me smile james jeanMy signed limited edition James Jean Xenograph art book , I almost didn’t buy it.

things that make me smile hmFinding awesome Halloween goodies even after it’s over from H&M. Glow in the dark too just makes me day. I’ve been amassing quite a bit of their sweaters over the last year, I didn’t even really own many before last winter.

things that make me smile (29) things that make me smile (30)Getting together all the little bits and pieces I need for my chandelier.

things that make me smile (11) things that make me smile (10)When it’s your best friend’s birthday, you go all out.

things that make me smile (31)things that make me smile (32) things that make me smile (21)Some last moments of autumn, the vines on my balcony are all twigs now. Not to mention my little vintage container of Gin Pills that we found thrifting in October.

inkkas (10)I love this photo of Victor and his Inkka shoes, I just did a review on them on Monday.

And that is the last Things that Make Me Smile of the year, hope you enjoyed!


June Treasures

june treasures 4

June’s treasures are almost all 90s inspired which is exactly what I’ve been feeling lately. My favourite has to be the hand painted My Little Pony platforms (she makes Sailor Moon ones as well) and the Tooth and Eye leggings. I just started watching the new Sailor Moon remake a month ago and really want to get more figurines and other goodies so I’ve been looking on Etsy and Storenvy for fan made stuff. I’m also still saving up money for my trip in July so have to resist but can’t wait until I have my disposable income back. Also sorry about the last 2 weeks of no posts, had to spend some time working on the back end of the website as having security issues but should be good to go for the remainder of June.


Things That Make Me Smile

This is a special ‘Things That Make Me Smile’ post for this wonderful Easter Sunday. Even though I’m an atheist it’s my favourite holiday to go all out on (beside Halloween but that’s a given). I mentioned it every year how I grew up with quiet an extravagant amount of Easter festivities and tradition. My grandmother on my father’s side of the family grew up in a farming community that mostly consisted of Polish/Ukrainian families so her Germany family adopted their traditions. Easter to them is big holiday. So even though I don’t celebrate the religious side of it like Lent I do enjoy decorating my house with bunnies, having an Easter tree made of pussywillows, dying eggs, and displaying my array of handmade designed Easter eggs, plus chocolate (who could forget the chocolate). It’s all rather strange, but then again I’m rather strange.

temporary tattoo batman unicorn easter eggs  (12)
My favourite tattoo Easter eggs. The second one is a swimming horse, it’s hard to see but it has bubbles on it’s body and all around. (DIY here, and most of them here)

my little pony easter egg  (1)The top of my shelf, which happens to be filled wtih My Little Pony’s and Pysanky eggs.

things that make me smile (2)Making bracelets! One for my friend’s little girl and one for me. Kit Kat is a nickname that one of my co-worker calls me and I think it’s adorable.

easter nail designs (1)easter nail designs (2)
My Easter themed nail designs.

things that make me smile (7) things that make me smile (6)Butter cleaning herself on her cat palace. She doesn’t sit there very much right now but I have a feeling when it starts getting sunnier she will not be able to resist sunbathing there.

things that make me smile (1) things that make me smile (2)This year’s Easter display. I didn’t end up getting an Easter tree this year because of health issues related to my concussion which meant I was home bound for the last week. Instead I have my coffee table which has been decorated all month with our Easter goodies, and various decor. I love these giant Easter eggs I found at Dollarama.

things that make me smile (6)My rainbow collection of jump rings which are for April’s DIY project.

temporary tattoo batman unicorn easter eggs  (2)A bowl of crazy, some glow in the dark plastic Easter eggs I decorated.

naturally dyed floral easter eggs  (37)Trying out something new and being blown away by the results. These are stunning, I honestly had to stop myself from doing more (I already decorated 2 dozen). They are really fun and the natural dye is surprisingly fun to experiment with.
DIY of them here.

things that make me smile (3)things that make me smile (1)Holiday snail mail! Made these postcards myself with Easter transfers and plenty of stickers.

things that make me smile (5)Easter weekend suffered the same fate as the last month which doesn’t make me smile but I always find it pretty to find a fresh white blanket of snow in the morning.

things that make me smile (1)Oh also these cute St. Patrick Day postards. Wrong holiday but aren’t these stickers adorable?

things that make me smile (9)Happy Easter!


Asos Haul

I normally never do hauls and would rather highlight local artists and artisan style stores from Etsy and Storenvy on Monday’s but I recently picked up some cute accessories from Asos and felt like sharing. There was an amazing sale last month where they had most of their clutches 50% off.I could not resist picking up a few and Asos just happens to be one of my favourite stores to buy clothes from online. I am always surprised that it isn’t a common name in North America as it has some super cute things we don’t get here and great sales. Anyways here is what I picked up!

asos haul (1)asos haul (5)I couldn’t resist the holographic unicorn clutch that was $13.  It’s not very big like most novelty clutches but it’s perfect for date nights. It’s pink or blue depending on the light.

asos haul (4)The panda bag is probably my favourite. It’s a gift for my best friend as she loves derpy pandas. It is so much bigger than I realized which was a nice surprise. Almost want one for myself. Both of these were $5. The pumpkin coin purse I bought for myself as I thought it’d be cute to use in October.

asos haul (2)Lastly I could not resist these My Little Pony socks. Asos has the best vintage designed MLP accessories and clothing. My sweater of MLP is also from Asos. I almost don’t want to wear the socks as they are so pretty. Lastly the storybook metal book clips which I thought would be good to help organize my planner instead of sticky notes. They were the only thing I didn’t pick up on sale but I’ve never seen them anywhere else so I picked up. They also have stationary of My Little Pony which I’ve been resisting but damn, it’s so cute.

I don’t think I’ll do many hauls in the future but let me in the comments if you’d like to see the random shit I find online. I am pretty obsessed with online shopping as I hate going to malls or stores.


Monthly DIY: My Little Pony Shrink Brooches & Necklaces

my little pony shrink brooches and necklaces
This month’s DIY is how to make My Little Pony shrink brooches and necklaces as I thought they would be a fun activity to keep myself busy this winter. Prior to making these I had never made anything with shrink paper or my own custom brooches so this project is very beginner level, even for those of us who have no idea how to draw (like at all, I am the worst at drawing). As well this doesn’t have to be My Little Pony, it could be any cartoon or characters that you love. Now the key to this project that makes it universally do-able is the use of a source material. For mine I used actual vintage Shrinky Drinks of My Little Pony, as well as vintage books and coloring books I had. Because shrink paper, shrinks (go figure) books are the perfect size to trace for brooches and necklaces. And if you don’t have any of those it’s easy to google in ‘c book [character name]’ and simply print off (or trace directly from the screen) instead. This project was so much fun to do and I can’t tell you how many times I stayed up late after work making these and try out new color combos. I’ve already gifted a few of them away and think this is a project I will keep doing using different characters over and over again.

What You’ll Need:monthly diy (1)

  • Shrink paper
  • Markers/pencil crayons
  • Scissors
  • Brooch backs/necklaces
  • Glue (E6000 is awesome)
  • Baking pan
  • Sealer (Modpodge, spray sealers, medium, nail polish…)
  • Brush
  • Sand paper
  • Parchment paper
  • Hole punch

Price and Material Information:

$25 for all the materials if you are buying everything from scratch. The shrink paper which is the most important can be bought at most local art & craft stores for $8 for 6 sheets and the brand I use Grafix comes in various different types although my local art store only carries the clear and white (it also comes in pre-sanded, color set, and for printers). On that note you can actually just skip this whole DIY and just print the images you want onto the paper using a printer but to me that just isn’t as fun. For the markers you can use Sharpies, and any permanent and water based markers. You can also use acrylic paint, rubber stamps and pencil crayons (pencil crayons require the surface to be sanded first).


  1. Test your markers / pencil crayons using small stripes of your shrink paper.
    my little pony monthly diy (9)my little pony monthly diy (2)
    *This is a great step to see how the colors will turn out and if you like how the marker goes onto the paper. As you can see the colors are darker after being baked and do appear differently on white paper opposed to the clear paper (keep in mind my clear strip is laying on the white counter top). With clear shrink paper you can get a translucent effect with most markers, and semi to full opaque with pencil crayons and some markers. You may notice that certain markers will be streaky and I noticed some of my metallic Sharpies changed when baked. The pencil crayons (not shown) are very similar before and after baking. This step also gives you chance to do a test bake before you do a more important piece.
  2. Figure out what images you’d like to use as your source material. Here is a look at what I used.
    my little pony monthly diy (8)my little pony monthly diy (5) my little pony monthly diy (6)my little pony monthly diy (7)
  3. If you are using pencil crayons you will want to sand one side of the paper first using 300-400 grit paper. I like to sand mine in both directions multiple times to make sure there is no smooth portions left as you don’t want part of your design to not accept the pencil crayon.
    my little pony monthly diy (4)
    *using markers on sanded shrink paper is not recommond as the markers tend to bleed.
  4. Trace your source image.
    monthly diy (6)
    *If you are using white or colored shrink paper you will need to also back light the image to trace it.
  5. Once the image is traced simply color it in.
    monthly diy (7)
  6. Using scissors or an exacto knife cut out the character making sure there are no sharp edges. You can have a border or do borderless. For a necklace you will want to leave some room to punch a hole on the top or base of the character.
    monthly diy (1)monthly diy (8)
    *I find the white shrink paper looks better boarderless
  7. For necklaces you will want to make a hole using a holepunch either the standard size or 1/6th. Keep in mind this will also shrink and that it is extrememly hard to make any holes in the shrink paper after it’s been baked so you will want to make any modifications you want now.
    my little pony monthly diy (3)monthly diy (2)
    (here is an idea of what the size of the hole will be before and after, left is 1/6th, right is 1/8th)
  8. Preheat the oven to 300-350 degrees F
  9. Prepare the baking sheet with a sheet of parchment paper and place the cut outs color side up. Make sure none of the shrink paper is touching.
    monthly diy (9)
    *You can place the shrink paper on top of velllum, teflon and cardboard as well but parchment paper and a baking sheet are more common. You can also cover the shrink paper with any of those on top to make sure it lays flat but I noticed that didn’t work very well with parchment paper as they stick and the color smears onto the parchment paper.
  10. Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake for roughly 2-3 minutes and watch them shrink:
    *It’s really fun to watch them shrink, however unlike the video you want the oven door closed for the whle time. You’ll notice my end piece ended up with black soot on it from the smoke since the door was open.
  11. Working quickly take the baking sheet out of the oven and quickly using a flat surface squish each to make sure they will dry flat.
    monthly diy (10)monthly diy (11)
    *I like using a glass cup w/ a flat bottom so I can make sure none of the marker rubbed off onto the cup.
  12. Wait for the shrink paper to cool and dry.
    *I usually wait an hour to make sure the markers and pencil crayon is fully dry after baking.
  13. Now you will have to seal the shrink paper as the markers can still be rubbed off or be damaged by water. Wait for sealer to dry if you want to do multiple coats.
    my little pony monthly diy (1)monthly diy (3)
    *You will want to test your sealer on one of your earlier tests to see if you like the finish and to make sure the marker/pencil crayon does not smear when sealer is applied. I found most spray sealers and nail polish will not work at this point (see above image) so you might have to seal the shrink paper using a medium like Modpodge. I like to use a glow in the dark Mod Podge for extra fun as it will make the brooch/necklace glow in the dark if it’s white.
    Optional: You can add a top coat after the sealer has dried which I recommend as Mod Podge’s finish is not my thing. Since the shrink paper is already sealed the top coat could be pretty much anything, nail polish, Clear Coat, ectera. This is where you can add a little bit of embellisment to your brooch like glitter or sparkles. I played around with a few of my glitter nail polish and was pretty happy with the results.
    my little pony monthly diy (11)my little pony shrinky dink
    *on the clear paper you can use the reverse side as the front of the brooch instead.
    monthly diy (5)monthly diy (4)
    (Colored side up on left, reverse side on right)
  14. When the brooches are completely dry apply glue to one side and add a brooch back.
    my little pony monthly diy (10)
  15. When the necklaces are completely dry you will want to take a jump ring and use to attach the shrink paper to any chain. You can do the same for making earrings, phone charms, or keychains.
    my little pony monthly diy (12)
  16. Last step is to rock your new accessories.
    my little pony shrink brooches and necklace

I love these My Little Pony shrink brooches and necklaces, they are so fun and very addictive to make and you can just let you imagination run wild. I can’t wait to make more and really learn how to make the perfect brooch. This DIY is more aimed of those of us who can’t draw but for any artist I highly recommend to just grab some shrink paper and spend a night with friends drawing, painting and just experimenting. Who knows what you’ll end up, that’s the exciting part. Below is all of the My Little Pony’s I made and some other characters (including ghosts that I created). Let me know in the comments if you have any advice, or to show me your creations!

my little pony shrink necklaces (3)my little pony shrink brooches  (5)my little pony shrink brooches  (1)my little pony shrink paper necklacemy little pony shrink brooches  (2)my little pony shrink brooches  (4)my little pony shrink brooches (2)my little pony shrink brooches (1)my little pony shrink brooches  (6)shrink paper brooches (2)shrink paper brooches (1) things that make me smile(a alien keychain I made for Victor for Valentine’s and an amazing necklace Starchild Stela gave to me)


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits: My Little Pony

37/52 My Little Pony

vintage slide necklaces (3)I may have made this photo this week’s self-portrait because I’m wearing my new My Little Pony sweater. Sometimes I just want to have fun with this project and not take it that seriously. At the end of the day really what’s better than having 52 photos that make you smile and remember what was going on that week. This week I spent a good amount of time finishing off the last of my Christmas presents and put up my Monthly DIY which was dedicated to the slide necklace I am wearing. It’s been a busy week filled with many ups and downs and very very little sleep. So I think I’m going to head off there now, hope you have a great week. Oh and here is the sweater in all it’s glory:

my little pony sweater


Flea Market Finds

flee market finds (9)A few weekends ago Victor convinced me to go to St. Michel flea market on the hunt for all things vintage and wonderful so I thought I’d share with you some of my flee market finds. It was the first time we have ever went to this particular flee market and I think I’m in love. I didn’t bring my camera – thank god because I wouldn’t have taken photos as it’s wall to wall stuff. It’s hard to even move around in there as there are just so many different stalls and most of them are just filled to the brim with everything. So the photos are of all the bric-a-brac that I picked up (for some reason I thought I should just buy myself a ton of earlier Christmas presents). Most of it hasn’t found a permanent home yet…I think that’s the one big problem I have after I buy vintage stuff, where the F do I put this stuff? I should probably do a tour around my house at some point in time or show off some of my ‘collections’. I hesitate because it feels weird to have ‘collections’ of stuff just lying around my house.

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Things That Make Me Smile

I miss sharing my more day to day photography so this month’s ‘Things That Make Me Smile’ reflects that and is crammed full of photos from the last month. I’ve also been having an amazing end to my summer and had the chance to hang out and explore so many days in September so it’s hard to pick and not to share everything. Hoping this weekend to do one more road trip and go to Prince Edward County to swim in Lake Ontario and go camping (it will be amazing if it happens).  It’s just been a great month. Anyways here are all the things that have made me smile in the past month…

things that make me smileJames Jean postcards are the best, seriously, the colors on the Memu set are another level.

things that make me smile (2)Everything about this photo, from my bike to the reflection of the setting sun on the train tracks.

things that make me smile (15)things that make me smile (6)I never consider myself a girly girly but my love of Sailor Moon and My Little Ponies from childhood has always been my weakness. Bought some Generation One MLPs and a Sailor Moon figurine set (fakes as I’m cheap) for my shelves.

things that make me smile things that make me smileExploring the Canada Malting Silos with friends (will share more from this day soon)

things that make me smile (1) My new hanging terrarium that I picked up for super cheap at the Pop Montreal craft fair.

things that make me smile (9) things that make me smile (14)Found amazing paper kaleidoscope cameras.

things that make me smileVictor’s plant is growing, I love how pale the new leaves are compared to the rest of the plant.

things that make me smile (3)things that make me smile (4)Butter’s birthday!

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Adventures with My Little Pony

my little pony in real life (5)Today I wanted to share with you some photos I took a few weeks ago of two of my first generation My Little Pony’s (if you saw my “What’s in My Bike Basket?” post in July this may look familiar to you). I’ve always been into toy photography as it’s such a neat genre and people are so innovative. I really fell in love with it when I watched the documentary about Marwencol. So I thought this summer I would try taking some of my own toy photography using the really the only toys I still own, MLP! It’s a bit tricky because they don’t have poseable anything and don’t have facial expressions so you can’t really humanize them or put them in scenes but I like these test shots and might do more. I’ll have to prepare myself beforehand cos I got a lot of stares while doing this or maybe just no taking photos of toys in public places – lol.

my little pony in real life (18) my little pony in real life (14)my little pony in real life (3)my little pony in real life (4)my little pony in real life (11)my little pony in real life (17)my little pony in real life (20)my little pony in real life (13)my little pony in real life (10)my little pony in real life (6)my little pony in real life (2)my little pony in real life (15)my little pony in real life (7)my little pony in real life (8)my little pony in real life (19)